Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don’t worry. It’s all in the name of religion

The recent construction of an illegal mosque in Delhi is symptomatic of the crass politics of minorityism played by the Congress which is desperate to win Muslim votes.

The nonchalance with which the MLA of Delhi’s Matia Mahal constituency, Mr Shoaib Iqbal, went about raising a mosque at Subhash Park on the pretext that that was the exact spot where an ancient mosque existed is both shocking and not-so-shocking at the same time.

The incident is shocking because the construction of the mosque on land that belonged to North Delhi Municipality and had been leased to Delhi Metro, went on for days but the administration did nothing. It was only after the other locals objected did the Delhi Government intervene and finally a court order was issued to halt the construction. However, by then a massive wall for the proposed mosque had already been built.

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Hindus and minorities discriminated against in Pak, Bangladesh: US

The US on Monday expressed concern over continued religious discrimination against religious minorities in particular the Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, citing instances of violence against them.

While Hindus in Pakistan continue to face the threat of abduction and forced conversion, the members of this minority religious community and Christians in Bangladesh are experiencing discrimination and sometimes violence from the Muslim majority population, a report on international religious freedom released by the State Department said.

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India: Fissures In Assam: Sons Of Soil Vs Bangladesh Intruders – OpEd

The persisting fissures in Assam, which periodically lead to outbreaks of communal violence, are not between Indian Muslims and non-Muslims. They are between Indian sons of the soil, whatever be their ethnicity, religion or language, and Bangladeshi intruders.

The failure of successive Governments to deal effectively with continuing illegal immigration from Bangladesh by sealing the border, by strengthening border controls and by identifying and throwing back the illegal immigrants is giving rise to understandable concerns in the minds of the sons of the soil that they are being inexorably reduced to a minority in their own homeland.

There are even suspicions and fears of political and administrative connivance in facilitating the illegal migration and the integration of the illegal migrants with our own citizenry. The extent of these suspicions and concerns was evident from the observations of a Bodo student in an NDTV debate on the night of July 28,2012. He alleged that due to inaction by successive Governments the Muslims constitute 75 per cent of the population in certain areas.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Islamists molest Hindu housewife brutally in Joynagar

Muslim mob vandalizes Hindu village for protesting against Islamists   

Hindus in Bengal are amid severest danger that can be compared for sure to the days prior to the partition of India. Infinite references can be drawn from the Islamic period (remaining for around 1000 years over Hindus before the British occupation) to help people ascertain the ever-increasing Islamic danger these days but it may burden this saga only. Nevertheless the ways Hindus are becoming easy preys to Islamists, defensive measures have got be adopted – the fast it is, the better it is. And true to Muslim mindset, this time too – Hindu women remains the first and foremost victim of Islamic lecherousness or lust.

On July 26, 2012, at 11 am, two Muslim vendors (apparently to sell blankets) entered village: Sashapara (inhabited by Scheduled Caste Hindus exclusively), P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and came to the house of Purnima (name withheld), a Hindu housewife who was all alone at that time.  His husband was out because of own job.

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SC to examine Bengali Assam migrants’ plea

Terming as “extraordinary” the situation of Bengali-Hindu migrants in Assam, the Supreme Court on Friday agreed to examine a plea to grant refugee status to them.

“We are not underestimating your concerns, considering the current situation in the state... we understand it is not an ordinary issue,” said a Bench of Justices P Sathasivam and Ranjan Gogoi.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Razzak Mollah’s heart bleeds for Islamists in Assam

Whether it’s the dogma of Marxism or the phenomenal urge to make a global revolution to help worldwide proletariat attain its actual freedom and destruct the bane of global capitalism thus, the first and foremost notion to a Muslim communist remains Imaan or compete faith on the religion. They are not like Hindu atheists after all, ready to denounce own religious views forever and a day.  Islamists, according to their beliefs, happen to be the choicest blessings of Almighty on earth and they are superior to others in every respect.

Hence, if they feel it necessary to whip or even shed blood of others to preserve sanctity of Islam, they must be allowed albeit it leads to umpteen damages for Kafirs. But, if Islamists, on the contrary, become victim of fury, all including government to NGOs must act fast to save such blessed people.


This is not the view of any ordinary Islamist, on the run (at present) owing to Hindu awakening in Assam, but of Abdur Razzak Mollah, well-known CPI-M leader and former minister of Left Front government, (likes to present himself as Chasir Beta most) all set to constitute a new Muslim party in Bengal.

Razzak Sahib has expressed his grief over the brutal incidents in Assam and while talking to a correspondent of Kalam, Bengali daily published from West Bengal, has wondered how such attacks can take place against Islamists, a single community in particular, in the sacred month of Ramadan. He is at a loss and devoid of words to condemn the ongoing events in Assam.  

As per him, if the administration gets proactive, abovementioned disruptions can be cowed before long but steady failure (in this regard) is making him more and more skeptical. So, as stated by Razzak Sahib, central government must interfere through promulgating Article 355 in the concerned region of Assam.

But Razzak Sahib has not uttered a single word against demographic invasion of Bangladeshi Islamists for decades in North-east India, especially Assam. Does not he realize how the steady influx is changing demography of the region making the minority traditional settlers, Bodo Hindus above all, there highly scared? Hindus in Assam, to be precise, are fearful of losing their religious, cultural identities.  

Yes he does but he prefers to remain loyal to Islamic Ummah, covertly in the past and overtly these days, instead of initiating a new Comintern and any word against Ummah is blasphemy.

Razzak Sahib knows this also too well.

Hindus in Bengal are also substantially conscious of his devious role, fomenting Islamic fundamentalism and retaining a pro-poor attitude on the other. Perhaps Razzak Sahib, slowly but steadily, is becoming an acolyte of Maulana Bhashani, known both as Red Maulana and for his anti-Hindu tirade.   

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Assam will not turn into another Kashmir

Whatever may be the assertions of Government of Assam, it has completely failed to restrain the ongoing disturbance in the state and the reasons behind the same are too obvious to them – even if they pretend to be unconscious.

The steady influx of Islamists from Bangladesh (a demographic invasion only) through decades has not only changed Assam demographically and harmed Hindus living there but owing to the same, as per analysts, almost three-fourth of Assam is already lost. And in extensive areas in the state words of Bangladeshi Islamists can be heard instead of conventional language of Assam.

Once Assam is lost, the whole North-East region will go out of India’s reach.  

Where will Hindus, be it Bodo or traditional Assamese or even Bengalis, go then? Does the government want Hindus to remain as refugee in their own lands? Do leaders both in Assam and New Delhi know pains of remaining as refugee? If not they must come to Bengali Hindus and Kashmiri Pandits and learn it. Bengali Hindus, ever since the partition of Bengal in 1947, have been remaining as people devoid of any particular identity in the global scenario.

Assam can’t be allowed to turn into another fragmented Bengal or Kashmir – the desperate fights of Hindus are proving it all in all. 

CPIM’s empathy for Islamists must end soon

Can the ongoing wave of violence in Assam be controlled? Even if the administration is wavering still and trying to use every opportunity to quash the turbulence, CPIM has fullest confidence on the Centre and has urged it to restrain violence in Kokrajhar and adjacent region in lower Assam. It is to be noted that affected people there are moving to north Bengal districts in strength.

Biman Bose, Left Front Chairman, stated in public, "The Left Front demands that the Centre take whatever effective steps possible to curb growing violence in Lower Assam and restore peace." He also said, "Violence has gripped Chirang, Bongaigaion, Udalguri and some areas encompassing some hundreds of villages''.

He has asked the state government of Assam to position police and para-military forces on the Bengal-Assam border without more ado and has also appealed to right-thinking people in Bengal-Assam border to play effective roles to curtail recurrent fratricidal (?) clashes.

Even if Biman Babu’s good wishes, in this case in particular, can be read easily it is apparent to Hindus that the entire motive behind the formal statement is to save Islamists from Bangladesh, entering Assam with the single intention to make the Mughalistan or Greater Bangladesh project a success. And this happens to be pangs of the Bengal-based Left Front Chairman. 

If he is so humanitarian, why did we miss a similar form of statement during Deganga, 2010 when Hindus there encountered a pogrom altogether and the Left Front was still at the helm of affairs? Why has the Left Front maintained a weird silence regarding recurring and also mounting Hindu persecution in Bangladesh down the ages? What was Biman Babu’s reaction regarding Hindu genocide in Bangladesh, 2003?

There was not an iota since the pious and orthodox Marxists (?) do not dare to injure Islamists so as to maintain a strong and steady vote bank. The same was the attitude of first-generation communists and it had got evident when the undivided CPI supported the Pakistan demand and even held a public meeting for it in 1945 in Kolkata (then Calcutta).  

Even during the Barishal genocide in 1950, when Left dignitaries including Soumen Tagore (RCPI) and Tridib Chowdhury (RSP) shared dais with Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee to protest against the gruesome episode in then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), CPI leaders preferred to remain silent.

And this does happen at every time. If revered Biman Babu is asked the reasons behind the demographic invasion of Bangladeshi Islamists into Bengal during the 34-year old Left regime what will be his answer? Isn’t he aware how the steady influx (illegal immigration on the whole) of Muslims from Bangladesh has changed the demography of Bengal permanently? But it was indeed a pious job! After all it helped CPIM to retain its sway in Bengal for decades.

What CPIM fails to comprehend is that the time has changed and Hindus have become aware of their ominous intensions. And this happens to be the foremost reason for Hindus to discard them in the last assembly election. CPIM-led Left Front didn’t lose for insolence of Muslims but due to the lack empathy of Hindus to them.

Nevertheless the Leftist saga continues – to do everything to better Islamists. If the same events (now in Assam) take place tomorrow in Bengal they will not have the least refuge for themselves – this can be said without doubt.    

Hindu restraint has a limit and they can’t be taken for granted always – it’s the writing on the wall. The earlier foes of Hindus learn it the better it is for them.

So? Shut Up

Plea to seal borders

- BTC, Absu seek to check influx

BTC chief and Bodo People’s Front (BPF) president Hagrama Mohilary told reporters here, “We have reports of people from Bangladesh crossing the Brahmaputra into Dhubri and then intruding into Kokrajhar. We have urged the sealing of the Kokrajhar and Dhubri border.” 

Lakendra Brahma, 85, a retired PWD employee of Baukabangi village, who has taken shelter in a relief camp, recalled that there were just a few Muslim villages when he was young and how their numbers have grown in recent times. “There were hardly any Bangladeshi migrants when we were young but over the years the demography has changed. Today we are the minority with nowhere to go,” he said.

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France: Seven Muslims beat up woman for attending party during Ramadan

“According to the woman, the men issued threats and said: ‘You are a bad Muslim’, and ‘you bring shame to Islam because you went to a party on a day of Ramadan.’”

Attending a party during Ramadan: haram. Beating up a young woman who attended a party during Ramadan: halal, and pleasing to Allah.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Angry Hindus sacrificing to defend Assam

No Compromise – call of the day

Assam, at this point in time, is being ravaged by a wave of violence between Hindus and Islamists and what started as a heinous attack on Hindus only in Kokrajhar region of the state is engulfing other regions fast. Counter measures are prevailing the atmosphere.

As fresh reports are coming in, 60,000 people have been affected extremely and nearly 50,000 refugees are housed in 42 relief camps but the saga refuses to end here. The death toll has risen to 32, as per governmental estimates, thus far.
The adjoining districts of Chirang and Bongaigaon are also witnessing an upsurge. The situation is such that the railway service in the region is worst hit and the thoroughfares (in the region) have ceased to remain safe. Even if army has moved to Kokrajhar to quell the rioting, it’s getting difficult for them to do the same; the riot is not fratricidal at all and happens to be the loudest protestation against demographic invasion of Bengali Islamists from neighboring Bangladesh to Assam thus far.

Will the desperate bids to change demography of Assam end now? It is to be seen as secular sharks know no bounds to gratify own desires to attain power, be it destructing Hindu fate once and for all. Hasn’t the same been found in all these years?          

It has been learnt that the fury started when a few Hindu youths were lynched by Islamists at Joypur, P.S. Kokrajhar, Bodo tribe dominated Kokrajhar district, on last Friday around 8.30 pm. And the reason behind the gruesome killing was land encroachment by Bangladeshi Islamist immigrants; Hindus were murdered for protesting it. Retaliation started soon and there has been no end up till now. Neighboring areas of Fakiragram, Serfanguri, Narabari, Gossaigaon, Dotoma, Mokrajan and Tulsibari have become newest mainstays of arsons.       

Shoot-at-sight order along with indefinite curfew has been ordered in Kokrajhar district, even as night curfew is on in Chirang and Dhubri districts.

Even if security measures have been beefed up, it can be said confidently that the combat will not end soon. Governments of both Assam and Delhi, successively, have failed to check the exponential growth of illegal immigration of Muslims from Bangladesh (all intentionally to use rising Muslim vote bank to get power) and have had own profits. Hindus, cutting across ethnic or linguistic differences, have suffered as a result and the aforesaid incident of Joypur has let Hindus loose from decades of anger, frustration, and ignominy at the hands of Islamists.

Hindus in Assam have got the taste of success after decades of restraint finally; it will go on to create newer history.

Hit the hammer when it is red-hot.          

Ahimsa paramo DharmahDharma himsa tathaiva cha

Non-violence is the greatest Dharma” “So too is all righteous violence.”

"Veer Bhogya Vasundhara", "The Brave Shall enjoy the Earth"

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hindu victims of Love Jihad found everywhere – from brothel to death bed

What’s the first and foremost fallout of Love Jihad? It’s needless to say that the victim (a Hindu woman undeniably) will either turn out to be a dumb spectator to domestic brutality in an Islamic household or be sold in the flesh market against a lavish price or succumb to death before long. Such experiences are shared by all victims and hence, what has befallen the Hindu girl, victim of Love Jihad and sold to a red-light district in Pune, recovered recently, is not new.

The Hindu lady had a brisk love affair with Palash Das alias Salim, dwelling in Tatra – Basirhat, (even if Salim was already married) who feigning to marry took her to a brothel in Pune, sold her at Rs. 60, 000 and fled from there.        

According to police, the incident took place in February 2012 and on the fateful day, the Hindu lady was taken to Sealdah station, they were joined by a few people including another woman there. The group compelled her to move to Budhbarpet Rameshwarur in Pune where she was sold ultimately.

Stupefied family members of her, back home in Basirhat, tried to search for her in all possible areas but the entire proved to be futile and finding no other way they lodged an official complaint to the local police station.  After months passed (family had lost all hope of her by then) the lady phoned her elder brother from Pune but the communication was short-lived.

Later on, Bengal police, with the help of local police in Pune, recovered her in Pune, on March 31, 2012. Palash was arrested on July 6. Along with Palash, Hafijul Sardar of Sarfarajpur in Baduria, Rekha Bibi of village: Banshjhari, MD Hussain of village: Akahrpur, culpable to boost the saga of Love Jihad in the vicinity for years, have also been arrested.

When the Hindu lady was asked to identify the culprits in Basirhat jail on Thursday, she couldn’t control herself and slapped Palash Das alias Salim crazily.

Rest is for you to settle on the fate of Bengal and Hindu women in the state……….      

Does India Need Secularism? --- Tapan Ghosh in Dhanbad

Is the ongoing political scenario in India ideally secular or has the same chronicle turned into a simple bogey to Hindus in India?

This question is being raised frequently but there has never been any perfect conclusion in this regard.

Are you also bemused regarding the same?

You can have the best answer to this decade-old debate only if you make efforts to comprehend the speech given by Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati.

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Hindu Samhati’s charges of demographic invasion to India validated

5 Pakistanis arrested; tens of thousands of Bangladeshi Islamists yet to nabbed in Bengal

Hindu Samhati has often been indicted to give a fillip to communalization of society even if all know well disaster can’t be prevented with words only. However, since a large section of Hindus are failing to get conscious of history thus far they are doomed to repeat the same. What have been wrongs on our part? Hindu Samhati has been retaining one single point recurrently – Pakistani intruders exploiting India’s frivolity have been making our nation mainstay of their ominous designs. Is this untruth?

No – without a shred of doubt; the recent incident in Titagarh, Barrackpur resulting in the arrest of five Pakistanis, living for almost a year there in disguise, reveals tip of the iceberg only.     

According to reports, a team of DIB, District: Hooghly, arrested the said Pakistanis from Titagarh recently and handed them over to Sreerampore police and investigations as regards their prolonged stay there are going on.

What is most striking, following termination of their Visa these Pakistanis managed to have certificates (from local councilor) terming them as valid citizens of India! It has also been learnt that to steer clear of any controversy the Pakistanis burnt their own passports down. They have used certificates to make own bank accounts and PAN cards in Titagarh.

The culpable five Pakistanis are Nawab Khan (age 63), his wife Shahejan (age 58), his on Amir Khan (age 24), his two daughters – Ishrat (age 32) and Azrakhana (age 19).  

Is this the end? Not at all! On the contrary, it’s the beginning for the administration to ascertain how India’s sovereignty is being compromised (more and more) with each day it passes. Why doesn’t Indian administration conduct such raids in other parts of Bengal and unearth such brutal truth? It’s no longer secret that Bengal is encountering a demographic invasion at the moment.     

Hindu Samhati is a hard-core nationalist social organization and has been going through such precarious instances day in and day out.

Does administration of India have the time and also readiness to listen to us?  

Putting the Fallouts of the Islamic Invasion and British Occupation in Perspective

Alamgir Hussain

A major part of the history of India is characterized by two major foreign rules: the Islamic invasion and the British occupation. The Islamic invasion started with the assault of Muhammad bin Qassim in 712 on the order of Hajjaj, the governor of what is now Iraq, and it took until 1690 for the Muslim rulers to conquer India completely. The fall of Islamic rule started with the British East India Company's capture of Bengal in 1757, during the days of Industrial Revolution in Europe. The British rulers took almost 150 years to capture the entire sub-continent from the hands of its Muslim rulers.

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Army moves in to Kokrajhar to put an end to the Bodo-Muslim clashes there

The Indian army has moved in to the district of Kokrajhar in Assam, where a total of 12 people has been killed so far in the clashes between Bengali Muslim immigrants and the Bodo tribals.

The riots were triggered by the attack on two Muslim student leaders, believed to be perpetrated by the Bodoland Liberation Tigers (BLT). The leaders are currently admitted to a local hospital in critical condition. Four BLT cadres were lynched by the Muslims later in the village of Joypur, in retaliation to the attack on the student leaders.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sandeshkhali --- Spineless Administration Again Succumbs to Islamic Pressure

Islamic force is all set to make West Bengal as Muslim dominated state courtesy to our spineless administration and political leaders. Their policy is very simple and clear. First, grab a land in a Hindu dominated area by money or muscle power. Then increase the number Muslims in the area and finally drive away all the Hindus from that area. They know, toothless administration and their political boss will not take any action against them in the fear of loosing vote-bank. Be it Kashmir, Assam or West Bengal – their policy is paying them dividend.

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Saudi Arabia warns non-Muslims: Respect Ramzan or else ...

Saudi authorities warned non-Muslim expatriates on Friday, the first day of Ramzan, not to eat, drink, or smoke in public until the end of the Muslim holy month's sunrise-to-sunset fast or face expulsion. 

The interior ministry of the oil-rich kingdom called on expatriates to "show consideration for feelings of Muslims" and "preserve the sacred Islamic rituals." Otherwise, a ministry statement said, Saudi authorities will cancel violators' work contracts and expel them. 

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Struggle – Need of Explosion of Hindu Mass Strength

It was Jiban Mandaler Haat that did fight against all onslaughts of Islamists whereas Taranagar – Rupnagar did the opposite; the result was quite apparent – Hindus did give in there easily and became easiest preys to Islamic vandalism.  And since we are analyzing each development so painstakingly, more hard facts must be mulled over now.  

Hindu warriors or flippant youths in Jiban Mandaler Haat had political backgrounds but instead of relying on parties (cutting across political lines) they trusted Hindu Samhati leading to the development of a brawny defence against Islamists. And thanks to this valiance, Jiban Mandaler Haat remains devoid of any Islamic torturing these days; Hindu youths are working as vanguards in the vicinity too. 

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'Porno' depiction of Kali in game leads to protest

Hindu groups are protesting against Hi-Rez Studios, a US-based company, which has launched an online game, SMITE, with a slutty, femme-fatale portrayal of Hindu Goddess Kali. SMITE is an online battleground of mythical gods and features a number of other Hindu gods and goddesses such as Vamana and Agni.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

What lies in our future?

Pakistan’s future has never seemed more uncertain than it appears today. The country faces difficulties on many fronts. The economy is weakening; it appears highly unlikely that the governing coalition in Islamabad will be able to take the steps to bring growth back to the level needed to absorb two million additional workers that join the work force every year. 

The IMF has recently estimated that the economy needs to expand by seven per cent a year to keep unemployment from increasing. It expects that rate of growth at 3.4 per cent in 2012-13. The country’s external situation is weakening as it gets ready to service the large amount of accumulated debt, in particular, the amount owed to the IMF.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joynagar – Jihad continues against Hindus

The Hindus in Maya Hauri Nagar under Joynagar, South 24 Parganas, again, saw the barbaric face of Islam on 14/07/2012.

It all started at around 10:30 pm when a local Hindu Samhati worker Kaushik Sardar who was watching TV at a club, Udayan Sangha, heard a sound of bomb blast. He, along with others, peeped out of the club to find the reason but did not find anything. Later, while returning to his house, which is nearby the club, two Muslims named Saidulla Mandal & Moyna Mollah attacked him and tried to kidnap him. Friends of Kaushik protested and started shouting. Hearing this a few Hindus came out of their house and forced the kidnapper to leave Kaushik.

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Love Jihad, Conversions, and counterfeit currency for destroying Kerala

Indian intelligence agencies have got hold of a blueprint about foreign separatist groups’ plans to alienate Muslims from the mainstream society of Kerala and to make them pawns in their hands. The first agenda of this blueprint is to alienate a minimum of 5% of the SC/ST backward communities in Kerala, which make up about 9% of total Hindu population, joining them to the Muslim community, and initiating them into terrorist activities. 

Systematic introduction of counterfeit currency to destroy the economic system of Kerala, conversion by taking advantage of poverty, conversion by feigning love and subsequently marriage, etc., are the ways in which this secret agenda is being carried out. From 2006 till date, about 6000 people have converted in Kerala. More than half of those converted are young women. Around 100 to 180 young women are converting every month in Kerala. – After reading this report, if you feel like looking at a section of Muslims with extreme hatred, then you too are fit to be in the same line as those of the separatists. One should approach this blueprint of destruction of Kerala’s peace and harmony with equanimity.

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Up to 70 Hindus killed in one day

A witness to the genocide committed during the Liberation War in his description of wartime brutality yesterday said he had seen bodies of two pregnant women with their half-born babies.

Abbas Uddin Ahmed, seventh prosecution witness in a case against BNP lawmaker and war crimes accused Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, told the International Crimes Tribunal-1 how brutally the Pakistani occupation force unleashed terror on the Hindus of Unsotturpara village in 1971.

About 60-70 Hindus of Unsotturpara in Rauzan in Chittagong were killed in a raid by Pakistani army on April 14, 1971, Abbas said, adding, he lost his friend in that attack.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A strong and stable Pakistan is not in India's best interests

If you have been following the debate over the resumption of talks with Pakistan, then you will be startled by the kinds of arguments that are put forward by the proponents of dialogue. If, on the other hand, you are a hack of long standing like me, then you’ve probably heard it all before. I know I have heard versions of the same argument being recycled year after year, decade after decade.

Here is a small sample of what you’re probably hearing – and a short explanation about why it makes very little sense.

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Nepal Gearing Up for a Hindu Revolution

The great Nepali citizens who bear the legacy of Buddha not seem to be happy in the instable, timid rule of Prachanda and Co. who has been wiping out their indigenous traditions and cultural symbols with their alien communist ones.

A survey conducted in 2010 clearly depicted the Nepali mood. 52.2% of people participated in the survey called for the restoration of Hindu Statehood.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hindus losing Kolkata silently but steadily

What is the use of Poriborton (much hyped change factor by the reigning political party in Bengal) if its fails to better humans? Well I am wrong! Perhaps it has benefited all but not Hindus, facing severe droughts (in every aspect) in this one year. Alas, there was an expectation among Hindus in Bengal that the 34-year-long-Left rule (utterly anti-Hindu and hence, ominous) would come to an end with the change in corridors of power. But the situation is out of the frying pan into the fire already. Serious demographic changes are being perceived in several parts of metropolis of Kolkata – Hindus are giving way to Muslims and this is a sheer effect of political pressure, at the behest of state administration.         

What is being found these days – a complete and cruel demographic change – Hindu populace is shrinking in the metropolis with each day it passes and such areas are being supplanted by Muslims in large numbers. Areas which used to relish Hindu festivities till the other day are being turned into mainstays of Islamists – houses painted in green colors with Islamists strolling in alleys or thoroughfares (in next-door areas) are getting more and more common.         

Can we pronounce a few words of Park Circus – Beckbagan area? It seems the area belongs to any Islamic suzerainty, Muslim youths here are found to defy the traffic rules at each time, bikers don’t care to wear helmets (terming it as a damn policy of Kaafirs) and often bikes are found to carry four persons flouting the rules. Police looks the other way round.

What’s of Razabazar Taratala and other Muslim-dominated areas in the city then? The situation is out of hand.

Are you in need of precise instances? Taratala - Jadavpur University route doesn’t have a Hindu auto rickshaw driver even! But the situation was quite better even a year back. Again Bijoygarh, area dominated by Hindus with origins in East Bengal, is having 40% Hindu rickshaw pullers these days – this has taken place in last 3-4 months only.

Conscientious studies prove Hindu fate, likewise, is dwindling in other parts of the city.

A large number of mansions and also houses in Mahatma Gandhi Road (in Central Kolkata), erstwhile Harrison Road, inhabited by non-Bengali Hindus for decades, if not more, are fast being replaced by Islamists.

If money fails to convince Hindus to abandon their properties, Islamic coercion remains the best way – often applied in the beginning.

(Future of Kolkata in every alley?)

Islam is ‘a religion of war,’ says son of Hamas founder on a visit to his ‘beloved Israel’

Mosab Hassan Yousef has a knack for controversy. The son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, he has already broken every taboo in the Palestinian book. He has worked for Israeli intelligence and converted to Christianity. Now he is developing a new film which is sure to be no less sensational: a biography of the life of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

Yousef, 33, broke ranks with Hamas in 1997 and began working for the Israeli internal intelligence service Shin Bet. Ten years later, after helping Israel thwart dozens of terror attacks and arrest many members of his former movement, Yousef left for the United States where he sought political asylum and later converted to Christianity.

“Islam is not a religion of peace. It’s a religion of war,” he said. “Muslims don’t even know the true nature of their own religion.”

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hindu Samhati to organize Gopal Pantha Day

Hindu Samhati, in accordance with decisions taken in its monthly meeting on July 8, 2012, is all set to organize “Gopal Mukherjee Day” on August 16, 2012 , the first such event in the post-1947 period in Bengal, and all these are being done to inculcate the lost Kshatriya spirit in Hindus and also to make people, nonplussed thanks to recurrent onslaughts of pseudo-seculars and Marxists, comprehend the brutal reality prevailing the Direct Action Day, Kolkata – 1946.      

Gopal Mukherjee (best known as Gopal Pantha) remained the greatest obstacle before murderous Islamic population and henchmen of Jinnah and his cohorts in their struggle to have Kolkata and keep it under yoke of Islamic rule.

The colossal struggle of Gopal and Hindu youths, inspired by his desperate struggle, turned the wheel of fortune to the other side and hence, Kolkata (2 nd largest city after London in then British Empire) was won by Hindus (after a vigorous battle) inflicting a great defeat on Islamists.  

It’s, therefore, the time to remember such a valiant warrior once more especially when Hindus’ days in contemporary Bengal are numbered due to mounting Islamic fundamentalism.


At times stacks of articles on the same subject do appear and people get bored stiff as usual; even if the aim of all these is to make people more conscious. Lots of articles on Direct Action Day,Calcutta, 16 th August 1946, have been published already but the majority of these, if not more, speaks of the same theory. It is to make an appraisal of then administration, role of Hindu and Muslim leadership, what went wrong on the whole and also to malign the Hindus, termed by Marxists as the real troublemakers.

Thanks to all these, people accountable for calling Muslim League’s heinous conspiracy to destroy Hindus en bloc a halt were never heeded. They have become unsung heroes of Indian history, especially at its juncture and owing to despondencies of Bengali Hindus, they do not come out in any tête-à-tête too. This gloom must be ended and it can be done through paying homage to Gopal Pantha alias Gopal Mukherjee, savior of Hindus and also one of the most valiant Bengali Hindus in those days.

Here is a short bio of Gopal Pantha, called mostly as a notorious goon of North Calcutta and leader of a strong army of 800 young men, 33 years old during the said Calcutta carnage. He was born to a Hindu family of butchers, well-known in the vicinity for running a prosperous slaughter-house of goats. Gopal was also conducting the same business during the juncture of the Indian subcontinent. Now one may enquire meaning of the word “Pantha”. In colloquial Bengali language it is meant for a goat. But the sense of responsibility made him switch his target from goats to Islamic crooks roaming in the streets of Calcutta at random.

What happened on Direct Action Day, Calcutta, 16 th August 1946, was no less than any shock to him. Even if Hindus were apprehending something bad, the mammoth meeting, projected as peaceful and amiable in the preceding days, under the aegis of Muslim League (party controlling Bengal Government then), turned out to be a gigantic assemblage of Muslim criminals having sole ambition to annihilate Hindus en masse. Pogrom (better than the word “riot’) started the instant meeting of Muslim League in the heartland of Calcutta ended. And it was nothing other than a bloodbath of Hindus. When the situation went out of control, thanks to Muslim League’s warlords and effete police and administration, Hindus and Sikhs started repelling.

The situation is best described in the chronicles of Gopal Pantha himself. He stated in BBC "50 years of India’s independence" without any qualms and with conviction, “ I heard that two goalas (milkmen) had been killed in Beliaghata and riots have started in Boubazar ...;it was a very critical time for the country; the country had to be saved. If we become a part of Pakistan, we will be oppressed so I called all my boys and said, this is the time we have to retaliate, and you have to answer brutality with brutality ... We were fighting those who attacked us ... We fought and killed them. So if we heard one murder has taken place, we committed ten more ... the ratio should be one to ten, that was the order to my boys.” It is worthwhile to mention that arms and ammunition were easily available in Calcutta, most prominent military bastion of Allied Forces in South East Asia, those days.

How courageous was Gopal? Two anecdotes are enough to depict it. One of these is related toaged Ghulam Rasool, top leader of the Muslim National Guard (terrorist Muslim organisation, connected to Jinnah's Muslim League and liable for most of the Hindu genocide in Bengal) inCalcutta. He, once during those tumultuous days, asked Gopal Pantha to put an end to all bloodshed. He stated with folded hands, “Bahuth khoon bahchuka...hamari tharaf se bhi aur aapki taraf se bhi. Ab is qatl-e-aam ko rokna hoga. Hum aur khoon kharabe ke liye taiyaar nahee hain. Hum ceasefire ke liye taiyaar hain." In short, Muslim strong-armers were overwhelmed by the virility of Hindus, especially Gopal, and were pleading for a ceasefire only.

Again, as per S. K. Bhattacharjee, a sub-inspector in the Lalbazar police headquarters, he was very ferocious. A time came when Mahtama Gandhi came to Calcutta and tried to convince Gopal along with other Hindu warriors to surrender their arms. But Gopal Pantha was a harder personality for Gandhiji even and remained defiant. In his own words, "I will not lay down even a nail if it has been used for defending Hindu honour."

Why aren't there Gopal Panthas these days? It can only be if Hindu youths conform to the policies of Gopal Pantha and get engaged with physical culture (Shakti Aradhana) instead of wasting time, energy and LIFE.

The Islamist ascendancy

Charles Krauthammer

Post-revolutionary Libya appears to have elected a relatively moderate pro-Western government. Good news, but tentative because Libya is less a country than an oil well with a long beach and myriad tribes. Popular allegiance to a central national authority is weak. Yet even if the government of Mahmoud Jibril is able to rein in the militias and establish a functioning democracy, it will be the Arab Spring exception.

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