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Shyamaprasad– Kashmir – Palestine – America

Tapan Kumar Ghosh translated from Bengali Without a shred of doubt, whatever government, in such a situation, that dares to succumb to Pakistan on Kashmir issue and present it the area as a gift will be dethroned by public outrage. And the same will call all related nefarious designs a halt. Hence, a brutal, nasty ploy has started covertly. The players in this game are known – politicians of both India and Pakistan who have capitulated to United States already. But they are not alone; a few pet intellectuals like Kuldip Nayar who leave no stone unturned to make this precarious design a success are accompanying them. It is worthwhile to mention that during the NDA government’s rule, at the behest of Atal Behari Vajpayee, in Delhi, United States made great efforts to exploit this perilous situation. The foremost political party of then NDA was Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the aegis of both Atal Behari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. And both the party and its leaders were rega

Rakhi --- Promise to Protect the Indian Motherland

13th August was Rakhi-Bandhan. On 14th August, Secular India was carved up to appease the Islamist activists to create Islamic Pakistan. And with Pakistan's birth, the Congress Party gained control of India. 15th August is a day of Suffering, Tragedy and Remembrance for us. All of this was made in practical on 'The Great Calcutta Killing" of 16th August, 1946 via the genocide enacted in Kolkata. We must not have infamous August 16th occur again on the holy land of Bengal. In 1905, Gurudeb Rabindranath Tagore initiated Rakhi Bandhan as a public festival to halt the disection of the Bengali Motherland. In commemoration of the world renowned poet's 150th birth anniversary, and of the Holy Rakhi Festival, Hindu Samhati Appeals to all of Hindu Society to place the Rakhi-Band on the right hand of every Hindu Brother. And by tying the Sacred Rakhi let us Promise that We Will Protect Mother Bengal and Mother India.

What will be the fate of Hindus in Mathurapur?

It’s no longer a secret ………… even a minute and futile break can be exploited by Islamic fundamentalists to pounce on Hindus. And to save own skin and kith and kin Hindus have to build up strong resistance movements. But this is also not an easy task; if it had been, hapless Hindus in Mathurapur would have remained safe and sound. What has taken place in Mathurapur manifests that Hindus have become latest casualty in democratic India. On August 22, 2011 a Hindu-Muslim schism took place in the village Purba Ranaghata, P.S. Mathurapur, Lalpar area, District: 24 Paraganas (South) following Hindu endeavors to celebrate of Janmasthami Puja (celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday) with splendor. To Know More Please Read:

Hindus in Bagnan under Attack; vicious Police repression unabated

Hindus terrified, fleeing to be alive State repression on Hindus is in full swing in Khadinan, Bagnan, Howrah following recurrent Hindu endeavors to trounce Islamic nefarious designs on August 18, 2011 to attack the entire community in the locality. Earlier reports (published in this site) stated with conviction that the aim of all troubles by Muslim fundamentalists was to call Janmasthami (birthday of Lord Krishna) Puja in local Saraswati Ashram on August 22, 2011 (today) a halt and this was the main Hindu apprehension as well. Owing to excessive police repression Janmasthami Puja has been stopped and the whole Ashram premises has been locked by concerned authority for safety. Police repression gained new height under the leadership of Tapan Aguan, O.C. (Officer-in-Charge) of P.S. Bagnan, from 11.30 am, on August 21, 2011, when he started visiting and torturing Hindu households in the environs, backed by a police contingent containing more than 30 dreaded personnel. It is

Bagnan Howrah flares up; Muslims desperate to stop coming Janmasthami there

Bagnan, notable census town in Howrah district in the Indian state of Bengal , has been gripped by tensions and Hindu apprehensions of attacks by Muslims following a violent attempt by an Islamic mob on August 18, 2011 to stamp Hindu moral fiber down. The ominous event started in Khadinan, Bagnan, Howrah, at 4.30 pm, following a verbal confrontation between Hindu Sahmati members, engaged in collecting funds to celebrate upcoming Janmasthami (birthday of Lord Krishna) Puja in local Saraswati Ashram, and a Muslim lorry driver who refused to contribute it in any way. To know more Please Read:

Hindu Activism outside the Sangh Parivar

“An RSS man”, that is how the Indian media and the Western South Asia scholars label anyone known as or suspected of standing up for Hindu interests. In fact, there have always been Hindu activists outside the RSS Sangh, working as individuals or in smaller organizations. Today, the modernization of Indian society and especially the spread of the internet has facilitated the mushroom growth of new forms and networks of Hindu activism. To Know More Please Read:

Hail Independence Day of India

Does August 15 signify independence for Hindus in India too? Today is August 15, 2011 and with it the whole of India has got heavily engaged to celebrate its 65 th prized independence or light and freedom that had come when the world was sleeping. But celebration of independence does not mean hoisting national flags in the vicinity and ending with cricket tournaments or making joyous picnics. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samahti meeting in August deliberates uphill problems

Nothing, be it any excruciating reality or natural disaster, can dampen the spirit of Hindu Samhati activists ever and the presence of scores of its workers in the HS monthly meeting on 07/08/11 at Burrabazar Library in Kolkata proved the same veracity yet again. Torrential rains, without any respite, bedeviled the city and its outskirts. To Know More Please Read:

Walling Muslim cemetery fails to assure Hindus in Deganga

Will Hindus there have to boycott coming Durga Puja too? Will Hindus in Deganga, hotpot and also mainstay of anti-Hindu terror activities, become safe finally? This single yet highly momentous question, at the moment, is haunting the area and its environs, located in P.S. Deganga, Dist. 24 paraganas (North), Indian state of Bengal, area that witnessed grievous anti-Hindu assaults, under aegis of Islamic fundamentalists, last year. The differences over the disputed land (reported in HS blog at times already) led to Islamic outrage and finally heinous assaults on Hindus. Local administration has walled the Muslim cemetery in hope of betterment but Hindu woes, owing to newer developments, are far from over. To Know More Please Read:

It’s the time to re-assess Hindu Code Bill

Decades may pass but if anything (be it any notion or bill), introduced once, continues to affect a particular community incessantly, neither its source nor factors responsible for its enactment can be written off ever. Hindu Code Bill, passed in mid 1950s in India , alleged to unify Hindus and thus the whole of India , is still a controversial subject and is considered by many as a ploy to retain Hindus in a cocoon of pseudo nationalism and pseudo secularism. These thoughts did surface then too but a great section of Hindus having faith in the State structure refuted. After several decades it is being mulled over by pundits that the Bill has done more harm to Hindus. To Know More Please Read:

Human rights violations against Kashmiri Pandits; dismantle terrorist infrastructure: US Congress resolution

Congressman Frank Pallone has introduced the Kashmir resolution HR 387. on August 1, 2011 in the House of Representatives. To Know More Please Read:

Chengail High Madrasa – complete hell for Hindu teachers

Hindu teachers, for years, are undergoing all forms of persecutions in Chengail High Madrasa (Higher Secondary) in Dist. Howrah and they, finding no solution, are in despair these days. Didn't they approach to local administration or political parties? They did but the greatest votaries of secularism didn't heed them. To Know More Please Read:

Gruesome Hindu genocide in Bangladesh 1971

Don’t forget it ever Pakistan army in March of 1971 unleashed a deadly reign of terror that killed about 3 million Bangladeshis and forced another 10 million to seek refuge across the border in India. 2.4 million of them were Hindus. To Know More Please Read:

Noakhali genocide remains a forgotten event thanks to poor-spirited Bengali Hindus

Noakhali carnage has become a forgotten event in history thanks to lily-livered Bengali Hindus. What can be said to them? Nonsense or inept to live in the world! To Know More Please Read:

No room for Bengali Hindus

THEY were first called "migrants" - an innocuous term - when they left Noakhali in small groups and crossed over in the last three months of 1946. But when Gandhiji's fearless "One-man Army" failed in riot-scarred Noakhali as well as in other districts of East Bengal and Partition struck with full force, "migrant" was found to be too weak and inapposite an expression to label the sufferers. They arrived, ravaged and terror-struck, in waves and were called "refugees" or, in Bengali, udbastu. To Know More Please Read:

Amrita Bazaar Patrika’s historic Gallup Poll saved Bengali Hindus

The subject here is the historic Gallup Poll conducted under the aegis of Amrita Bazaar Patrika , highly esteemed daily in Bengal in tumultuous 1940s, in 1947 to comprehend the general mindset of then Bengali Hindus, anguished and petrified, thanks to Muslim League-led atrocities – whether they were for a non-partitioned Bengal or a separate homeland for Bengali Hindus. To Know More Please Read:

Indian Mujahideen, SIMI terror cells in full swing

Can Indian governance quash them anytime? Activists owing allegiance to Indian Mujahideen (IM) and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) are operating in Ranchi , Jamshedpur , Godda, Jamtara, Pakur, Hazaribagh and Dhanbad, said director general of police G.S. Rath, confirming that sleeper cells indeed existed in the state. To Read More Please Read: