Friday, June 29, 2012

Hindu Samhati addresses mammoth meeting in Jalaberia

We have already reported how Hindus in Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are fighting off the spate of Islamic fundamentalism ( and are leaving no stone unturned to bring this (mounting) cancerous growth in the body of democracy to a close. 

Hindu Samhati is working assiduously to intensify this spontaneous struggle in the best possible manner.

Hindu Samhati, led by its president, Tapan Ghosh, had a novel success on June 28, 2012, in Jalaberia, when it encountered a mammoth meeting of struggling Hindus there.

Owing to the presence of Tapan Ghosh, Somraj Banerjee, Ranjit Kar, Rajkumar Sardar of Hindu Samhati along with a few others, Hindus, there, for the first time found a brawny Hindu leadership that can be counted on. 

Hindu housewife raped in Farakka

Islamist culprit- Charu Sheikh – escaping   

That Hindus are not secure in the realm of District: Murshidabad has been revealed once more – a Hindu housewife, dwelling in village: Bhairavdanga (within Bahadurpur), P.S. Farakka, has been raped by an Islamist, Charu Sheikh, Dafadar by profession and also a well-known activist of Congress  party in the vicinity.

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I am a Hindu now: A former Muslim’s life story

I was born into a very staunch Muslim family in the US. Learning to read the Quran the moment I could read. I was under the misconception that if I did not do as Allah told me to do, I would be punished severely. I was also told that if I didn’t wear modest clothes I was being immoral. Right from a little girl I wore the head scarf. My friends would ask me why, and I would tell them “because God said so’.

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The Uncertain Future of Hindus

Dr. Gautam Sen

Hindus have suffered a succession of setbacks in recent years, intensifying a retreat that dates back to the partition of India, indeed earlier. The electoral fortunes of their putative defenders seem to make little difference to their political circumstances. Their ethnic cleansing from Jammu & Kashmir continues unabated and the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh remains desperate, echoing the fate of Hindus earlier in Pakistan. Islamic terrorists are routinely attacking their places of worship within India itself. And elected political leaders have sought to crush one of their supreme spiritual leaders, the Kanchi Acharya. India’s religious minorities are also displaying a truculent assertiveness that underlines Hindu powerlessness and hints at yet darker times ahead. 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pak kids taught 'A' for Allah, 'B' for bandook

Citing stark examples from school curriculum, a prominent Islamabad-based scholar has said that extremely religious and anti-India views fed into children in schools reinforced the cycle of extremism that showed no signs of receding in Pakistan. Pervez Hoodbhoy, nuclear physicist and prominent commentator on current issues, showed the examples at a lively  seminar held in the King's College on the role of education in combating terrorism, organised by the Democracy Forum. 

The examples showed by Hoodbhoy included images and text from a primer that mentioned the  Urdu equivalent of A as Allah, B as bandook, Te astakrao, J as jehad, H as hijab, Kh as khanjar and Ze as zunoob. Hoodbhoy, whose presentation title was 'How education fuels terrorism in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan', also showed a college which is seen as going up in flames, containing images of things considered sinful: kites, guitar, satellite TV, carrom board, chess, wine bottles and harmonium. Examples cited by Hoodbhoy from another curriculum document for Class V students included tasks such as discussion on: 'Understand Hindu-Muslim differences and the resultant need for Pakistan', 'India's evil designs against Pakistan', 'Make speeches on shehadat and jehad'. 

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French Actress Brigitte Bardot: Loves dogs, hates Muslims

On Monday, Bardot penned a letter to Nicolas Sarkozy, accusing him of letting down the animal world by not banning halal slaughterhouses. “It’s because of you that throat-slitting has become the norm in France,” she griped.

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Bangladesh's Hindu women fight for divorce rights

Unlike her Muslim compatriots, Tarulata Rani is unable to inherit anything from her family, cannot divorce and cannot claim maintenance from her absent husband -- all because she is a Bangladeshi Hindu.

Unlike Bangladeshi Muslims or Hindus in neighbouring India and Nepal, Bangladeshi Hindu women can't divorce as the legal provisions do not exist and their marriages have not been allowed to be officially registered.

"Is it a crime to be born a Hindu girl?" Rani, 22, who was married two years ago, told AFP.

"I can't inherit any property. I can't divorce my husband and remarry even though he left me for another woman and beat me all the time."

Last month Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina approved a new law that will introduce official marriage registration for Hindus in Muslim-majority Bangladesh in a move designed to protect the rights of women like Rani.

The legislation, expected to be passed shortly in parliament, has been welcomed by civil rights activists and many Hindu women.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spate of atrocities on Hindus in Mograhat

More shocking reports from Mograhat are coming in:

In the Gokarni market area, P.S. Mograhat, Islamists are appropriating shops of Hindus (increasingly) and hence, Hindus are losing their grounds there slowly and steadily. Administration remains inactive while Hindus continue to run hither and thither for assistance. And the fallout is too obvious.

It is becoming more and more difficult for Hindus to dwell in their indigenous village: Maitirhat, P.S. Mograhat any longer. Rising assaults along with plundering, bids to molest Hindu women conducted by Islamists of neighboring village of Dighirpar have turned out to be a daily affair by now. Police prefers to remain as coolheaded as they remain in such cases (as regards Hindus); consequently, Hindus are opting for a sanctuary. 

Religious Conversion for Marriage: A Message to Dharmics

Proselytism and religious conversion of poor and less fortunate Hindus in India is of major concern to many, however silent religious conversions of most educated and blessed our young adults and their children in the West has not raised eye brows of most.

Thirty eight percent of marriages of Hindus, Jains and Sikhs (Dharmics) in America are to Christians, Jews and Muslims (Abrahamics). Forty five percent of Muslims in America marry to non-Muslims. However, there is a limited tolerance for Hindus and Hindu practices of praying multiple forms of the God in Abrahamics’ exclusivist supremacist monotheist religious beliefs1, 2, 3, 4. For this exact reason they expect conversion by the BBS of the Hindu spouse. It is unbelievable but still true today that many marriages in Christian churches and to a Muslim there is a must requirement for religious conversion of Hindus by Baptism and Shahadah, respectively, to the faith of intended spouse. In some cases, a Christian or Jew may not ask for a religious conversion for marriage but will certainly ask to declare the interfaith child as a Christian by Christening/Baptism or Jew by Bris circumcision ceremony, respectively.

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Habibullah preaching Azadi for Kashmir

National Commission for Minorities chairman Wajahat Habibullah was in Srinagar on Sunday, 17 June, to take part in a seminar on “Jammu and Kashmir and the Federal Models of Shared Sovereignty”, organized by the Political Science Department of Kashmir University in collaboration with the Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation. The CDR is a Delhi-based controversial think-tank; its activities have been funded by the Government of India from time to time.

The truth is that the CDR has been working for the separation of Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian constitutional framework. It, like the Kashmiri leaders of all hues, believes that Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory, that New Delhi has brought Jammu and Kashmir under the ambit of various Central laws and institutions by questionable means, that New Delhi has willfully eroded the special status of Kashmir, that New Delhi has to “assuage the hurt feelings of the alienated Kashmiri people” (read Muslims) by accepting all of their demands, and that the solution to the Kashmir problem has to be such as is acceptable to both Pakistan and the Kashmiri people.

Jammu and Ladakh are conspicuous by their absence in all of the CDR’s formulations. In fact, the Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation considers Jammu and Ladakh and nearly 50 per cent of the state’s population that lives in these two regions, as irrelevant.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No hope for Hindus in Mograhat

Administrative nonchalance aid Islamists to prevail

A stupendous rise in the number of Islamists in Mograhat block, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – in 1981 Hindus in Mograhat formed 87% of the entire populace but came down to mere 47% in 2001 – is no longer a talk of the town. What is being witnessed at the moment is a further decrease in their numbers and the void being filled by a momentous rise in Islamic communalism.  

A spate of recent incidents in Mograhat makes it easy for all to ascertain the ominous reality there. 

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Nothing's sacred: the illegal trade in India's holy cows

Even in the dog days of summer, the quiet paddy fields that mark the border between India and Bangladesh look as supple and green as the soft stems of herbs grown in a window box. But the daytime tranquillity belies a stark reality. This delta region of the Ganges river is a place of often deadly conflict that underpins an activity many in India would rather not discuss. Every year, hundreds of thousands of cows – considered sacred in India, with export of the beasts banned – are illegally smuggled into Bangladesh where they are turned into shoes, belts, bone china crockery and, of course, meat.

"There is smuggling here every day," said Umesh, a member of a three-man Indian Border Security Force (BSF) team on duty at a watchtower near the village of Kaharpara, just a few hundred yards from the Bangladesh border. "The smugglers will take 50, 100 or 200 cattle at a time. We try to create an ambush and surround the smugglers."

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hindus have failed to obtain justice for Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee

Why are we so impotent? 

No – we are not interested to reiterate the same words (spoken for ages) to make people recognize the person in the picture above the following article.

Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee happens to be one of those very very few Hindus who have come to the fore to protect Hindus and save them from catastrophes in every capacity. Thus, he does remain in the inventory of Hindu warriors who sacrificed themselves for Hindus and in this gigantic struggle his weapons were fiery oratory along with scintillating personality, virtually too much for then Congress and Muslim League leadership, but regarded as ideal means to uphold and retain democratic values in a society; yet Dr. Mukherjee turned into the first martyr in Sovereign and Democratic India.

A person (best to be termed as a lion), whose entire life was adorned by struggle only – ever since he was Vice-Chancellor in the University of Calcutta to his martyrdom (it was no untimely death) in 1953 - couldn’t be subdued ever. He was found in the corridors of power with the same erudition, as the ideal representative of Hindus (both in India and Bangladesh – then East Pakistan), and reached a new height with his resignation from the Central cabinet against the Nehru-Liaqat pact in 1950 following the genocide of Hindus in Barisal and other areas of Pakistan. 

Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee, owing to his scholarship, struggle and valiance and mounting feats and prized by the Indian press, both as a Hindu warrior and best challenger to ostentation of then Prime Minister in the corridors of power, earned the wrath of Jawaharlal Nehru, and was murdered clandestinely during his crusade to save Kashmir. Thus Hindus lost their guardian and Bengali Hindus turned out to be waifs and strays, chiefly – the void remains too cruel yet.  

Will Dr. Mukherjee get the coveted justice ever? Decades have passed and no stone is left unturned to mitigate the case; his one-time votaries are most indicted in this regard – for political benefits (time and again) they have conjoined with their ideological foes and have been paying lip-service only.

NDA (National Democratic Alliance) or NDA, headed by BJP, was at the helm of affairs between 1998-2004 but apart from paying lip-service and ingeminating compulsions of coalition politics could not do much.  And the same saga continues; the desire of Hindus to nab the culprits, behind this ghastly crime, has died down. And, these days, Shyamaprasad is found in the banners of BJP only and not in content or views. A fine worship indeed!!  

Whose fault it is at the end of the day? It’s of us – Hindus, ever-fresh to mull over spiritual practices but equally despicable to settle own fate. They are ready to lick boots of Islamists but can’t dwarf Indian political spectrum to get justice.

How can our representatives be exceptional then?

Isn’t our life is what our thoughts make it?            

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Hindus fighting off land Jihad in Joynagar

Hindus in Bengal, however gradual it is, are ascertaining the cruelest yet bare fact that without struggle they can’t even exist, let alone any material or spiritual development, in any environment shared by Islamists as well. And the best depiction of this understanding happens to be the village: Dakshin Bele, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

The entire village along with its vicinity remains witness to a steady conflict against Islamists and how Hindus are fighting desperately here to retain own basis along with that of their kith and kin. Nonetheless, in this struggle, true to form, Hindus are all alone as political parties are vying to prove themselves as ideal seculars through supporting Islamists and their each anti-Hindu struggle in every capacity.      

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Pakistan may wage nuclear war against India: Bangladeshi High Commissioner

The statement given by Bangladeshi High Commissioner to India Ahmed Tariq Karim on Monday that power-struggle between India and Pakistan may increase the tension in whole South Asian region is enough to suggest that the latter may use its nuclear weapons against the former.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Power of united Hindus forced the Muslim to bite the dust

It could have turned into an another story of Hindu torture by Muslim miscreants going with impunity at Tangra colony under Bangaon police station, but timely intervention of Hindu Samhati boys not only ensured the restoration of pride of the local Hindus but also forced the miscreant to bite the dust.

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Vitality of Hindu women proclaimed in 2 nd Women’s Conference of Hindu Samhati

Islamic Force of Persecution  must be stopped by Force

A single individual can create a history; a single event can also be far-reaching; likewise if a group of Hindu women vows to halt recurrent Islamic atrocities on Hindus, especially women, (in full swing through centuries) it is also historic and how valiant it can be got manifest on the Second Women Conference of Hindu Samhati on June 22, 2012 at the Bharat Sabha (Indian Association) Hall.

A large number of Hindu women representing various parts of Bengal, both witnesses, victims of and also warriors against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the state and its mounting persecutions, gathered on the occasion. The conference was presided by Mr. Tapan Ghosh (President, Hindu Samhati) and people who graced the dais (on the occasion) included Veer Mata Sumitra Devi Kothari, Mrs. Hena Das, Amaresh Mukherjee, Samir Guha Roy (State Secretary, Hindu Samhati), Tilak Ganguly (State President – Janata Party), Ranteswar Sarkar.

Mr. Tapan Ghosh, at the outset, through his fiery oratory, made people ascertain the fast worsening situation in Bengal and how the entire political spectrum along with state administration have become easy preys to Islamists. He also cited myriad instances, from 24 Paraganas (both North and South) and other districts like Howrah, Hooghly and Nadia, that proclaim Islamists have a single agenda – their lust for Hindu women is unending and through persistent torturing of Hindu women they desire to destruct the fundament of Hindu society in the Indian state of Bengal and turn it into a new Pakistan once and for all.

Nevertheless, Hindu women, under the aegis of Hindu Samhati, and their valiant struggles alongside Hindu men have become the greatest stumbling block to this lofty dream of theirs and each and every woman speaker in the conference reiterated the same chronicle.

How can there be differences between experiences of such valiant fighters? Whether she is Kanika Mandal or Papiya Mandal or a speaker from Chanditala – Hooghly or Joynagar or Swarupnagar or even Bangaon, every woman, through narrating her own experiences and struggles (continual), brought to the fore the most brutal reality – Islamists along with their cohorts in administration are holding the state of Bengal to ransom ( a new form of Jiziya?) and other than waging relentless struggle against this perilous nexus, there is no hope for Hindus, in particular, their womenfolk.

Presence of Mr. Tapan Ghosh beside every woman speaker reminded all how Dronacharya used to lead Pandavas in every struggle.

As said by Devi Bhagavatam, "If Shiva be deprived of Kula Kundalini Shakti, He becomes a lifeless corpse. She is present everywhere, in everything, in this universe, from highest Brahma to the lowest blade of grass. Verily, everything becomes quite inert, if deprived of force. Thus the omnipotent Shakti, the wise call by the name of Brahma."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Struggle – Police and Administration in this State

The saga of change “Poriborton” in Bengal has had its first anniversary by now and certainly, it does contain an assortment of prospects at the same instant. These are political, economic along with many others. But there is another fact as well. Whatever may be the aspects, Hindus inhabiting rural Bengal are being victimized more and more following the same change.  And this happens to be the most brutal and apparent reality.  Mosques are being built in Hindu areas forcibly; governmental lands are also becoming easy preys to Islamists. Thefts and robberies are increasing by leaps and bounds; rapes of Hindu women under veiled lootings are also getting common increasingly. 

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Islamist youth molests Hindu housewife in Subarnapur, Deganga

Subarnapur, P.S. Deganga, District: 24 Paraganas (North), happens to be an obscure village and if compared to the metropolis of Kolkata, it lags in each and every capacity. However, there is one horrific similarity between the two; Hindu women do remain unsafe in both spheres. While on June 8, 2012, a Hindu woman, wife of an army official, was raped by a Muslim cab driver in Kolkata, a Hindu housewife, on June 13, 2012, was brutally molested by an Islamist youth in Subarnapur.   

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Hindu clubs are under Threat from Muslim Elements in West Bengal

It’s as clear as daylight that Islamists are scared of Hindu organizations in Bengal and all these have made them to wage recurrent onslaughts on Hindu-dominated clubs. The vicious incident of Shrihatta in Hooghly is still fresh – Islamists stopped the refurbishment of a Hindu-dominated club, 30 years-old by now, there by claiming (falsely) that the renovation was going on in a Waqf property and it was done only after changing the map of very land; a perilous scheme enacted in cooperation with the local administration.

Now, there is another development – one more Hindu-dominated club, Young Staff, located in Durganagar, District: 24 Paraganas (North), has become prey to another spate of Islamic assault. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Friday namaz halted in Sri Lanka’s mosque

Recently in Dambula, a major city in the realm of Sri Lanka, namaz on Friday in a mosque was brought to an end. Even if the abrupt decision triggered a strong reaction among Muslims, they couldn’t do much ultimately. Do you want to know the reason?  No less than 2, 000 Buddhists (including sages) marched to the mosque thunderously and created a strong campaign for its destruction.  

It has been learnt from BBC, an office-bearer told the BBC correspondent, that they got scared stiff (extremely) for being confined within the mosque and were anticipating that the structure would be destructed. Well, a bomb was hurled on the mosque but no casualty was reported. Predicting more such ominous attacks taking place before long, the mosque was vacated with immediate effect.

In accordance with the BBC correspondent, Buddhists consider the city of Dambula as one of the most sacred cities and in recent months, a deep instability has been reigning only due to confrontational stances of Islamists there. 

On September, 2011, a Buddhist ascetic led a massive crowd to destroy an Islamic place of worship in Anurdhapura, close to the city of Dambula.

It is worthwhile to mention, the majority community in Sri Lanka happens to be Buddhists. 

Hey!!!!!!! It’s our Amir Khan!!

Who doesn’t know Amir Khan?????  He happens to be one of the most happening stars of Bollywood and also the heartthrob (matinee idol) of millions of girls both in India and abroad. And this is not without reason as well; Amir Khan has been enamoring girls right from his first appearance in the Hindi movie industry.

It is also said, at the same instant, that Amir Khan is the finest epitome of broad-mindedness and secularism. Is it so or whether he is just the opposite? Well, a diminutive yet scrupulous study has brought to the fore a few startling facts (enough to astonish anybody).  The venerated Bollywood actor has married twice and both brides are Hindus – Rina Dutta and Kiran Rao. What is more, Rina is a Bengali Hindu woman.

What makes us say all these then? Amir Khan in a recent interview, while answering to a question, stated he is a devout Muslim having full faith on Allah. He also said that he, being a celebrity, faces lots of troubles to perform daily namaz (for 5 times) or visiting mosques. Nevertheless, his whole entity is devoted to Allah. While responding to another question, Amir said that he never forced his wives to abide by Islam but his children would conform to Islam altogether.  The interview ends here.

Now, it’s on the readers to ascertain the reality. Is Amir Khan the perfect epitome of secularism or communal par excellence? How far is he going to tolerate mothers’ influence on his children? 

Delhi their home but pandits yearn for Valley

It was the Janmashtami of 1990, and Rashneek Kher, a 16-year-old Kashmiri pandit in exile in the squalid refugee camps of Jammu, stood in line at the milkman's. In addition to selling milk, the vendor also stored copies of the morning newspaper, which Kher would hungrily pore over. That day Kher read that his house was burnt down. "My father didn't speak to anyone for a month. He had built that house himself," says Kher. 

According to United Nations High Commission for Refugees, 26.4 million ended 2011 as internally displaced people, a figure far higher than the number of refugees. Kher and his clan know what internal displacement means, having lived like refugees in their own country since 1990, when an estimated 3.5 lakh pandits left the valley. Yet their flight from Kashmir remains shrouded in silence. 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Second Women's Conference of Hindu Samhati

Hindu Samhati, to preserve Hindu Dharma and its dignity and also to strengthen the same, commenced its journey on February 14, 2008 and within these four years, it has undergone an assortment of struggles and hardships. Hindu Samhati has given heavy prices as well, it goes without saying.

But what has astounded both friends and foes (of Hindu Samhati) that the struggles are being waged by Hindu females along with their male counterparts, under the aegis of Hindu Samhati, as well and consequently, the historic struggle does bear several imprints of desperate struggles of Hindu women. Whenever the Deva Shakti confronts any crisis, Devi Shakti comes to the fore as its perfect savior.

To revere the same Devi Shakti, Hindu Samhati is all set to organize its 2 nd Women Conference on June 22, 2012 at 2 pm in Bharat Shabha Hall, Boubazar, Kolkata.

Mrs. Mumu Talukdar, distinguished engineer and also member of Probini Foundation, United States, will grace the occasion as Chief Guest. 

All are cordially invited to join the conference and make it a historic success. 

PFI demands increase in Reservations for Muslims

PFI (Popular Front of India), prominent Muslim organization, organized a massive procession in Madurai, temple city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, on April 22, 2012 to portray its self-styled pressure politics once more. The procession started from Nelpetti in Madurai and ended at Scott Road where a large number of discontent Islamists was already present. What was the reason behind such a discontentment of Muslims, termed as greatest worshipers of Indian secularism at the moment?

Main speakers in the meeting, following the procession, demanded that rate of reservation of Muslims in the job sector in Tamil Nadu must be raised from 3.5% to 7%. They, citing recommendations of Ranganath Mishra Commission, also demanded that Muslims must be rendered 10% reservations in all jobs and educational institutions of the Central Government of India.

Leading speakers, on this occasion, included Mohammed Nasiruddin, M. Mohammed Ali Zinnah, K.S.M. Ibrahim and many others. Volunteers, in throngs, came to attend the meeting and they were from districts like Madurai, Birudhnagar, Shivganga, Theni, Ramnathpur and Dindigul.   

A large police contingent was present there, to deal with the event. 

Man murdered for marrying Muslim girl

A 24-year old man was hacked to death allegedly by the brother of a Muslim girl and his associates for marrying her, triggering tension in Idalakudi area of the district, police said.

Ramesh, a goods carrier operator based here, had married the girl belonging to Idalakudi some months ago though her family had opposed it, they said.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Make India a Hindu Rashtra

It is said that rare events, competent enough to change the course of history, do happen rarely in a life and the recently concluded All India Hindu Convention for Establishment of the Hindu Rashtra at Ramnathi, Ponda, in the Indian state of Goa, merits the same status, if not more. All these are said since the Hindu movement in the Indian scenario will never remain the same henceforth and as per experts, the earlier approaches (termed as moribund by both its admirers and adversaries), will get lively, thanks to the convention, and would Hinduise politics more successfully than ever before.

The convention took place between June 10 and 15 and was convened by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

The grand conference was attended by Hindus from all walks of life including sages, Dharmacharyas, leaders and intellectuals representing 18 states in the realm of India. Dignitaries who stole the attention of all through sharing their own experiences and hardest struggles waged in different parts of India to preserve and uphold Hindu interest included Tapan Ghosh, president of ‘Hindu Samhati’, Bengal, Pramod Mutalik, Sanjeev Punalekar, president of Shriram Sena, Arjun Sampat  of ‘Hindu Makkal Kachhi’.

Each and every leader was found to focus on an assortment of issues; however, there was a consensus among them as regards one matter – it’s high time for Hindus to rise to the occasion and turn India to a Hindu Rashtra.

A choice of brawny speeches of Tapan Ghosh earned strong approvals from people gathered on the occasion and brought before the Hindu society a new direction. Mr. Ghosh’s views of establishing a Hindu Rashtra were corroborated by Sanatan Sanstha with a number of media agencies in Goa.

The historic convention was marked by a few other developments as well. Proposals condemning distortion of history of India, extensive nationalization of Hindu temples to lootHindu  funds there, inactivity of government to put an end to recurrent Hindu persecution in both Kashmir and Bangladesh were adopted with wholehearted support.

The same enthusiasm was perceived when proposals to resist mounting cow slaughtering, Love Jihad and transform India to a Hindu Rashtra were adopted unanimously. Slogans – “Jai ShriRam”, “Jayatu Hindu Rashtra” trembled the whole auditorium.    

(From Left: Mr. Arjun Sampath, Hindu Makkal Katchi; Mr. Pramod Mutalik. Shriam Sena; Adv. Sanjeev Punalekar; Pujya (Dr.) Pingale, National Guide, HJS; Mr. Sural, National Unifier, HJS; Mr. Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati)

Have Hindus already been defeated?

Dr. Gautam Sen

A number of pathetic truisms have effectively paralysed Hindus psychologically and politically. The first is the mindlessly repeated cliché that they comprise 80% percent of India’s population, which means precisely nothing because Hindus have never managed to act collectively as a political community. On the contrary, more than a good half of India’s nominal Hindu population, the OBCs and so-called Dalits of its Hindi heartland, has been absorbed into political Islam. Indeed they compete with shocking alacrity to do the bidding of grotesque Wahhabi clerics and do not hesitate to unleash state violence against Hindus when instructed to do so. The supposed atheists of India, from West Bengal and Kerala to Tamil Nadu and India’s evangelical heartland that is Andhra Pradesh, also collaborate enthusiastically with Christist, white imperialists in addition to political Islam.

The second truism, of recent provenance, suggests that projected Indian economic growth and successes in producing defence equipment, from missiles to nuclear warheads, mean that Indians are somehow on the threshold of greatness. All of this is laughable and unfolding recent events highlight how fragile is the boast of economic triumph, so easily derailed the moment massive plunder and waste exceed revenues governments can extract from hapless Hindu taxpayers. On the issue of defence preparedness, the only sphere in which India is a genuine world leader is the scale of its imports of military hardware that it cannot produce itself. Growing Imports after six odd decades of endeavour to indigenise merely underline failure to achieve stated goals. And the serviceability of imported defence hardware for required purposes is increasingly doubtful since bribery apparently plays a major role in determining what is purchased. In addition, the ability of India to fight a prolonged war, without foreign assistance, is uncertain, as the brief Kargil encounter exposed.

The third supposed truism, which fills the average, uncomprehending Hindu with a warm glow of mindless self-satisfaction, is the ascription of an inherently tolerant character to their faith. It is merely an excuse for cowardice and failure to resist wrong doing and of the most egregious kind, which is violence against their own womenfolk. There is no justification in Hindu scriptures for tolerating the intolerable. On the contrary, they enjoin violent resistance, even if it means failure to achieve worldly objectives, as in the case of the Pandavas. They did not live to rule, but abandoned their earthly abode after winning a brutal war of annihilation. Instead the ruling ideology of modern Hinduism is the brilliant subterfuge implanted by British colonial rulers through their chosen medium, the so-called Mahatma. He was thought eminently suitable for ending the increasingly violent resistance to British rule in the early twentieth century Bengal because of his self-regarding antics in South Africa, in support of British interests. And not only did the British colonial authority manage to discreetly promote the Mahatma to the pinnacle of the nationalist movement, they also reinforced the pervasive Hindu penchant for cowardly indifference and retreat in the face of superior physical force.

A reigning Indian propensity, a counterpoint to Hindu cowardice, is wilful blindness to the darkness enveloping their country and overtaking their faith. There is an unspoken seeming conviction that the danger to them and India will only arise in the shape, if it ever does, of a full scale frontal military assault by its enemies. That seems highly unlikely because India’s adversaries have found an infinitely less troublesome way of seizing India and finishing off Hindus and Hinduism once-and-for-all. The advance by stealth, subverting India by manipulating its electoral politics is now well advanced and accelerating because success in seizing its executive governance has proved extraordinarily easy. And it has prompted greater determination to consolidate the on-going usurpation of the Indian State apparatus and advance even more rapidly. India is being lost bit by bit, with Hindus being expelled from border regions and whole areas of cities beyond official administrative access, even for undertaking a proper census. An entire swatch of States, across the Indian heartland as well as its border regions, has succumbed to political Islam and Christian imperial stratagems. These areas are now governed by a political class that is only nominally Hindu and daily engaged in acts of sedition. Instead of honour and fidelity to the faith of their tormented ancestors, they are surrendering their country in exchange for transient political power and material wealth.

The sacred Constitutional compact that Indians had reached between themselves in 1949 has now been broken completely, its gradual erosion followed by near-total abandonment. Supreme political authority in India has been transferred to a foreign national with extra-territorial loyalties, and to advisers who are routinely conspiring with the Pakistani ISI and Vatican criminal operatives.  The anointed, quasi monarchical successor to supreme executive authority in India has declared privately that his most urgent task will be to combat alleged Hindu terror. He proposes, in effect, to wage war against India’s Hindus by fabricating canards, already a phenomenon in recent years. Furthermore, collusion of Indian officialdom with foreign infiltrators, allowing them to settle in India, granting them citizenship rights in the form of identity papers, ration cards and the right to vote has utterly destroyed the Indian Constitution. The Hindus of India have no obligation to defer to its operational principles when they interact with State authorities. Their right to govern is now made possible by disregarding India’s very Constitution, since they are voted into power by foreigners in many areas of the country. Elsewhere in the world, restoration of the sanctity of a Constitution is accomplished by insurrection and forceful erasure of its violators.

Hindus accepted political partition as a brutal, unavoidable reality, but India’s new rulers allowed its consequences to spell disaster for India. Instead of enabling a significant number of Muslims to leave for the homeland of Pakistan they had voted to create, especially from UP, they moved heaven and earth to prevent their migration. This extraordinary self-indulgence was intended to advertise their liberal credentials and assuage their own arrogant self-regard at the expense of Hindus. Its neo-Muslim first prime minister, with absurd pretensions to an Anglo persona as well, decided that the best course of action would be to reassure Muslims by allowing them to consolidate politically and curb all Hindu aspirations. All his successors have followed suit, whatever their proclaimed outward political affiliations. Keeping Muslims in good humour has been the earnest desire of all Indian governments since independence. Hindu voters acquiesced because no alternatives were available and all Hindu organisations have been complicit in this incomprehensible political project that would inevitably lead to the effective extinction of Hinduism and India.

In the dismal Indian political scenario, Kashmir was ethnically cleansed of Hindus and instead of unleashing the full might of the Indian State to combat it Indian politicians engaged in every form of chicanery to legitimise the outcome. State governments of West Bengal, motivated by crass Bengali parochialism and pique, masquerading as a Leftist urge for uplifting poor Muslim agriculturalists, sought to turn West Bengal into an Islamic enclave and succeeded. The fate of UP, under the outright criminal dispensations of its most prominent political parties, is no better, with shamelessly greedy and semi-literate, nominally Hindu politicians, unabashedly complicit in Jihadi terror. Leaders of one political party even ensured safe passage for terrorist bombers, en route to Delhi through UP to plant bombs that eventually killed Hindus in 2005. In the decades after independence, Nagaland and Mizoram were sacrificed by Jawaharlal Nehru to white Christian imperialists. Subsequently, the entire south of India has become Christianised and/or Islamised in all but name. The atheism espoused by its execrable politicians is a mere church-inspired ploy to keep Hindus at bay until an appropriate moment arrives to reveal their militant Christian loyalties.  The examples of the armed uprising of Nagaland and Mizoram will then be repeated, with demands for autonomy and the cessation of Brahminnical oppression.

Politically disempowered Hindus have become preoccupied with empty ritual because their faith does not enjoy the protection of the State power that alone would guarantee its security and integrity. Without the proverbial oversight of the Right arm of State political power and military capability, the Hindu faithful have descended into the absurd, serially appeasing Islamic truculence for inconsequential gains and interfaith dialogue with mendacious Christian assassins, ruthlessly uprooting Hinduism in its own homeland. Hindu scriptures have been largely turned on their head by a new type of businessman guru, with no awareness that political security and personal wellbeing are a prerequisite for spiritual upliftment, as Swami Vivekananda had acerbically observed. These Hindu gurus, some from the most sacred maths of Indic history, have evidently swallowed Mahatma’s half-wit injunction to meekly accept all crimes against Hindus and their society. His notorious advice to Noakhali’s rape victims in 1946 was to commit suicide rather than resist. The new frequent flyer Hindu guru has also developed a taste for being serenaded by wealthy foreign clients and demonstrates a less than godly sense of entitlement through first class air travel to keep them company abroad. And of course they have been overawed by a sprinkling of white adherents, apparently bemused by patter on renunciation and the divine!

In the meantime, the Hindu faithful have been abandoned to their unenviable fate, wallowing in IPL and Bollywood while their country is seized with alarming rapidity. They do not know that the lascivious dance routines epitomizing Bollywood films, they find so alluring, originated in the nightly humiliation of captured Hindu princesses compelled to gyrate publicly before sequential rape by their captors. This is the destination to which Hindus are headed and recent acts of Muslim criminality in West Bengal, in the heart of their capital city, are a cautionary tale. A Hindu woman was raped by Muslim thugs in the middle of Kolkata’s premier entertainment district, only to be denounced as a slanderous liar by the Chief Minister of Bengal, ever the defender of Muslim criminality, when she complained to the police. The senior woman police officer who subsequently confirmed that the young woman had indeed been raped was unceremoniously removed from her post. Virtually on cue, a Muslim mob sexually assaulted a young woman, virtually in the same location a few weeks later, because she had witnessed the crime and was prepared to give evidence.  This woman Chief Minister happens to be Hindu and a Brahmin.

(Dr. Gautam Sen is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians)