Hindus Consolidate with a Show of Strength only to be Betrayed by Politicians of West Bengal

Several days ago at Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali, District: 24 Paraganas (South) local Hindus caught three Muslim robbers with valuables that were looted. Robbery has been a regular feature in this area for last couple of months. The criminals did not confine themselves only to robbery but also indulged in forcible rape of local Hindu women. Therefore, local Hindus of Jalaberia, were fuming  against torture by Muslims and the biased role of police and administration in favor of Muslims added further fuel to the fire.

Agitated Hindus outburst with anger once they nabbed 2 dacoits(robbers) red handed on 3rd of June and beat them severely resulting in the death of 2 dacoits and one was hospitalized. This incident made police, who were seemed to be in hibernation during attacks on Hindus, concerned about their duty. They performed their duty by torturing and arresting Hindu for murder charge coming at late night. When housewives protested, they were not even spared from barbaric torture of police. One child also got his arm fractured by this act of police. The police took 2 men to the police station in charge of murder.

 This inhuman torture turned Hindu into protest mode. On 5th June, local Hindus, led by women, blocked the road which connects Kultali to Jaynagar. They demanded release of 2 Hindu men who were taken away by police, arrest of Muslim robbers, transfer of Officer in Charge of Kultali police station within 24 hours etc. Administration became totally astonished after witnessing united power of Hindus. They were just about to accept in totality of the demands of the Hindu protestors, when the district president, Debatosh Acharya, of BJP turned up in that area and declared that if the police gives a mere assurance to honour the demand of the Hindus, the picketing would stop. The administration did not let this opportunity slip away from them and instantly agreed but verbally. Then the President insisted Hindus for withdrawal of blockade leaving them absolutely spellbound as they did not get anything without some hollow promise, yet advised to stop their protest.

 The president did not waste much time in that place after the blockade was withdrawn and his purpose was already done. He danced into the tune of the administration to betray the fight of united Hindus. Even after passing of almost a week, no demands, of the Hindus, has been honoured and the president has gone to attend the state executive meeting of BJP leaving hapless Hindus to live their fate.


Janachetna said…
This is the true colour of so called pro-Hindu leaders in India. They are interested only to make use of Hindus and once it is done, they are least bothered about the fate of Hindus.

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