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Hindus struggling valiantly to resist Islamists’ challenges in Shikarpur, Nadia

Hindus remove microphones from mosque forcibly

It’s true that Hindus in the realm of Indian state of Bengal are coming out of slumber (to revel perfect Secularism) of centuries (if not more) and are realizing the vicious reality – what is the ultimate objective of Islamists and what would Hindus have if the reliance on a namby-pamby police and administration to protect them from Islamists’ onslaughts goes on. And in this regard Hindu Samhati, ever since its inception, has been playing a highly imperative role. Nevertheless, like a little child toddles, Hindu consciousness (in this context) is also doddering even if defenses are being formed against Islamic onslaughts everywhere without respite. But definitely the game will be won someday.    

Hundreds of Hindu families inhabiting Shikarpur Panchayat, P.S. Murutia, District: Nadia are undergoing the aforementioned instances day in and day out, at the present time.

A mosque with a good number of microphones atop its roof was present within the Hindu locality (at Funkutala) along with all might and from the early morning to the dusk the microphones used to play harassing Hindus altogether. Objections to this were raised by Hindus as well but there was no response to it ever. An official complaint was submitted by Hindus to the local police station a few days back and even if the SDO asked Islamists to withdraw the mikes, they were found to be reluctant. Islamists, nonetheless, did not take down mounting Hindu rage lightly and how they planned to subdue it became apparent before long.

In the same area, there is the presence of a tree “Achin Gach” known for its weird miraculous power and remedial ability to people at large (in various capacities). The tree is revered by all in the vicinity and even from remote areas, cutting across religious backgrounds. The tree is located within the land of a Muslim individual; even after this Hindus leave no stone unturned to venerate the tree. On every Tuesday and Saturday in the Hindu month of Baisakh, Hindus do perform Puja and foods offered to the holy tree are distributed among the worshippers. This practice has been common and going on for the last few decades.

This year, defying hindrances (fallout of earlier Hindu protests) of Islamists Hindus did the same but a FIR against them naming 20 people in particular was submitted to the police station. A few Islamist malefactors backed by the community’s support hatched this design.  

To put an end to all these, Hindus offered a good price to the Muslims to purchase the land containing the holy tree. When it was refused, Hindus agreed to pay Rs. 50, 000 more than the existing market rate. There was a refusal at this time too; Islamists demanded 10 bighas of land by the main road. Hindus ruled such an absurd proposal out and being infuriated, they decided not to let any Islamist use their lands as walkways.  When 2 Islamists defied the diktat, they were thrashed heavily.

Islamists came back to the mosque and the development instigated Muslims, even in far-off areas, to a large extent. Police tried to control them but failed to have any success.

On the last Saturday, an innocent Hindu man while returning from his own land was grabbed midway and beaten inhumanely by Islamists.  Hindus got enraged as a result and on the next Sunday, June 10, 2012, at 7.30 am Hindus brought down the microphones from roof of the mosque forcefully. The incident was followed by the entrance of a large police force (of both P.S. Murutia and Hogolbaria) into the area and arrest of 7 Hindus all of a sudden. When Hindus started fiery protests, 6 Islamists were also arrested.

Many Hindus have fled to other areas owing to atrocities of police and Islamists. It has been learnt Islamists of adjoining villages are preparing to make a perilous assault on Hindus very soon. Hindus are gearing up to render a stiff resistance.  


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