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Hindu Women – Focus of Islamic Torture in Howrah

Should We Remain Silent Still ? Hindu Women – Focus of Islamic Torture in Amta Mrs. Rekha Dutta Mrs. Rekha Dutta's ear torn apart by Islamic zealot Mrs. Kanak Dutta Mrs. Maya Rit Mrs. Padma Dutta Mrs. Tapati rani Dutta Mrs. Tapati Dutta Mrs. Suchitra dutta Mrs. Soma Dutta Mrs. Satan dutta Mrs. Nupur Rit Mr. Subrata Dutta Mr. Subrata Dutta and Mrs. Basanti Dutta Mr. Bimal Dutta Mr. Narayan Chandra Gui Mr. Sanat Gui Goddess Kali Temple in Norit village

Hindu Women Attacked & Sexually Assaulted by Islamists in Howrah

In Howrah district Hindu women are assaulted, beaten up, molested and injured. This time, local Hindus too are getting organized to resist the brutality and self-preserve. In Norit village under Amta Block of Howrah district, a religious Muslim group was trying for long to destroy the only Kali Temple of the Hindus. On several occasions Muslims tried to obstruct the religious functions of the Hindus on some pretext or other. Police and Panchayat (local body govt) were duly informed by the Hindus. Former Officer in Charge of Amta Police Station Subir Chakraborty came to the spot. He was satisfied with the legal papers showed by the Hindus and okayed the possession/religious functions of the Hindus. But the Muslim population led by their zealous leadership did not give up. On 9 th August 2009, Sunday, they started a riot by beating up an aged named Hindu Sanat Kumar Rit (60) without any reason or pretext. That was at 1.00 pm. Most of the Hindu men folk were not at home at that time.