Tuesday, July 21, 2009


On Sunday afternoon 19th July, a public meeting was addressed by Hindu Samhati President Tapan Kumar Ghosh at Canning bus stand in South 24 Pargana dist. The meeting was a grand success. 400 hundred workers and about one thousand people attended the meeting.
In the meeting Tapan Ghosh said : The situation in the villages of Canning 2 Block is worse than Bangladesh for the Hindus. At least for last 20 years, Hindus in this Block are being tremendously tortured, humiliated and persecuted by the Muslims regularly. So much so that hundreds of Hindu families left their ancestral home for safer destination. To protect themselves, Hindus joined CPIM, RSP, Congress, TMC, even BJP by turn. But no party could give them security. In a latest incident, 17 Hindu families of Dakshin Moukhali were uprooted from their home by the Muslims. The reason : the Hindus joined TMC from CPIM. But not surprisingly, TMC did nothing to protect them as the offenders are Muslims. For many years in some villages Hindu women are being tortured and raped by the Muslim miscreants so frequently that the morale of Hindus has been totally broken. The capable Hindus have been already migrated from this place. The rest are tolerating the intolerable torture and persecution silently. If anyone just record the stories of humiliation and torture upon the Hindus, it will be a great job.
Due to this torture and persecution, and consequent migration of Hindus from this area, the percentage of Hindus has come down from 60.46 to 52.50 in just 20 years (1981 – 2001). And Muslims increased from 39.24 percent to 47.16 percent. In the next census report (2011), it is sure that Hindus will be minority in Canning 1 & 2 Block. In Canning 2 Block, at present Hindus are 36.51 percent and Muslims are 63.17 percent in last Census in 2001. All the tortures on Hindus are engineered by Saukat Mollah, elected President of Canning 2 Panchayet Samity from CPIM and blessed by Rejjak Mollah and Kanti Ganguly, both Cabinet Ministers of West Bengal govt.
This Saukat Mollah owns a few hundred acres of Fishery. Moreover he collects lakhs of Rupees from other fishery owners. It is learnt that Saukat Mollah pays Rs Two Lakhs to Canning police station every month.
So, Hindus have no other option to make arrangements for their self protection. This was the message of this Public Meeting.
Sri Prokash Das and Upananda Brahmachari too addressed the meeting. Bikash Naskar and Rajkumar Sardar conducted the meeting. The meeting helped to raise the morale of the local Hindus.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Murshidabad Riot - Authentic Source

Some of the readers of this blog intended to know about the authentic source of the news of Murshidabad Riot.
Our sources are our workers of that area. But one may see the news and photo in INDIAN EXPRESS of 12 July. Below is the link :


Saturday, July 11, 2009



Although district administration and West Bengal govt trying hard to suppress the news of the riot and casualties, etc, more news are coming out.

Names of 2 Hindus who were killed by the Muslims with sharp weapons are Manik Mandal and Gopal Mandal of Jhaubona. Another Hindu, Sumanta Mandal got serious injury on shoulder and left hand. He is now fighting for life at Amtala Hospital.

One Muslim student of class XI, name Minarul, died in hospital after he got injury in scuffle in the school. Minarul was adamant to perform Namaz in school. He challenged all Hindu students to stop him to perform namaz.

Today 2 headless deadbodies were found in the nearby field of betel leaves. Identity of these bodies could not be established till now.

All Hindu shops at Trimohini market have been looted and burnt.

All 25 Hindu houses of Darapara village (a part of Jhaubona) have been looted and burnt.

The whole attack on Hindus was pre planned. Notorious Muslim criminals were brought in and were lodged in the large mosque at Trimohini market.

At about 2.30 pm, provincial police force and RAF led by District Superintendent of Police Mr. Saratlal Meena rushed to the spot to stop the rioters. At that time, announcement was made from the local mosque that this police force is not actual police force, those are false policemen sent by Kartik Maharaj from Beldanga Bharat Sevashram Sangha to attack on the Muslims. Hearing this announcement from mosque, Muslims started pelting stones and attacking the police force with redoubled vehemence. Even after that the S.P. did not order firing. As a result, 10 policemen were injured and the car of Addl. D.M. was broken. After one hour being at receiving end, when lives of police personnel were in danger, then only S.P. ordered to fire. In this firing, it is learnt that some Muslims were injured and died in this police firing.

BSF searching in 2 Muslim villages named Kajisaha and Kapasdanga is going on.

All roads towards Jhaubona have been sealed by police. Nobody is being allowed to enter the area. In Beldanga town, prohibitory order of sec. 144 has been clamped restricting any gathering.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Major Communal Riot Broke in Murshidabad


Today, 10th July, a major communal riot broke in Murshidabad district. Till now 12 persons dead, most of them Hindus, hundreds injured including 10 policemen and one D.S.P. rank police officer. Two village markets and hundreds of Hindu houses were looted and burnt. Firing between police and Muslim rioters still going on at 11.30 night. Curfew imposed in the whole area. BSF and CRPF deployed to help police and RAF

Perhaps the whole incident planned to welcome the proposed Aligarh Muslim University Campus in this district.

Jhaubona High School is a big higher secondary school in Jhaubona village under Nawda police station in Beldanga sub division in Murshidabad district. Among total 1000 students of this school, about 50% are Muslim students. For long they were demanding to offer Friday Namaz inside the school. But school management and the Hindu students resisted it apprehending that it will create a virtual mosque inside the school. So, the furious Muslim students made objection against Saraswati Puja in the school and the school management has been compelled to stop Saraswati puja last year in the school. In spite of that, the Muslim students were not satisfied. So they planned to offer Friday Namaz today (10 July) by force inside the school without any permission from Head Master or School Management. Hindu students protested and altercation started at 12 noon between two groups of students. Muslims were prepared. Through cell phone they spread the false message that Hindu students attacked Muslim students in the school. Within 10-15 minutes, thousands of Muslims led by the students of nearby Trimohini Madrasa rushed to the school. They attacked the school students, the big village market of Trimohini, and two Hindu villages Jhaubona and Trimohini. Many Hindu shops in the Trimohini market were burnt and looted. Many Hindu houses were burnt and looted in the villages Jhaubona and Darapara. In one house 4 Hindus died in the fire including one father and his daughter were burnt alive.

Till now, according to our sources, 12 Hindus are dead, more than one hundred injured, though the district administration will surely give a lesser number. Hindus are fleeing the villages Jhaubona and Trimohini.

Many are missing. Nobody knows how many of the missing persons are already dead.

Police and RAF could not control the situation. So, BSF and CRPF are called in. Till evening, police fired 250 rounds. 10 policemen were injured, among them condition of 4 are very serious. One D.S.P. is seriously injured. He has been admitted in a private nursing home to avoid media scrutiny. On the road at Begunbari village, Muslims burnt 2 buses and one matador. One Tata Sumo car and its passengers were attacked. The broken car and its passengers have been brought to Beldanga Bharat Sevashram Sangha for their safety.

The injured persons have been admitted to Baharampur and Amtala hospitals. Till mid night, firing was going on between Muslim rioters and security forces at Trimohini bazaar.

As usual, the electronic media/ TV channels are silent and totally blacked out this major incident.

Murshidabad district is a Muslim majority distrct. All the 3 police stations in Beldanga sub division – Beldanga, Nawda and Hariharpara – are Muslim majority. This is a border sub division. All the Hindu villages under Nawda and Hariharpara p.s. are awake tonight. They are scared of possible Muslim attack upon their villages.

In sub divisional town Beldanga, in evening Muslims gathered in front of Congress office. Hindus are fearing that the famous Bharat Sevashram Sangha, whose President highly revered Swami Pradiptanandaji (Kartik Maharaj) may be attacked by communal Muslims. Swamiji is now away from Ashram. He went for pilgrimage to Mansarovar-Kailas. He is expected to return in 5-6 days.

India’s Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has been elected from this Murshidabad district. As a gratitude to the Muslims of this district, he announced in his finance Budget in parliament that he would allocate a huge sum of money to establish a campus of Aligarh Muslim University in this district. This Aligarh Muslim University spearheaded the separatist movement for creation of Pakistan in pre 1947 years. Pranab Mukherjee is expected to visit Jangipur, his LS constituency in this district on Sunday as per pre scheduled program. And it seems that there shall be no visit of the Finance Minister in Beldanga and Nawda since these areas witnessed atrocities of Muslims on hapless Hindus.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

"The Stand" of Hindu Samhati

Our Stand / Our Opinion / What We Stand For
Tapan Kumar Ghosh

A fresh chapter of minority (Muslim) appeasement has been opened by the ruling Marxists of West Bengal after their debacle in the recent Parliament Election. Now the appeasement is not barely a promise. It is getting to turn into a reality. Though the Constitution of India does not provide space for any sort of reservation along religious lines, the government and other political parties together can not resist the temptation to extend reservation facilities in the government services by any means. Tax payers’ money is being poured in the name of providing education to the minorities. Despite the fact that reservation for any religious community is not entertained by the Constitution of India, government of West Bengal is set to open special morning session in the three leading colleges of Kolkata exclusively for Muslim students. After the electoral punch received from the Muslims in the recent Parliament election which evidently laid the basis of an unprecedented disaster of omnipotent Marxists in Bengal, the rulers are now determined to regain the chunk of Muslim vote with fanatic desperation. Even a replacement of our comical Chief Minister Mr. Buddhadev Bhattacharjee with a new unknown Muslim personality might also be a part of their desperation in near future. Then the circle will be full. Mamata Banerjee, the leader of opposition, who claimed distinguished notoriety for being a drama queen in the past, is another emblem of Muslim appeasement in our unfortunate state.

This trail of events is being seen as a prelude of an ever increasing demands of Muslims that will be raised in the next years, however illicit and illegitimate, and will finally culminate in the formation of another Muslimstan in the subcontinent.

Hindus of Park Circus, Metiaburuz and the districts of rural Bengal being inundated by waves of an unchecked explosion of Muslim population for various known and systematic reasons, are now realizing their fate in th e days to come. But even their realization is now becoming woefully inadequate to challenge this rapidly deteriorating situation. They are discovering themselves in a gloomy future. It is a complete despair. With listless eyes they are watching how ground is being eroded beneath their feet. But they can not help it. Why? The quest requires a deeper insight of this problem.

A hundred years before, Swami Vivekananda, the great warrior-monk of India was able to trace the roots of this malaise. Hindu psyche is cloaked with self-denigration and self-disowning. A leading symptom of this disease is an inferiority complex and cowardice. Hindu minds have to collectively be transcended from “Tamas” to “Rajas” quality. Vivekananda asked the Hindus to deluge the land with “Rajas” quality, implying courage and action. It ought to be remembered that when the animals are sacrificed for Gods and Goddesses, it is done as a symbol of their “Tamas” quality. Therefore the Goat-like animals are sacrificed but not the Tigers and Lions, not just because of their ferocity of the latter. The Lions are Tigers are endowed with “Rajas” quality, whereas, the goats are synonymous with “Tamas”. And that’s why, goats are sacrificed.

One can not achieve “Satva” quality without a prior achievement of “Rajas” quality by completely annihilating “Tamas” quality from his own self. A soul can not leap directly from “Tamas” to ‘Satva”. No one can be a “Sativk” without transcending from “Tamasik to “Rajasik”. So it is impossible for a cowardly and spineless person to achieve the “Satva”. The hypocrisy or pretension to be a “Satvik” to shield the inner weakness and cowardice is shoving the Hindu society to the point of oblivion.

So in order to counter the tsunami of Islamic aggression blustering round West Bengal and Assam with an increasing ferocity, we need to inject vigour, strength, ardour and alacrity into our veins through ceaseless effort, labour and determination. These are all about “Rajas” quality. So the bravehearts of ‘Hindu Samhati’ must be filled with “Rajas”. Those who blame such quality are deadly mistaken. The people who lazily sit and sleep and depend upon luck and god are nothing but unproductive “Tamasiks”. This Tamasikata is core reason behind the entrapment and enslavement of Hindu race for several centuries in the past. It must be understood that as long as Hindus are tortured, exploited, abused, molested and defeated, a complacent talk of “Satvik” and “Satvikta” is no less than committing a sin. Because it is hypocrisy and hypocrisy is a sin.

‘Amader Katha’ in “Samhati Sambad”, June-2009


Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Responding to the repeated call from the Aila affected people at Sandeshkhali–I Block in North 24 Parganas district, the Hindu Samhati Relief Team reached Juktigachi area in the early of 28th June, 2009. A strong strength combining leaders from Kolkata, Medical team and local workers of Hindu Samhati jointly catered the seva work in eight villages viz. Juktigachi, Deuli Para, Choto Gheri, Shankardaha Barpara, Shirishtala, Kachukhali, Mathbari and Kharihat Majherpara, throughout the day serving at least 2000 people of 500 families in dire need. Most of the areas are still new under water.

It was a strange thing to see for the Hindu Samhati Relief Team (HSRT) that no substantial and constructive relief or repair works so far made by the local or the state administration and the entire area is still water logged. The local people reported that the local Panchayet serving the one time half-cooked rice & pulses mix, not a square meal for anybody causes indigestion and even diarrhea sometimes.

As to enable the effected people to prepare their dishes as per their time and convenience, the HSRT decided to distribute Rice, Pulses, Mustered Oil pouch and Salt packets to the Aila affected families in the above mentioned areas where no relief team reached before HSRT due to interior ness and disconnection of these areas from the metalled road.

Dr. Druba Mahajan and Dr. Subhankar Biswas took great responsibility to serve the ill and diseased people in a great number with the help of two other junior doctors. One thousand ORS packets were distributed for taking proper home care at the time of diarrhea. Various types of costly medicines were also given free of cost as per prescription given by the doctors with the HSRT.

Sri Chittaranjan Dey, Secretary, Hindu Samhti and Sagar Bag, Prominent Leader of Hindu Samhati were present and inspired the entire team of 42 Hindu Samhati Workers all along the relief work on this day.

Reports came in during the relief work in this area that some Muslim organizations are trying to serve ‘Beef Biriyani’ to the starved Hindu people to hurt their religious sentiment.

It has also been reported that the Muslim areas are getting plenty of relief materials, whereas some Hindu areas are still untouched by both the Govt. and NGO relief teams.