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Press Release : Remembering Nov 26--Hindu Samhati's Programs in Districts of West Bengal (with Pictures)

26/11 Mumbai Remembered Rallies Across Districts of West Bengal Hindu Samhati is conducting various rallies and meetings in various parts of West Bengal as a follow-up of their grand Kolkata event paying homage to the victims of the 1st anniversary of the attack on Mumbai on 26th November 2008. In addition, the present government and the opposition were held accountable for the degeration of the security of the nation for the last decade. Prokash Das and Ajit Adhikari, senior activists of Hindu Samhati led a silent march on the 26th in Bangaon Town with over 10,000 mourners joining them through the event: The rally started from the ground of historical Bangaon Town Hall, the mourners conducted a silent march tying black straps in their faces in protest of total inaction of the Indian Government in the matter of the Pakistani threat perception upon India’s internal and external security. Das briefed the stand of Hindu Samhati in general to the local media and commented " We don&

Press Release : Homage to 26/11 Martyrs on 1st Anniversary - Kolkata (with Pictures)

26/11 Mumbai mayhem Homage to Martyrs in 1st anniversary in Kolkata In a very befitting manner Hindu Samhati’s Kolkata unit observed 1st anniversary of Mumbay mayhem on 25/11/09 at College Square in front Calcutta University . Hindu Samhati, Kolkata organized this occasion to pay deep respect to the Great Martyrs and to express whole-hearted sympathy to the bereaved families of the martyrs with specific demand to hang Azmal Amir Kasab, the lone Paki terrorist still alive and under trial in the special court meant for the case. The function was presided over by Kanti Majumdar. Barid Baran Guha, Dr. Arun Giri, Prokash Das, Pratap Hazra, Upananda Brahmachari were the other speakers and dignitaries on the occasion. A major flank of the supporters of HS gathered to pay tribute and demanded immediate hanging of Kasab by shouting slogans and distributing leaflets published for this occasion. In his maiden speech Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati vehemently condemned the

Jinnah - Jaswant - Pakistan by Tapan Ghosh

Jinnah - Jaswant - Pakistan Tapan Ghosh ( ) What is the real truth regarding the partition of India or creation of Pakistan? Who was responsible for it? Is Jinnah responsible for the partition or not? Gandhi, Nehru, Patel -- are they all responsible for the partition of the country? Or is it the fact that they all are partially responsible! Only British imperialism is responsible? Was Jinnah really secular? In 1920, during Non- Cooperation & Khilafat movement, Gandhi sided fully with obscurantist Maulana Mohammed Ali and Saukat Ali and sidelined modern Jinnah. Was Gandhi’s neglect coupled with Nehru-Patel’s lust for power responsible for transforming the modern, progressive Jinnah to a separatist and Islamic fundamentalist? All these questions have cropped up from Jaswant Singh’s much published book “Jinnah, Partition and Independence”. It is a healthy sign and Jaswant deserves thanks for that. Let us find the answers of these - one by one.

Hindus Fight Back in Bongaon

Bangladeshi infiltrators grab land of Indian peasant in Bongaon, West Bengal; police arrests protesters agitating to recover their land. Independent news reporter. In a shocking case of punishing the victim, local police officials in Bongaon area have arrested eight members of Hindu Samhati for protesting against land-grabbing by Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. Mr. Ajit Adhikari, Mr. Somnath Pal and seven other workers of HS were arrested while protesting against police atrocities in the land grabbing incident and have been locked in jail without bail. Even more shocking is the fact that no action has been taken by the police against those Islamists involved in the land-grabbing. The incident started when members of the Hindu Samhati group recovered an agricultural land in the Eropota village of Bongaon subdivision, legally owned by an Indian citizen Mihir Mandal but was later forcefully occupied by Islamic group supporting Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. Around 4:30 PM on Octob