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Muslim friend deceives, chops Hindu youth for money

Religious bias overshadows longtime friendship Samar Adak, a sholapith craftsman by profession, became victim to a wild attack of his Muslim friend (of long duration) Noor Islam on November 24, 2011 evening who was hell-bent to have Rs. 15, 000 Samar was having at that time for his own job. The injury as a result of repeated sharp hitting by Noor Islam’s sword was so grave that Samar has been transferred to Calcutta Medical College and his condition is in the balance. Noor Islam has been taken into custody , it’s true. But whether he gets punished or police considering this as a prank continues to play with Hindu emotion remains to be seen. To Know More Please Read:

Aseemanand questions bail to Malegaon 7, claims was tortured

Is it a crime to be Hindu in India ? The issue, indeed, has been perturbing the Indian populace, especially Hindus, a great deal following the loathsome stances of the Union Government of India to Hindus these years. Swami Aseemanand, through his memorandum sent to President Pratibha Patil, in conjunction with copies to the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the National Human Rights Commission among others, has clarified once more how regrettable it is to remain as a Hindu in India . As per the memo, Swami Aseemanand was tortured “on account of my religion” severely in all places and he has also raised questions regarding the release of seven accused in the 2006 Malegaon blast case on bail, owing to his confession that Hindu extremists were behind the attack – already retracted by him as it had been made by him under “extortion”. Truth must prevail now. To Know More Please Read:

Goal of COMMUNAL VIOLENCE BILL 2011- destruction of Hinduism

Hindus, at this point in time, has come to an all-time low and there is no single factor that has marred the Hindu nation through centuries. To be precise, thousands of issues are there and Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill – 2011, a new form of infamous Jaziya (tax on infidels) on Hindus and Sikhs during Islamic rule in India is going to be the last to bring the curtain down once and for all for Hindus. However, it’s also true, at the same time, that the majority of Hindus in India are still in darkness of this pernicious bill, hell-bent to destroy Hindus on the whole. The faster they get conscious of the same, the better it is. To Know More Please Read:

Muslim husband kills Hindu wife

Love Jihad wins ultimately Ankita Mandal, Hindu woman of 19 years, had a love affair with Salauddin Gazi, Muslim guy of 28 years, 4 years ago that resulted to marriage daring all religious differences but little did she know then that her life would come to an abrupt end and the assassin would be none other than her better half. This tragic incident took place at 7 pm, Monday, at Milanpalli, P.S. Sonarpur, suburban area of Kolkata, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and Salauddin, in accordance with police, is at large. Thus ends an inter-religious marriage with the death of a Hindu girl. Love Jihad becomes the greatest victor. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu girl teased, slashed in Kolkata by Muslim youth

Is this also an Islamic duty? Sexual harassments and teasing of girls in Kolkata, like other metropolitan cities across India , are getting higher and this can best be found from the incident of Ritu Shah. Ritu Shah, an 18-year-old schoolgirl became a subject of teasing of a Muslim youth named Mohammad Chotu (20 years old) in Kankinara, 24 Paraganas (North) for days. And ultimately, she was gashed with a sharp weapon by Chotu. The incident has stirred emotions in the environs. To Know More Please Read:

Islamic cache of illegal weapons unearthed in Canning

Canning, prosperous town and also headquarters in Canning subdivision in the Indian state of Bengal , is a stronghold of all forms of illegal activities across the state and without doubt, illegal Muslim infiltration across the Indo-Bangladesh border plays a great role in this regard. The cruel reality came before the eye once more when a cache of illegal weapons was unearthed by questioning two Islamic crooks, nabbed regarding a case of murder recently. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati’s first open meeting perceives towering success in Machlandapur

Hindus say – Never to Say Die The word picture has several definitions at the same instant; while to some it is a visual representation (of an object, scene, person or abstraction) produced on a surface, to others it does signify a situation treated as an observable object. People are free to vie among themselves of the definition but it is undeniable that pictures stand for the reality and become more powerful than words; a picture symbolizes two or three paragraphs all at once. You will have the same experience through the pictures listed below that speaks of the towering success of Hindu Samhati through its 1 st open meeting a Machlandapur, a highly significant census town, P.S. Habra, Sub-division: Barasat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), on November 26, 2011, eloquently. The pictures expressing the fiery mood of squads making onward motions, large gathering of Hindus, speeches of Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, and others authenticate how Bengali Hindus there are

Cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid in Chotochandpur

Hindus protested, Government remained indifferent Court orders to prohibit cow slaughter on Bakri-Eid or Id-Ul-Zoha (November 07, 2011) were there and hence, Hindus in Bengal (this year) were hopeful that something positive would take place – administration in Bengal would leave no stone unturned to call this heinous practice a halt. But they were utterly wrong. The opposite took place wholeheartedly throughout the state – somewhere with the tacit support of the administration while at other places with the direct backing of the government and what did take place at village: Chotochandpur, P.S. Rajarhat, District: 24 Parganas (North) on Bakri-Eid, denote the brutality of the government to hurt Hindu sentiments through consenting to slaughtering of cows candidly. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu martial spirit witnessed in Boulkhali, Howrah

Hindus, these days, are in no mood to surrender to Islamic domination and terrorism. T hey are witnessed to fight back tooth and nail and what happened on November 06, 2011, the day before Id-ul-Zuha (Bakr-Id), at Boulkhali, P.S. Bauria, District: Howrah , regarding immersion program of Devi Jagaddhatri, denotes the same approach. To Know More Please Read:

Islamic hatred to Hindus knows no end

At times, it is heard from Muslims, as well as Pakistanis, that violence, sectarianism and religious zeal expressed through ethnic cleansing fail to make humanity reach any conclusion and hence, humanness, nonviolence (peaceful resistance) must be credited. All these are good and noble thoughts (without a shred of doubt) and signify the views the Vedic (Hindu) civilization has been preaching from time immemorial. But the graciousness, on the part of Islamic civilization, ends with verses in al-Qur'an spreading hatred against infidels. Muslims of all hues, without any exception, can’t ignore but digest and enact those without respite. What can be the conclusion then? Talk of religious harmony, peace is an innovative approach to deceive Hindus – Islamic hatred to Hindus is everlasting. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati’s meetings at Dhamua and Ramnagar Sasati – major success

On November 20, 2011, Hindu Samhati remained witness to its major success in Dhamua, P.S. Magrahat, District: 24 Paraganas (South). A meeting was organized on the ground of Maitree Sangha and without doubt, the mammoth gathering proved how much the Hindu populace in the environs is hankering for a strong Hindu leadership. To Know More Please Read:

Rs 318 ticket to terror?

Without doubt, with each day it passes the porous border shared by India and Bangladesh and also the lackluster attitude of the Indian administration is becoming a threat (more and more) to Indians. And the reason behind this apprehension is quite clear. The expenditure that a cross-border terrorist endures to travel all the way from Bangladesh to Sealdah railway station in the heart of Kolkata is just Rs 318. To Know More Please Read:

Basirhat Post begins today

Journalism requires bravado, stubborn commitment to honesty and a persistent zeal to fight for justice. Hindu Samhati’s news website has been going on with the same principle from the very first day and we are confident to render people the truth and the true facts of existing situation of Hindus in this BasirHat Post as well. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu girl gangraped viciously in Raghunathpur

Who’s next target? Your wife or sister or mother? Myriad reports published in this news site have already depicted how hapless the condition of Hindu womenfolk in the Indian state of Bengal is getting in the wake of mounting onslaughts and sexual attacks of Muslim fundamentalists but the gang rape of Papiya (name changed), daughter of Jibon Santra (name changed), village: Raghunathpur, P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), on November 16, 2011, sufficient to shame wild beasts even, surpasses all these. Papiya happens to be an innocent Hindu girl of 17 years and on the fateful day, she went to a small pond in the field, behind her house, to fetch some fishes for the lunch. She was seized there by 4 Muslim hooligans and was gang raped. An FIR was lodged by the wretched Hindu family but now, it is proved that both the FIR and Medical Report have been twisted leading to an intense dissension among Hindus in the environs. The outrageous incident of ravishment of Papiya, as a

Three Muslim crooks caught red-handed with arms in Sagar

Prospect of Gangasagar Mela is at stake The arrest of 3 armed Muslims in Sagar and their audacious attitude depicted through procuring lethal weapons, flaunting those openly and also violating Indian law and order thus does not stir the locality only but also displays the chance of an ominous future. The biggest question, at the moment, is – whether the coming Gangasagar Mela will remain free of terror. To Know More Please Read:

Beef in Primary School disgraces Hindu students

It is no longer a secret (nothing unusual to hear also!) that beef is made use of to humiliate, persecute and also convert Hindus throughout the length and breadth of Bengal but what is most striking that the same is being done openly in schools even! On 08/09/11 at Baksahar Free Primary School , positioned in Baksahar village of Shaksahar area, P.S. Bhangar-1, District: 24 Paraganas (South), beef was served to all students, irrespective of religion, as part of Mid-Day meal program leading to a great tension in the area. Baksahar Free Primary School is dominated by the Muslim students, representing the major community in the environs, while Hindu students happen to be a hopeless minority. As a result, each and every work in the school is done depending on the whims of Muslims. Well, there are other reasons behind this too. Thanks to the Jihadi mindset, Muslims there have been persecuting Hindus for decades leading to the forcible expulsion of the later ones. Local admini

In Bangladesh: Reconciliation or Revenge?

Time is asking civil society in Bangladesh to stand up and face reality. To Know More Please Read:

Hindus in Jagadishpur Sardarpara suffer worst

Muslims neighbors tormenting them steadily, successfully Hindus living in the village of Jagadishpur Sardarpara , P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are facing rising animosity from the part of their Muslim neighbors and the fear of persecution is such that one Hindu family did not dither even to perform marriage of their minor daughters. They are thinking of taking flight only. Local administration is reluctant to their pleas as usual. To Know More Please Read:

Truth behind the appeal to Hindus

Vatican ’s thinking about Indian Christians is not based on facts and that is why the Pope’s Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue issued a message for Hindus on the eve of Dipawali. The message urged Hindus to fight against anti-Christian propaganda in the country. The appeal says that Dipawali is the festival of the conquest of the forces of light over darkness. It says Hindus and Christian should jointly fight and pave the way for religious freedom. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu gallantry in Durbarat stops cow slaughter, admonishes secular political leaders

What Hindus in Durbarat, P.S. Falta, District: 24 Paraganas (South), have proved is simple – if Hindus get conscious, united and valorous, the course of history will change on its own and in that case, there is no need of any external or celestial force. Hindus have the power to defeat all adversaries and emerge triumphant. The victory is indeed historic – due to the virulent Hindu presence, Muslims, residing in the village, in spite of hordes of stimulations, did not dare to slaughter cow and when they butchered goat and buffalo in the Bakri –Eid of late the fierce Hindu protest panicked the entire community along with local administration and secular political clan. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati meeting exemplifies courage and commitment

The monthly meeting of Hindu Samhati on November 13, 2011, as usual, perceived a huge and bustling gathering, containing its experient activists and a good number of newer participants asserting how the organization and its valorous doctrine as a whole is attracting Hindus far and wide. The deep and solemn chanting of “ OM ” marked the initiation of the meeting, presided over by Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati and several other leaders of the organization including Sri Tapan Biswas. To Know More Please Read:

Our Struggle – Change & Challenge

Lots of developments have taken place in all these months. Contrary to the expectation, present Bengal government, unlike its predecessors, under Ms. Mamata Banerjee is taking a tough stand and in these cases, even Muslim criminals, who changed their sides and joined Trinamool Congress hastily, have not been spared also. This is indeed a good sign. Bakri –Eid or Eid-ul-Zaha happened of late but cow slaughter, in spite of existence of court orders, did take place and these prove that both administration and Mamata have failed to implement the court order by the book. Even if Hindu Samhati achieved some successes to call cow slaughter a halt, more have got to be made. To Know More Please Read:

Islamic aggression stops Kalipuja in West Bauria

Did Kalipuja in Bengal go on peacefully this year? The answer to this question is strictly no; the only reason is that lots of areas in the state this year witnessed undue obstructions, felonies of Muslim populace to call the Puja a halt and the spineless administration was witnessed to accede to their demands finally. Without doubt, Hindus did offer stiff resistances and emerged victorious at various areas but political mainstream’s minority appeasement was indeed formidable. The same did happen in Kajirchara, West Bauria, P.S. Uluberia, District: Howrah on October 26, 2011, (the day of Kalipuja) when a few local Hindu youths’ honest wishes to do Puja in the crematorium, in the environs, dashed to the ground owing to warring Muslims’ objections and utter helplessness of police and administration to stop it. To Know More Please Read:

Pakistani education system promotes radicalization of society, hatred towards Hindus

There were indeed allegations of the mounting radicalisation in the society of Pakistan and naturally, of the education system too as its most apposite harbinger, an accusation refuted perpetually by indigenous governments in Pakistan for decades. But the latest assessment of United States , the most trusted ally of Pakistan and also a fatherly figure in its domestic arena, of the same found in its Government’s report has been the greatest source of uneasiness for Pakistan . The report confirms r ext books in Pakistani schools encourage hatred and intolerance of minorities, the Hindus in particular and teachers view these groups “as enemies of Islam.” To Know More Please Read:

“Durga Puja” religious procession devastated in Bangladesh

Administration remains apathetic as usual Tens of thousands of reports depicting unfortunate situation in Bangladesh have already been published and this is a mere addition to it. What hinders Hindus from unifying and struggling against the perpetual religious persecution in Bangladesh remains indefinite still but it is also undeniable that there has hardly been any potent leading to voice this issue across the globe. Without doubt, Durga Puja religious procession has been devastated but what haunts more is the exposition of a fact how apathetic can an administration in an Islamic republic towards Hindu minority community be. To Know More Please Read:

Gruesome murder of Hindu doctors in Pakistan depicts the vicious reality once more

Indeed, a great expectation developed among Hindus in Pakistan of late as a 160-year-old Shiva temple reopened its doors to devotees after a period of 60 years in the Pakistani city of Peshawar . It did take place following a court order issued by the Peshawar High Court. Hindus across Pakistan gloated while some even started to consider it as the beginning of a new era. But all this expectation shattered when a few undisclosed gunmen shot three Hindu doctors in Chak town, Shikarpur district of Pakistan on November 07, 2011. The three slain doctors included Naresh Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Ajeet Kumar. Dr Satyapal was also injured and was taken to Sukkur’s Civil Hospital and from there he was shifted to Aga Khan Hospital , Karachi . He, at the moment, is said to be out of danger. To Know More Please Read:

Islamic fundamentalism enjoying support of mounting State repression on Hindus in Bengal

In our earlier report “ Cow slaughter at full blast in Bengal ” ( ) we had reported how the saga of cow slaughter reached an all-time high mark this year flouting rigorous court orders (passed by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, 2010 and Hon’ble Supreme Court later – strengthened in latest order passed by C.J. Mr. Jay Narayan Patel on 2nd Nov.2011) against the same slaughtering of cows. Alas, the situation is more terrible than that! Despite the presence of dissonance among Hindus in Bengal, exploited by an assortment of political factions at times, Hindus, this time, stunning many of their adversaries, offered stiff resistance against the cow slaughter at several areas in Bengal . And at every such place Hindus were confronted by a conglomeration of Islamic fundamentalists (or even total Muslim populace in the environs) and large contingents of police forces leading to the brutal thrashing of them. What

Hindus clash with police to stop cow slaughter in 24 Paraganas (South)

Hindus in Bengal , like previous years, have not taken the issue of cow slaughter lightly this year too and offered strong resistances against it wherever it could be organized. However there were major differences as well; passing of court verdicts against cow slaughter and the blatant violation of the same by Muslims aided by State support irked them a lot. This fiery mood of them could be perceived in the village of Karaiberia , P.S. Ramnagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) as well. The Hindu mob there was excessively agitated from the days before even and the trenchant endeavor of Muslims to slaughter cow and the administration’s mute support to it on 07.11.11 happened to be the last straw on the camel’s back. A severe Hindu-Muslim clash ensued that turned out to be a Hindu-police clash soon. Hindus blamed the police force for the entire incident and made a daring attack on it at 9 am. Without a doubt there were injuries on both parts and arrest of 7 Hindus. 4 Hindus are also

Cow slaughter at full blast in Bengal

Court verdicts become poorest casualty As fresh reports are coming in, cow slaughter in Bengal this year, despite the presence of rigorous court orders (passed by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, 2010 and Hon’ble Supreme Court later – strengthened in latest order passed by C.J. Mr. Jay Narayan Patel on 2nd Nov.2011) against the same slaughtering of cows, has reached an all-time high mark already. There are other surprising facts as well – while Muslims in some areas, not so predominantly Muslim even, have dared to slaughter cow and carry the meat through Hindu areas with merriment, thus flouting aforesaid court verdicts and hurting Hindu sentiments, in several areas police and administration have been perceived to escort Muslims safely to slaughter cows. An honest court verdict has to be executed honestly. Isn’t it? While many reports are yet to come, lots of areas, highly disturbed owing to cow slaughter already, have been identified. These include Nagarukra Hanripara, P.S. Haring

Rampant Cow Slaughter proves Dependence on Governance anymore – Suicidal for Hindus

Reinvent self or get finished Whatever may be the judicious and wise intentions of the highest forms of judiciary in India, its verdicts have got to be implemented in point of fact and this can be done only if the concerned administration and its immediate superior, the government, do remain honest at the same instant. Otherwise the court orders turn out to be a mockery and the same is taking place at the moment in Bengal . We reported earlier of opening of thousands of makeshift markets flaunting merchandising of healthy cows throughout Bengal . Now it’s a reality that Bengal police and administration is unable to stop the slaughter, going on rampantly at the moment, flouting stringent court orders (passed by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, 2010 and Hon’ble Supreme Court later – strengthened in latest order passed by C.J. Mr. Jay Narayan Patel on 2nd Nov.2011) against cow slaughter. But this should not have been as the Bombay High Court too took the subject of cow slaughter into co

Judicial Verdicts have no Value in West Bengal regarding Cow Slaughter on Id-uz-Zoha

Worst fears of Hindus are coming true! Witnessing the lackluster attitude of the local administration it was felt that in spite of the presence of stringent court orders (passed by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, 2010 and Hon’ble Supreme Court later – strengthened in latest order passed by C.J. Mr. Jay Narayan Patel on 2nd Nov.2011) against cow slaughter, becoming more and more prominent on each Eid-uz-zuha or Bakra Eid, the administration would do nothing. And the same is taking place on the whole. Thousands of makeshift markets flaunting merchandising of healthy cows have opened all over Bengal and even in some areas Islamic ruffians have already started to behave with Hindus ostentatiously. Where is the Hindu sentiment and religious belief then? It happens to be the greatest casualty to the existing governance and once again it is proved, no government in India even dither to hurt Hindu conviction ever. How disgraceful can the attitude of the government in this context be is best f

Muslims can practice Yoga but “OM” is blasphemous!

What is the greatest strength of Islam and its vehemence? Scholars, through centuries, have been burning lamps and making use of gray matter to know the secret but surely one of its bases is its bid to remain distinctive ever or stern refusal to amalgamate with the mainstream in any society. Muslims, without doubt, can have various features of any notion or any other being but must also contain their own individuality in it. Any failure is profanity to them, if not more. Replacement of “aum” with “ all…aah…ou” makes Yoga perfect for Muslims. To Know More Please Read:

Sri Tapan Ghosh inaugurates Jagaddhatri Puja in Hooghly

Hindus get buoyant at once Jayade Jagadanande Jayadekaprapujite. Jaya Sarvagate Durge Jagaddhatri Namahstute – I hail Thee, o all-pervasive Jagaddhatri Durga, Thou art victorious and symbol of the joys of the world; it is only Thou in the world, who can be worshipped properly. Victory to Thee. With the chanting of said mantra Jagaddhatri Puja is held with splendor through the length and breadth of Bengal and whatever may be the extent of ill-designs of perpetual adversaries of Hindus or simply anti-Hindu forces, nothing can quell the sprit of Bengali Hindus of celebrating Jagaddhatri Puja every year. The situation is same this year and while we rendered a calamitous news of destruction of holy deity of Jagaddhatri at village Yarpur, P.S. Usti, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal , there is a good news now. Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, inaugurated Jagaddhatri Puja of Dadabhai Sangha at Haripur village, P.S. Chanditala in Hooghly district

Jagaddhatri Deity destroyed in Usti Today

Administration fails to save Hindus – what next! There is no need to describe Jagaddhatri, another form of Devi, the Supreme Goddess, to Hindus and at the moment the whole of Bengal is ardent to worship her in the best manner. People of village Yarpur, P.S. Usti, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal were also thinking similarly – but no more. While the holy deity of Devi Jagaddhatri was being carried from Balarampur (in the vicinity) to Yarpur, today itself, around 08.30 pm (IST) , a band of Islamic thugs, containing at least 100, just pounced on the vehicle and Hindus accompanying it and destroyed the deity in a little while. The shocking incident took place at Chalkraypur Ghoshpara and the stunned Hindus owing to paucity of strength and their numbers couldn’t resist the crooks at that time. The news did spread like a wild fire in the locality soon and Hindu Samhati activists rushed to the spot. What did they find after reaching there was terrible –

Does bombing Charlie Hebdo denote rise of militant Islam in France, then Europe?

The continuing and also raging debate whether it’s better to call Europe or term it as Eurabia has intensified (to a new level) with the destruction of the office of Charlie Hebdo, highly popular French weekly in Paris. The office was completely ravaged by a petrol-bomb attack on early Wednesday – only a day after it adverted Prophet Mohammed as its "editor-in-chief" for this week's issue. However, the magazine, in a hushed tone, has stated that the entire approach was made for rejoicing the sensational victory of Ennhada, known Islamist party in the recent election in Tunisia . To Know More Please Read:

Communal Award

An Essay Towards Balkanisation By Dr. Santosh Bhattacharya Dr. Santosh Bhattacharyya, ex-Vice-Chancellor of the Calcutta University , known for his Left leanings, happened to be a distinguished economist and also a stubborn advocate for the maintenance of independence of educational institutions from meddling political interference of the government in narrow partisan interests. Through this essay (smart as a whip) published in The Statesman Kolkata 28 Sep 2010 edition he analysed the perilous implications of caste-based reservations among Muslims in India – which, according to him, happens to be the best way to bring about balkanization of India in next to no time. He, at the ripe old age of 87, breathed his last on March 27, 2011 at his residence in Kolkata. To Know More Please Read: