Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hindu Consolidation Blockades Cow Smuggling at Baduria, West Bengal

Baduria Police Face Severe Pressure from the Islamic Trafficker / Criminal / Clergy Nexus.
Former Indian Union Home Minister and the present Finance Minister P. Chidambaram suggested  sometimes ago that the Border Security Forces (BSF) be soft in dealing with cross border criminal/trafficking activities. Any person with a rational and unbiased thinking easily understood what he had actually meant to suggest. His suggestion was an open invitation to smugglers and religious fundamentalists (all Muslims) to indulge in their illegal activities without any fear from the concerned authorities.
The village of Sayestha Nagar under Baduria police station in the district of North 24 Parganas is situated 3 km away from the Bangladesh border and due to the sensitivity of this location, it has become a regular conduit for smugglers to carry their goods across the border. Earlier, smugglers, almost all Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, used to choose two roads in the outskirts of the village to smuggle their items but constant reluctance of the administration to contain their act, turned them further desperate and daring. They have become so invincible in that area that even after a matador owned by Kader Sardar (a Muslim activist) coming from Basirhat carrying smuggled cows went away with impunity even after hitting the car of the local head of the police (SDPO) resulting fracture in the officer’s hand.
Everything was going smooth for them till 25th September, 2012 when they tasted the first resistance from local Hindus. In that night, a few smugglers from near by village of Jaharpur along with some Bangladeshi counterparts equipped with lethal arms chose to take the road through the Sayesta Nagar village instead of the road in the outskirts only to experience something what they might never had in their worst nightmare.
In the late night of 25th September 2012, while smuggling cows to Bangladesh through the village, the Muslim smugglers faced the first opposition from a few brave local Hindu youths. Unfazed by the opposition, they took out their arms to threaten them but that did not generate any fear in those brave boys and they held the ground with their demand this was anti-national, and would not be allowed. A conflict was evident between the traffickers and the local Hindu youths but in the mean time, hearing the chaos, all villagers assembled in the spot and stood by those boys. This unprecedented act of united resistance by Hindu villagers forced the Muslims smugglers to retreat for that night.
The very next morning, three smugglers, Tiru Chouduli, Ata Chouduli and Hero (a Bangladeshi dacoit charged with a few bank robberies in India) came to village and went on visit the house of the boys, they could recognize, to threaten them with severe consequences. This turned out to be a perfect scenario to reignite the resentment of Hindu villagers against them and they were beaten severely by the villagers.
Irrespective of their criminal identities, local Muslims could not accept beating of Muslims by Hindus and went for blocking of Intinda road running near the market for half an hour under the leadership of local panchayat leader belonging to their community till police came and forced them to withdraw the blocking. Later, they lodged a complaint against the Hindu residents at Baduria police station prompting police to arrive at the village in search of Rabin Sarkar and others.
The police faced severe pressure from the Islamic trafficker/criminal nexus, combined with the area’s local Islamic religious bodies to arrest the Hindu civilians who blocked these illegal activities. Police could not arrest Rabin Sarkar as he was not available in the house but they experienced stiff resentment from Hindu villagers as they described the whole incident. When police tried to counter them for not lodging any complain, they made mockery of police for not being able to control the smuggling happening regularly through the road in front of the police station. This led police to leave the place without uttering any further words.
Hindu Samhati Media
International Communications Team

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bengal government’s leniency makes Islamists’ anti-film protests in Kolkata victorious

Worst to follow

Had any Hindu organization like Hindu Samhati sought governmental permission to hold a public meeting (however peaceful it is) at the Metro Channel or any spacious park in Kolkata the answer would have been no (in every capacity and in a flash) and how the Bengal government left no stone unturned to foil Hindu Samhati’s 4 th Anniversary on February 14, 2012 and this leonine Hindu organization’s counterpunch to it is still fresh.

Nevertheless, the same government allowed Islamists to hold a mammoth rally in the heart of Kolkata on September 27, 2012 to vent their anger against broadcast of “Innocence of Muslims” and against the United States, considered to be the sole perpetrator behind insulting the Islamic prophet. Even if some have been found to state that Bengal government, ascertaining danger behind the permission, withdrew the approval in the last hour, success of the meeting proves its capitulation to Islamists only.

If one looks into the press release of Sunnat-Jamayat-Committee, it gets apparent instantly that the handout is a veiled threat to all, including government and infidels, regarding the steps to be adopted by Islamists if there is any failure to gratify their desires. Islamic desires range from nabbing persons behind “Innocence of Muslims”, withdrawal of the film from all social networking sites, unanimous condemnation against the aforesaid film in both Lok Sabha and State Assemblies, expulsion of US Ambassadors in India to empathy to protesters by the administration, both Center and State.

And the publication of such a handout was no wonder; the metropolis had seen such in the past, best instance being the Taslima-bashing rally on November 21, 2007. Tens of thousands of vicious anti-Taslima handouts, virtually evoking the entire Muslim community to join the Jihad, were found even in the alleys of Kolkata and its outskirts. Hence, anything similar to it was likely at this time too and Islamists manifested their hawkish color once more.

As the administration retained its inhuman silence and police was held back, it was like a one-day cricket match to Islamists and that their victory had already been declared, blocking of roads, breaking barricades and desperate efforts to enter premises of American Centre gave a great fillip to their genetic jingoism.

On the word of a senior police official, “Suddenly the demonstrators turned violent and tried to break the barricade and enter into the centre. We resisted them and persuaded them to conduct their rally peacefully.” “We were successful in persuading the demonstrators and there was no untoward incident. No one was injured in the incident,” he was found to add this too.

Incidentally, the State Government didn’t permit Uma Bharati, ex-Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, to go through the state for her “Samagra Ganga Yatra” or Save Ganga program last week. Regarding prohibition, it cited chances of disruption of communal harmony in the state.

Why did the state government allot such a large contingent of police along with both armored and riot-controlling vehicles in the Islamic meeting then? Government was also apprehending a riot.

The incident proves that law-abiding Hindus in Bengal are moving to oblivion, knowingly or unknowingly, whereas everything is allowed for fiendish Islamists.  

“While the Hindu elaborates his argument, the Muslim sharpens his sword,” said Sir Winston Churchill: Abandoning India,” at Royal Albert Hall on March 18, 1931.

Salafi extremism the emerging threat to peace in the valley

S Ranjan

The perpetrators of violence have now changed tack to sow the seed of fundamental Islamism by promoting the extreme cult of Salafism. This is because around a quarter of Kashmiri people follow the Salafi-Sunni tradition and it is easy to find recruits from this segment. The recruitment on religious grounds was next to zero a decade back, now it is gaining momentum. Saudi money has come hand in hand with Salafi ideology; money has given access to such mosques and madrasas where conversion and indoctrination can be carried out.

Now, the latest tactic is to ride the international Islamic revulsion for the “anti-Islam film” made in America. Undoubtedly, people across the world have condemned the film, but why was the reaction so violent in Kashmir that curfew needed to be imposed? The separatists who knock at the doors of the United Nations for every conceivable reason should have done so in this instance also. What can be achieved by disrupting the lives of the poor people? This incident is being used to the hilt to whip up passions.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anti-Hindu pogrom likely in Lakshmanpur, Diamond Harbor

Islamists hell-bent to exterminate Hindus en masse, administration busy in appeasement  

This is not the story of any isolated village in the realm of the Indian state of Bengal  - it brings forth a cruel truth – the worsening  situation of Hindus and how they are being persecuted by Islamists, reveling hellish endorsement of the administrative scenario day in and day out, so that Hinduism moves to oblivion before long……….    

Lakshmanpur village is within the jurisdiction of P.S. Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and has been witnessing hauteur and mounting influence of Islamists for decades – the dogma has crossed all limits of tolerance even – the state of affairs has got an all-time low since Islamists have virtually made it impossible for Hindus in the village and its vicinity to live with dignity. Life has become more dangerous to Hindu women, forced to remain within doors fearing rape and human trafficking.

What is more, condition is such that both Hindu mother and daughter apprehend the same danger of ravishment – that can befall (on them) at any time if they dare to live as human beings and walk hither and thither.  

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Islamists Instigate Chaos At Usthi (West Bengal)

Hindus Persecuted Again in South 24 Parganas
The District of South 24 Parganas is in the headlines again and again its for all the wrong reasons. After Jalaberia, Joynagar and Canning, now its turn of Usthi and Netra to witness the brutality of Islamic Barbarism.
On Saturday, 15th September, the dead body of a Moulavi (Muslim priest) was found beside a canal at about 3 km. away from Nainan village.  This turned out to be sufficient cause for local Islamists to come out with their savage and barbaric characteristic. The situation became very tensed and  Hindu youths of Nainan village are guarding their village every day and night. Siraj Mollah, Rauf Baidya, Litton, Natibuddin Gazi alias Kalo, all linked to Muslim organizations, are threatening and trying to provoke the Muslims of the area to attack Nainan village. They are threatening using the slogan : 5 villages - Nainan, Chousa, Satghara, Panchanantala, Padmapukur - will be made Hindu less and a new Pakistan will be created. The Muslim activists are also vehemently demanding police to arrest the Hindu Samhati worker Pratap Hazra. Muslims suspect that Pratap Hazra was culprit, though no substantial evidence has been established against Pratap. Police gave them assurance that they would arrest the culprit, if any within 3 days. To add further fuel to the fire, on Monday, 17th September, police arrested 4 Muslim fruit vendors from station Bazar for damaging some shops after consuming alcohol. So, it made the Muslim population furious.
On Tuesday morning Muslim activists from near by villages came with weapons like swords, iron rods etc and started ransacking Hindu shops in Usthi market and Netra station market. Hapless Hindus were taken aback by this attack as they had noting to do in that matter and no defense mechanism. Shops belonging to Hindus were selectively chosen and destroyed which clearly prove that the attack were not at all spontaneous, rather very much pre-planned. After the initial shock, Hindus, very much minority in that area, resisted and counter attacked the offenders. As a result, tension loomed large all over the area. In the mean time, Tapan Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati established communication with the Superintendent of Police (SP) and informed him of the development. The SP assured him that the administration was in full control of the situation. Later, Rapid Action Force (RAF) was deployed in the area. Local Hindus, cutting across party lines, are vehemently protesting against the soft attitude of the administration towards Muslims.

Usthi is still very volatile....  Police is checking bags of every person walking on the road. Muslims declared and openly targeted Nainan village and Hindu Samhati worker Pratap Hazra. To express their grievances Muslims blocked railway traffic at Netra station for 2 consecutive days on 19 & 20 Sept. for long 5-6 hours.

Today(Friday, the holy day of the Muslims) they declared that after Jumma Namaz, they will attack Nainan's Hindu residents and businesses. Their demand - either Pratap has to be handed over to them or to be arrested for the murder of the moulavi . Police is alert and huge police force is present at Usthi main bazar. But if the village Nainan is attacked, it is not sure whether police will intervene or not. Hindus are prepared to fight back.
The 'Samanvay' meeting convened by the administration was postponed. Today it was held. Curiously, Muslims divided into 2 groups. Some of them appeared to taking the side of the Hindus - citing some examples of many incidents like 'massive hooch death' (172) - they said Hindus cannot be blamed for all these. The majority group was adamant and stringent on the Muslim side.
Hindu Samhati Media
International Communications Team

Usthi remains explosive

If one is asked of the reigning situation in Usthi, the best answer would be explosive --- as anything may happen at any time against Hindus at the behest of Islamists. Taking advantage of inhuman silence of administration, Islamists are conducting best attempts to hit both village: Nainan and Pratap Hazra, senior activist of Hindu Samhati and also the mainstay of Hindu defence in the area.

What’s left then? Following footsteps of self-claimed custodians of Islamists in Bengal, local Islamists declared that they would launch their new programs from Friday – day of Jummah – or today itself. Reason? They have been making a demand incessantly – either Pratap Hazra has to be surrendered to them or be arrested by police for the murder of Moulavi on September 11, 2012; the body was recovered on September 15, 2012 at the side of a canal of about 3 km. away from Nainan village.
And it is known to all (in the vicinity) that the allegation is entirely baseless.

In accordance with latest information, police, to avert any untoward incident, is vigilant and a huge police contingent is present at the Usthi station market. Well, it is not known whether police will save Hindus in village: Nainan, once they are attacked. But Hindus are prepared to render a valiant defence.

Hindus have lost all confidence on local police and administration; they have geared up to meet the worst.

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Bangladesh parliament passes Hindu marriage law

Bangladesh's parliament has passed a landmark bill aimed at protecting the rights of the Hindu community members, especially women from marriage-related cheating.

The new law the Hindu Marriage Registration Bill 2012 aims to provide legal and social protection to members of the Hindu community.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hindus forced to curtail Devi Durga immersion programs in 2012

Everything to placate Islamists; care of religious harmony a good facade

If you are desirous to immerse deity of Devi Durga in this year, it will have to be done on October 24, 25 and 28 – but not on October 26 and 27 – such is the diktat of Bengal government. Reason? October 26 and 27 do belong to Eid ul-Adha or Bakri Id when Islamists will be found to observe the festival with splendor and they ought to be given an equal opportunity.

This, for sustenance of a perfect religious harmony in Bengal, happens to be the best prescription of Mamata, found in many avatars these days including politician, administrative head, sudden doctor and social scientist.

Well, if anyone prefers to dissent will he be taken into custody? Even if there is such a danger, it must be said that the onus to maintain religious harmony in Bengal is on Hindus ever.

However, there remains inhuman absence of similar response from the other side and Hindus, highly acquainted with the precarious notion of secularism and its intolerable fallout, knows the reason of it well. The mounting Hindu persecutions in the realm of Bengal tell the sordid story more and more.

Hindus in Bengal must curtail their own interest to better others – this is the bedrock. Is it necessary for Hindus to abide by the same principle, entirely suicidal and letting foes to mock them, always? Not in any way!

What we do consider – the prescription is not for maintaining religious harmony but to steer clear of any conflict. Didi knows well how Islamists, thanks to her protective measures, remain busy to flex muscles (these days) without respite. And the passage of any Hindu religious procession before a mosque or a Muslim locality will annoy Islamists leading to disorder. Counterblows of Hindus, to the worst fears of Didi, may worsen the situation at certain areas.

As a result, Hindus will have to follow the governmental diktat masking under the notion of maintenance of religious harmony.

Mamata, reportedly, finalized the decision only after discussing with various Puja committees at the Netaji Indoor Stadium on September 19, 2012. Who do head these committees? They are not Hindus but mere morons ever ready to dance to tunes of others for personal benefits.

The diktat proves both pro-Islamist stances of Bengal government and preponderance of Islamists in the state. We are reminded of Muslim League days in the decade of 1940s. Worst is yet to come. 

Is it crime for an adult Hindu youth to marry an adult Muslim woman in Bengal?

Will Mamata, warrior in Rizwanur case, act like a vanguard here too?

Had the reverse taken place, there would have been nothing except wild celebrations proclaiming the suzerainty of the Religion of Peace (?) on infidels across the globe and also the solemn pledges to carry forward the struggle to retain and fortify seven century-long domination of Islamists on Hindus. But in this case there is courageous act of a Hindu youth only – certain to be deserted by Hindus fearing troubles – we are talking of Mithun Mandal, a Hindu individual of age 27, inhabiting Jaynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), working in Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

He has loved and married a Muslim girl, Tarina Sultana, age – 19, having residence in Ashoknagar, District: 24 Paraganas (North) and the newly wed couple, fearing slaying, is running from pillar to post now. And to punish such an atrocious job, members of Muslim girl’s family are leaving no stone unturned at the moment. It has come to knowledge, Mithun’s family has also been warned of dire consequences if the duo fails to surrender to Tarina’s family.

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‘A Man among men...’

Half a century after the Chicago lecture, Rajaji said in simple words, “Swami Vivekananda saved Hinduism and saved India. But for him we would have lost our religion and would not have gained our freedom. We therefore owe everything to Swami Vivekananda. May his faith, his courage and his wisdom ever inspire us so that we may keep safe the treasure we have received from him!”

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Worst Hindu persecution in Usthi, 24 Paraganas (South)

Does any administration exist in Bengal? 

All that is essential for Islamists to flex muscles, make Hindus dither is just a pretext – exploiting which Islamists can gather at the very place in strength, intimidate all and compel Hindus and both police and administration to surrender to them. 

This experiment is being done (with a great success) at Netra Station Bazar area and its vicinity, P.S. Usthi, District: 24 Paraganas (South). The root of the ongoing arson happens to be the gruesome killing of a Moulavi on September 11, 2012; the body was recovered on September 15, 2012 and even if Hindus remain clueless still of the entire matter, they are undergoing brunt of persecution by Islamists.

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Muslims in the South are slaughtering Buddhists in order to ethnically cleanse the area

Muslims account for a mere 4.6% of population, yet have been spreading fear among the indigenous Buddhists of the region, using violence and brutality. They have resorted to the random killing of Buddhists, including school teachers and Buddhist monks.

Southern Thailand resembles modern day Afghanistan and Somalia because in both these nations the radical Sunni Islamists show their extreme intolerance of other faiths. In addition to Buddhists, moderate Muslims are also being killed by radical Sunni Islamic fanatics of Southern Thailand. The methodology of killing is intended to spread fear to all who oppose the Islamization of Southern Thailand.

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Glimpses of Islamic Jihad in Thailand: 

(Beheaded Buddhist child) 

(Heads of Thai Buddhists can only be found) 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hindu fate being sealed more and more

Forget Bengal, the Indian state being governed by Islamists – both covertly and overtly – for the last 40 years. And with each day it passes Hindus inhabiting the state move towards the final debacle ever more.

But what is being found, condition of Hindus in other parts of India is no better and may have to follow the Bengal model before long. The religious strife in Masuri area of Ghaziabad district adjoining Delhi (happening recently) remains the best prototype of eyesore up till now.

What did start as a mere protest against the defilement of a holy book in Masuri turned into a civil discord soon by accusing Hindus as conspirators behind the dastardly act. Even if Hindus had no knowledge of how the copy of al-Qur'an reached the railway track and had abusive comments scribbled on various pages, they were termed as the bogey and hence, the easiest prey.

The arson and malicious mischief that followed and its mounting intensity made the local authority fire (to restrain the trouble) leading to death of six people – Asif, Waheed, Luckman, Amir, Wasim and Hayat. Police was not left untouched as well and three of them got badly injured. It has been learnt, head of a police official was almost severed with a sharp-edged weapon – testifying that it was not a desperate state (or one-sided) attempt to crack down on Islamists protesting peacefully. 

Some much-used but evergreen Islamic maneuvers were also displayed in Masuri – following the toes of Raja Academy in Mumbai, it was claimed that the congregation had been silent but the entrance of a few street fighters changed the scenario. Some people also fired at policemen, burnt the police barracks and mess, and moved towards the police residential premises. And perhaps the number of these people was not too small that could be ignored.

Uttar Pradesh government, to pacify Islamists, has announced Rs.500,000 to the families of each of the dead while an ex-gratia amounting to 50,000 and Rs.100,000 were also announced for families of the injured.

And not only Uttar Pradesh – the same thing can take place anywhere in India, be it your place or that of mine. Reason? Islamists have interpreted that sudden and uncontrollable violence can compel concerned government and administration to knuckle under them. And the inhuman silence of Hindus adds fuel to the Islamic fire or greed for power.

Had Hindus done indigenous Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street movements against their foes, the situation would have largely been different. Kashmiri Pandits or Bengali Hindus – to be followed by other Hindus soon – would not have been persecuted and kicked out of their age-old bastions then.  

Human Rights Watch says Bangladesh pursuing discriminatory family laws which fuel female poverty

New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on the Bangladesh Government to reform what it calls its discriminatory personal laws on marriage, separation, and divorce, which in its present form trap many women and girls in abusive marriages or drive them into poverty when marriages fall apart.

In May 2012 the Bangladesh cabinet approved a bill providing Hindus the option of registering marriages. The bill still falls short of the many demands of women's rights activists in the country who are campaigning for a separate law governing Hindu marriages and divorce. Necessary reforms not included in the bill include a prohibition on polygamy, allowing divorce, and compulsory marriage registration. 

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Those who can’t struggle, do not deserve to live

How much time does the Islamic Ummah need to stir up? Not more than a second; as a single stick is enough to make a cur outcry, the same time is needed (for it) to unleash hell on non-Muslims, better known as infidels to Islamists. Their ongoing tirade across the globe – against a film sarcastically entitled The Innocence of Muslims – testifies the same once more. Islamist street fighters are not losing even a single moment to prove brawniness of Islam and how hell-bent it is to prevail on all and thus create a novel and single world order.

Salman Rushide, both famed and ill-famed for his “Satanic Verses”, exploiting the raging situation perfectly, has been turned into a new bogey by Islamists.

As per Ayatollah Hassan Sanei, leading figure of one of the most high-flying (state-owned) foundations in Iran  providing relief to the poor, the film would have remained a dream if the order to execute Rushdie, dictated by the late Iranian spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989, had been implemented.

He has also said, "If the imam's order was carried out, the further insults in the form of caricatures, articles and films would not have taken place. The impertinence of the grudge-filled enemies of Islam, which is occurring under the flag of the Great Satan, America and the racist Zionists, can only be blocked by the absolute administration of this Islamic order."

Even if there is no doubt that Government in Tehran has induced the Ayatollah to make this rabble-rousing postures to hassle an utterly beleaguered United States, apprehensions that cocktail of furor against anti-Islam film and endeavors to resurrect a decades-old diktat may inflict more blows are rising and it will no more be directed against the United States and Israel only. Anger will be displayed against many other nations also – the most prominent of it is India.

Who doesn’t know of Islam’s failure to subdue Hindus and destruct their age-old civilization and how this pang of failure continues to hurt warriors of the “Religion of Peace”?

Ongoing protests make one thing clear – Islamists require a very little time to turn a whisper to a storm – explicitly,  a violent storm having potential to dismantle many theories of peaceful co-existence across the globe.

What can be learnt of all these – it depends on maturity of an assortment of non-Muslim religious institutions and their adherents.

Before I go, if the current troubles end for the time being, it will be a lull before the next storm only – more fortified and experienced than past. Non-Islamists can’t depend on their foes’ good wishes; it’s nothing except a sham – a war strategy of Islamists to perplex enemies.

All have got to be serious of crisis as regards existence of them and their venerable culture, dignity.

So ………………. struggle continues. 

Saudi money helping spread of harsher Islam: Rushdie

"What has developed now is a harsher Islam partly because of the spread of Wahhabi ideas, with the help of colossal amount of Saudi oil money, partly because of the rise of the Ayatollahs and Shia Islam," Rushdie said in an interview to CNN-IBN news channel. 

Religious activists in several countries across the world recently indulged in violence against a film depicting Prophet Muhammad in a negative light. 

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New Love Jihad in Chapra, Nadia

EVE-TEASING is a rampant social evil. It can happen anywhere like road, beaches, cinema hall, buses even if in the educational Institution. The non satiated Love Jihadists are getting more violent in West Bengal. So the Muslim Romeos are very much interested in irritating Hindu girls in the name of love. Chapra village is under Chapra assembly constituency in  Nadia district. Chapra College is the only college in this area. 

A girl named Sanchita Pal is a second year student of B.A. degree course in the college. This girl and her family are suffering from a terrific situation. A Muslim boy Ahamed Mistri was disturbing her for some time. Although Sanchita became irritated, she could not protest out of fear. One day in the middle of August in the college campus, that Ahamed proposed her for marriage. Sanchita sternly refused him. Then Ahmed suddenly cut his hand to pressurize the girl. Being scared, Sanchita went to the Principal’s room to complain. Principal Krishna Gopal Roy summoned her father Chandu Pal to college. When he came to the college, Ahmed and his companions threatened him for going to the Principal. 

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

India: Anti-US Protests by Some Muslims in Chennai – Analysis

by B. Raman

A group of about 1500 Muslims staged an ugly demonstration outside the US Consulate-General in Chennai on the evening of September 14, 2012, in protest against a derogatory film on Islam and its Holy Prophet produced by an unidentified person in the US.

The details of what happened in Chennai disturbingly resemble what happened in the Azad Maidan in Mumbai last month and what took place in Benghazi on September 11.While a large number of Muslims were peacefully demonstrating or holding a meeting, small groups of violent Muslim youth entered the scene and tried to indulge in violence. While in Mumbai and Chennai, the Muslim youth who indulged in violence were armed only with stones, in Benghazi they carried rifles and rocket-propelled grenades resulting in fatalities.

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Are Hindus and Hinduism under attack? Know the truth, act now

by Narinder Mohan Kukar 

Hindus are disliked and hated by Muslims particularly wherever they are a majority, especially in Bangladesh, and the fate of Hindus in Pakistan is no better. One would expect even handed treatment of Hindus within the boundaries of India. Alas! It is not so. What an irony. The fate of Kashmiri Pundits is no better in their own homeland. Many of them are still languishing in the refugee camps in Jammu for over 20 years. Why? There is enough blame to go around, from the governmental policy and by happenstance the believers of Islam happen to be in the majority in state of Jammu & Kashmir.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Raging defense against Islamists – need of hour

Hindus have to lead   

Chris Stevens’ murder testifies violent clash of religions before long

In one of the most dreadful attacks by Islamists across the globe recently, Chris Stevens, US Ambassador to Libya, along with three other US diplomats at the US Consulate at Benghazi, succumbed to death finally dashing hopes of true secularists to witness a liberal (?) Arab Spring, planning to institute liberalism and democracy in the beleaguered Middle East and North Africa. The attack was not done under the aegis of any banned terrorist outfit but general mass in the country, counted on a few months back by political bigwigs both in West and Europe to usher a ray of hope.

What has irked the Islamic Ummah leading to the brutal killing of Chris is no more unknown to the worldwide human populace – broadcast (earlier this week) of clips from an impending satire based on the life of the Prophet Mohammed and hence, sarcastically entitled The Innocence of Muslims.  According to many, the satire, created by an Israeli-American named Sam Bacile, depicting Prophet Mohammed in a sexual position with his first wife and then sleeping with another woman, is not only crude but also denigrate the Islamic religious belief.

Even if this allegation is accepted, can the death of Chris be justified?  Whatever may be the disputes, solutions can also be found but only through straight discussions and not violence – a principle disapproved by Islamists, both earlier and current rebels of Arab Spring. 

Efforts to ban Bhagavad Gita in Russia evoked angry responses from worldwide Hindu community; Hindus did not remain docile but being democratic they relied on Russian jurisprudence and won the battle ultimately. But the same stance can’t be expected from Islamists – having a violent genesis and environment.    

As per reports, a rocket propelled grenade attack created a fire in the US consulate and the three US martyrs were made surrender to subsequent developments.  But proving the worst fears as true, pictures of slain Chris reveal that he was raped repeatedly before his death from smoke inhalation – evidencing the true character of Islamic frenzy to infidels.

It is getting evident that by making the satire on Mohammed as a fine pretext other political games have been played. May be the real strategist is al-Qaeda baying for infidel blood to avenge killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi three months prior but the attack was also a reprisal to United States, engaged with observing 11 th anniversary of 9/11 and gloating for the elimination of Osama Bin Laden.

The following days will witness outburst of emotions for Chris, instrumental in getting the US to support the NATO air attacks toppling Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime after 42 years.

Islamic world remains as it was 1500 years ago – omnipotent emblem of violence and all dastardly acts to establish a single world order; an empire where rattling cries of liberalism, democracy fall flat by nature.

If you – whether Hindu or Jew or British or German or Dane or Norwegian – desire to exist with your own identity, be prepared for the worse and for defending your own honor. If you can’t fight and win, Islamists will not let you live.  

Hindus are on the march. 

(No surrender to Islamists - Fiery Hindus struggle) 

(HIndus fighting against Islamists in Jammu) 

(Jewish Defence League) 

(English Defence League) 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

500 inmates in Assam relief camps missing, suspected in Bangladesh

At least 500 inmates staying in different relief camps in Dhubri district in Assam have gone missing and are suspected to have crossed over to Bangladesh after authorities started verifying antecedents of the victims of recent clashes between Bodos and immigrant Muslims.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hindu supremacy must rule the show

Regimentation to be the basis   

Jamshed Ali Mandal, owner of a brickfield at Beledanga No. 1 Gram Panchayat, P.S. Krishnanagar, District: Nadia, Bengal, during the last Eid al-Fitr, was witnessed to ask Islamists (in the environs) publicly to protest against the persecution on them by Hindus in Assam and hence, to donate generously to create a strong defence. He was also found to state that more important issues for discussions were there but those would take place in meetings – exclusively for Muslims.   A perfect act of regimentation as found in the latest Islamic onslaughts at Azad Maidan – Mumbai, Lucknow and even Allahabad.  

Is this something unusual?  Perhaps not since being a regimented force Islamists have been practicing the same down the centuries whereas Hindus, being the ardent votary of universalism and humanism, have been negating the need to have regimentations. And this nefarious concept is hurting none other than Hindus. Myriad instances are there already to denote how Hindus have been losing their mainstays (as a result) gradually.

Where do we stand then? We are nowhere; Hindu maneuvers to check growth of Islamists are foundering without interruption. A simple study of Hindu resistances from the days of expulsion of Kashmiri Pandits till date in India can bring the cruel truth to the fore. It is worthwhile to mention, Kashmiri Pandits were kicked out of the stupendous and sublime valley during the heyday of Hindu struggle – Ram Janmabhoomi Movement. And we the Hindus have failed utterly as regards their restoration – tens of thousands of Pandits are languishing thanks to subhuman conditions imposed on them by the Indian administration and Hindu silence but above everything – by Islamic Terrorism.    

Why are Hindus failing then? Isn’t there a need to contemplate all these and alter the strategies practiced to defend Hindus for centuries? Recurrent blasts across India and growing fear of it have been proclaiming Islamic supremacy while intimidating Hindus altogether.  

Hindus have not taken any lesson from the ongoing feuds in Assam whereas Islamists have exceeded them this time too. Fervent protests of them in Mumbai, Lucknow and other cities in India attest this only.

Once, to check Islamists Hindu society became more rigid leading to dissensions within it only. The defensive approaches of Hindus, hence, in every capacity, have made them vulnerable to Islamists. Hindus, virtually, have rendered a free hand to Islamists.  

It’s high time for Hindus to change the track – universalist and humane approaches have got to be replaced by Hindu supremacy. 

Changing face of terror

The arrest of several educated, well-placed youth in Bengaluru, Hubli and Hyderabad has shaken the security establishment. As investigations spread across the nation in search of many more sleeper cells, a new face of terror is emerging — from amidst all of us…

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Hindus brave Islamists’ attacks in Madhusudanpur, Kulpi

Police acting parochially; 3 Hindus arrested – Islamists released

There is the need of just a pretext for Islamists to establish their murderous identity; ever since the change (much-hyped Poriborton) in the Bengal government it has been the nitty-gritty of this mounting horde of malefactors. And the Hindu – Muslim clash occurring on September 10, 2012, at village: Madhusudanpur, P.S. Kulpi, District: 24 Paraganas (South) happens to be its unspeakable consequence. Resembling various other incidents, Islamists, at this time too, were the attackers while the Hindus were defending themselves – notable exception being Hindus did not back out but struggled valiantly.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Kashmiri Pandit’s triumph at KBC – 6 portrays Hindu ineffectuality best

Manoj Kumar Raina, an employee of Indian railways but definitely a joe till the other day, has hit the headlines – his incredible success to bag Rs. 1 crore from KBC – 6 (Kaun Banega Crorepati), both being the first contestant in this sixth season of the competition and hailing from Kashmir. And he also fulfilled two dreams simultaneously! He has met Amitabh Bacchan and got the money to build a residence in Kashmir, his motherland and source of energy.

Manoj Kumar Raina was found to burst into emotions once his triumph was declared and was also embraced by Big B. And Manoj’s joy depicted his struggles for years to attain this success and also the great amount, prerequisite for him to have a footing in Kashmir.  

As stated by him, "In 1988, everything began going downhill. Everything was burnt down by militants and nothing was left." "During militancy, my house in Kashmir Valley was destroyed. We were forced to leave the place. Since then I have been living in Jammu. With Rs one crore, I would like to build a house there and also I want to help under-privileged people in the area who are not receiving any help from any one. I would do help in whatever little way I can."

The Kashmiri Pandit has visited the valley twice thus far and at each time his blood boiled but being helpless he vowed only to recreate his original residence in Kashmir. Perhaps he can do it now.

What’s of tens of thousands of other Kashmiri Pandits undergoing subhuman conditions throughout India? How long will they languish in refugee camps? There is no answer as no second person can be as fortunate as Manoj Kumar Raina. As a result, they will remain there where they inhabit these days – with no attention from leaders of Hindu movement, let alone Central Government of India.

Victory of Manoj brings forth another truth – utter bankruptcy of Hindu movement that prefers to enshroud itself under the mindless murmuring of Samskaras, Atma Gyan and Uplavdhi.

Hindu movement has never stood beside thousands of Manoj Kumar Raina s who have experienced the peril of ongoing secular democracy in India. Even if some have done the same, the struggle, due to paucity of proper infrastructure and objective, has remained futile altogether.

Pandits were expelled from Kashmir during the heydays of Hindu struggle – Ram Janmabhoomi movement. Yet Hindus couldn’t forge any Azad Maidan – type incident to compel Indian administration to yield to Hindu strength. Any such success could have eased lot of Kashmiri Pandits.
On the contrary, Islamists are not only apt to cultivate the same but are found to perform this also par excellence. This leads to an ingrained terror among Hindus of Islamists.

And this trend has been going on for centuries – absence of notion of Hindu supremacism hurts us most.