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Bengal government’s leniency makes Islamists’ anti-film protests in Kolkata victorious

Worst to follow

Had any Hindu organization like Hindu Samhati sought governmental permission to hold a public meeting (however peaceful it is) at the Metro Channel or any spacious park in Kolkata the answer would have been no (in every capacity and in a flash) and how the Bengal government left no stone unturned to foil Hindu Samhati’s 4 th Anniversary on February 14, 2012 and this leonine Hindu organization’s counterpunch to it is still fresh.

Nevertheless, the same government allowed Islamists to hold a mammoth rally in the heart of Kolkata on September 27, 2012 to vent their anger against broadcast of “Innocence of Muslims” and against the United States, considered to be the sole perpetrator behind insulting the Islamic prophet. Even if some have been found to state that Bengal government, ascertaining danger behind the permission, withdrew the approval in the last hour, success of the meeting proves its capitulation to Islamists only.

If one looks into the press release of Sunnat-Jamayat-Committee, it gets apparent instantly that the handout is a veiled threat to all, including government and infidels, regarding the steps to be adopted by Islamists if there is any failure to gratify their desires. Islamic desires range from nabbing persons behind “Innocence of Muslims”, withdrawal of the film from all social networking sites, unanimous condemnation against the aforesaid film in both Lok Sabha and State Assemblies, expulsion of US Ambassadors in India to empathy to protesters by the administration, both Center and State.

And the publication of such a handout was no wonder; the metropolis had seen such in the past, best instance being the Taslima-bashing rally on November 21, 2007. Tens of thousands of vicious anti-Taslima handouts, virtually evoking the entire Muslim community to join the Jihad, were found even in the alleys of Kolkata and its outskirts. Hence, anything similar to it was likely at this time too and Islamists manifested their hawkish color once more.

As the administration retained its inhuman silence and police was held back, it was like a one-day cricket match to Islamists and that their victory had already been declared, blocking of roads, breaking barricades and desperate efforts to enter premises of American Centre gave a great fillip to their genetic jingoism.

On the word of a senior police official, “Suddenly the demonstrators turned violent and tried to break the barricade and enter into the centre. We resisted them and persuaded them to conduct their rally peacefully.” “We were successful in persuading the demonstrators and there was no untoward incident. No one was injured in the incident,” he was found to add this too.

Incidentally, the State Government didn’t permit Uma Bharati, ex-Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, to go through the state for her “Samagra Ganga Yatra” or Save Ganga program last week. Regarding prohibition, it cited chances of disruption of communal harmony in the state.

Why did the state government allot such a large contingent of police along with both armored and riot-controlling vehicles in the Islamic meeting then? Government was also apprehending a riot.

The incident proves that law-abiding Hindus in Bengal are moving to oblivion, knowingly or unknowingly, whereas everything is allowed for fiendish Islamists.  

“While the Hindu elaborates his argument, the Muslim sharpens his sword,” said Sir Winston Churchill: Abandoning India,” at Royal Albert Hall on March 18, 1931.


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