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Hindu supremacy must rule the show

Regimentation to be the basis   

Jamshed Ali Mandal, owner of a brickfield at Beledanga No. 1 Gram Panchayat, P.S. Krishnanagar, District: Nadia, Bengal, during the last Eid al-Fitr, was witnessed to ask Islamists (in the environs) publicly to protest against the persecution on them by Hindus in Assam and hence, to donate generously to create a strong defence. He was also found to state that more important issues for discussions were there but those would take place in meetings – exclusively for Muslims.   A perfect act of regimentation as found in the latest Islamic onslaughts at Azad Maidan – Mumbai, Lucknow and even Allahabad.  

Is this something unusual?  Perhaps not since being a regimented force Islamists have been practicing the same down the centuries whereas Hindus, being the ardent votary of universalism and humanism, have been negating the need to have regimentations. And this nefarious concept is hurting none other than Hindus. Myriad instances are there already to denote how Hindus have been losing their mainstays (as a result) gradually.

Where do we stand then? We are nowhere; Hindu maneuvers to check growth of Islamists are foundering without interruption. A simple study of Hindu resistances from the days of expulsion of Kashmiri Pandits till date in India can bring the cruel truth to the fore. It is worthwhile to mention, Kashmiri Pandits were kicked out of the stupendous and sublime valley during the heyday of Hindu struggle – Ram Janmabhoomi Movement. And we the Hindus have failed utterly as regards their restoration – tens of thousands of Pandits are languishing thanks to subhuman conditions imposed on them by the Indian administration and Hindu silence but above everything – by Islamic Terrorism.    

Why are Hindus failing then? Isn’t there a need to contemplate all these and alter the strategies practiced to defend Hindus for centuries? Recurrent blasts across India and growing fear of it have been proclaiming Islamic supremacy while intimidating Hindus altogether.  

Hindus have not taken any lesson from the ongoing feuds in Assam whereas Islamists have exceeded them this time too. Fervent protests of them in Mumbai, Lucknow and other cities in India attest this only.

Once, to check Islamists Hindu society became more rigid leading to dissensions within it only. The defensive approaches of Hindus, hence, in every capacity, have made them vulnerable to Islamists. Hindus, virtually, have rendered a free hand to Islamists.  

It’s high time for Hindus to change the track – universalist and humane approaches have got to be replaced by Hindu supremacy. 


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