Hindu Consolidation Blockades Cow Smuggling at Baduria, West Bengal

Baduria Police Face Severe Pressure from the Islamic Trafficker / Criminal / Clergy Nexus.
Former Indian Union Home Minister and the present Finance Minister P. Chidambaram suggested  sometimes ago that the Border Security Forces (BSF) be soft in dealing with cross border criminal/trafficking activities. Any person with a rational and unbiased thinking easily understood what he had actually meant to suggest. His suggestion was an open invitation to smugglers and religious fundamentalists (all Muslims) to indulge in their illegal activities without any fear from the concerned authorities.
The village of Sayestha Nagar under Baduria police station in the district of North 24 Parganas is situated 3 km away from the Bangladesh border and due to the sensitivity of this location, it has become a regular conduit for smugglers to carry their goods across the border. Earlier, smugglers, almost all Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, used to choose two roads in the outskirts of the village to smuggle their items but constant reluctance of the administration to contain their act, turned them further desperate and daring. They have become so invincible in that area that even after a matador owned by Kader Sardar (a Muslim activist) coming from Basirhat carrying smuggled cows went away with impunity even after hitting the car of the local head of the police (SDPO) resulting fracture in the officer’s hand.
Everything was going smooth for them till 25th September, 2012 when they tasted the first resistance from local Hindus. In that night, a few smugglers from near by village of Jaharpur along with some Bangladeshi counterparts equipped with lethal arms chose to take the road through the Sayesta Nagar village instead of the road in the outskirts only to experience something what they might never had in their worst nightmare.
In the late night of 25th September 2012, while smuggling cows to Bangladesh through the village, the Muslim smugglers faced the first opposition from a few brave local Hindu youths. Unfazed by the opposition, they took out their arms to threaten them but that did not generate any fear in those brave boys and they held the ground with their demand this was anti-national, and would not be allowed. A conflict was evident between the traffickers and the local Hindu youths but in the mean time, hearing the chaos, all villagers assembled in the spot and stood by those boys. This unprecedented act of united resistance by Hindu villagers forced the Muslims smugglers to retreat for that night.
The very next morning, three smugglers, Tiru Chouduli, Ata Chouduli and Hero (a Bangladeshi dacoit charged with a few bank robberies in India) came to village and went on visit the house of the boys, they could recognize, to threaten them with severe consequences. This turned out to be a perfect scenario to reignite the resentment of Hindu villagers against them and they were beaten severely by the villagers.
Irrespective of their criminal identities, local Muslims could not accept beating of Muslims by Hindus and went for blocking of Intinda road running near the market for half an hour under the leadership of local panchayat leader belonging to their community till police came and forced them to withdraw the blocking. Later, they lodged a complaint against the Hindu residents at Baduria police station prompting police to arrive at the village in search of Rabin Sarkar and others.
The police faced severe pressure from the Islamic trafficker/criminal nexus, combined with the area’s local Islamic religious bodies to arrest the Hindu civilians who blocked these illegal activities. Police could not arrest Rabin Sarkar as he was not available in the house but they experienced stiff resentment from Hindu villagers as they described the whole incident. When police tried to counter them for not lodging any complain, they made mockery of police for not being able to control the smuggling happening regularly through the road in front of the police station. This led police to leave the place without uttering any further words.
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Koushik Das said…
very sad moment for us. We r posing to a muslim nation. shame to both central and state government

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