Is it crime for an adult Hindu youth to marry an adult Muslim woman in Bengal?

Will Mamata, warrior in Rizwanur case, act like a vanguard here too?

Had the reverse taken place, there would have been nothing except wild celebrations proclaiming the suzerainty of the Religion of Peace (?) on infidels across the globe and also the solemn pledges to carry forward the struggle to retain and fortify seven century-long domination of Islamists on Hindus. But in this case there is courageous act of a Hindu youth only – certain to be deserted by Hindus fearing troubles – we are talking of Mithun Mandal, a Hindu individual of age 27, inhabiting Jaynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), working in Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

He has loved and married a Muslim girl, Tarina Sultana, age – 19, having residence in Ashoknagar, District: 24 Paraganas (North) and the newly wed couple, fearing slaying, is running from pillar to post now. And to punish such an atrocious job, members of Muslim girl’s family are leaving no stone unturned at the moment. It has come to knowledge, Mithun’s family has also been warned of dire consequences if the duo fails to surrender to Tarina’s family.

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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
No it is not a crime. But It is only a perception among muslims. Hindus should change it by teaching and telling muslims about Hinduism. We should teach them about Shava and parvati and Krishna and Radha.

Hindu boys should marry poor muslim girls who unless are married by hindus, could be sold to prostitute centre / agent by their father for a meager money say Rs. 5000
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Anonymous said…

Muslim men can’t face it that Hindu boys are pressing their daughter’s, their sister’s, their mother’s, their cousin’s boobs and are getting blow jobs from these Muslim girls, so these animals turn violent.

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