Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai 11/26 --- Statement by Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Convenor : Hindu Samhati


The latest Terror Attack in India is now over. 200 dead, 300 plus injured, huge loss of property and total loss of self esteem of the Indian Nation. To the world, the message is clear -- we are defeated by the Islamic jihadis. We have to admit it. Then & then only, the future course of our actions will be in the right direction. Otherwise, we will be simply waiting for the next episode.

They came not to shatter our economy, but to shatter our Nation, to win over a Kaffir nation. And they succeeded. Our leaders are saying -- it is a war. But these same not leaders are not behaving like the American leadership acted after 9/11. They made even George Fernandez, then India's Defence Minister, to undress for security check. But our leaders and officers are still afraid to say the truth that every Muslim, Indian or not, is a potential security threat. They, their Mosques, their Madrasas, and all other Muslim Institutions should be checked thoroughly. Even the Muslim MLAs, MPs and Ministers should not be spared. Everybody in our security agencies know the reality, but cannot do anything for the sake of our HOLY COW named 'THE SECULARISM'. After 11/26, it is now clear that in our country, the security and "secularism" can not go together. We have to make our choice clear -- security or phony secularism. Unfortunately, in this country, "secularism" is more important than patriotism, national Integrity, national honour and security of its citizens.

The 11/26 events have once again established the involvement of Pakistan, money power of the Arabs and full participation of our domestic jihadis. Narration of details is unnecessary. Therefore, it is very clear what to do to save our country and our people.

As long as Pakistan is intact, its jehad factory will not stop. Therefore, dismember Pakistan. We have no other alternative. And in our domestic front SIMI, Indian Mujaheedin, Decan Mujaheedin etc. are the effects, not the cause. So, to stop the production of Jihad and Jihadis in our country we have to stop (1) all madrasas, (2) all Deobands, Aligarhs and Jamias, (3) sermon (khutbah) of Imams in mosque after Namaz, (4) Haj Pilgrimage and Haj subsidies (5) multiple marriages, (6) unlimited birth of children (7) cow slaughtering, (8) tableagues, (9) MuslimPersonal Laws and (10) Urdu language. We have to strictly impose Uniform Civil Code and abolish Art. 370 of our constitution. To stop terror, these are the fundamentals. Indian brand of Secularism will obstruct. We have to overcome it. We have to throw away this secularism lock stock and barrel into the sea. It is the pre-requisite of our security, of our honour.

We, on behalf of HINDU SAMHATI, pay our tribute to Hemant Karkare, ATS Chief and other security personnel who sacrificed their lives in the hands of Islamic Jihadis. This honest and efficient officer, Hemant Karkare was made to be heavily burdened and pre-occupied with the investigation of the Malegaon blast. So, he and his agency became unalert about the conspiracy and extensive preparations of the Jehadis in the preceding weeks. Consequently, we saw the loss of Karkare's life and that of 200 more. Late Karkare was assigned the duty by his superiors to find out some Hindu terrorists to balance the "blame upon Islamic Terrorism".

Results -- Mumbai 11/26. It is the bill, we had to pay for secularism.

Enough is enough. These should not be the words only. This should be translated into deeds. And without wasting any time. We call upon the patriotic citizens of this country to press hard our policy makers to fall in line or quit. Country can not afford more. This should be the lesson of Mumbai.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Convenor : Hindu Samhati

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hindu Morale Broken in Bhagalpur

NDA/JDU/BJP arrests Hindu leaders in Bihar to Appeal to the Muslim Vote-Bank

A city named Bhagalpur in Bihar suddenly appeared on news headlines in 1989. The reason: the infamous Bhagalpur riots. In the following article, we look back at that incident and evaluate how the implications are still affecting the Hindu population of that state.

In 1989, following the Ram Shila installation events in neighboring state of U.P, a large group of Muslim activists attacked and ransacked Parbati, an area inhabited by Hindu students and youths, killing over 100 Hindu boys and injuring hudreds more.

Thousands of Hindus had to leave Parbati at that time, due to the extreme conditions created by the well-planned Islamist nexus operating for the last 30 years in Bihar.

The police appeared virtually ineffective to counter the carnage, and in an effort to contain the situation and also in panic, a local group of Hindus under the leadership of one Kameshwar Yadav, built up a resistance force to stop the one-way pogrom. This vigilante group attacked one of Eastern India's Islamist hubs, named Tatarpur, known as an area of Muslim extremism. The one-way pogrom in Parbati was followed by a riot resulting in the deaths of several Islamic strong-men and many innocent lives, both Muslim and Hindu.

The RJD government which ruled Bihar for over 15 years, realizing the sensitivity and delicateness of the Bhagalpur situation had tried to keep the situation in balance by not pressing charges against members of either religious community. At the same time, the RJD leadership was accused of being involved in the multi-million dollar animal fodder scam and fell out of favor of the Bihari populace. In 2005 Nitish Kumar's coalition of JDU and BJP swept the elections on the campaign promise of arresting those involved in the fodder scam.

CM Kumar has not been able to fulfill his promise at all, and his ministry have shown no indication of ever doing so in the last 3 years. Instead, his JDU/BJP government has arrested Kameshwar Yadav and his associates for inciting the riots after facing severe pressure from Islamic fundamentalist elements. On the other side, no action has been taken against the Muslim activists who initiated the riots with their vitriolic one-way pogrom.

The BJP, once known as a pro-Hindu party is steadily losing support locally among the frustrated Hindu population, who feel betrayed and cheated by the party and constitute well over 70% of the voter base.

Editor's Comment:
The actions of the NDA-JDU/BJP government has empowered and energized the fundamentalist forces in the Muslim community to further radicalize the Muslim youth in Bhagalpur and Bihar. As the residents here have stated, the Islamic extremists have succeeded in coaxing the Muslims in Champanagar area of Bhagalpur to build a taller mosque than the highest Hindu Manasa temple in that locality just to spite the local Hindu population. The JDU/BJP government has not been able to fulfill its main campaign promise of persecuting the fodder scam victims, but has only satisfied the whims of the Muslim fanatic groups to curry favor with them for the next elections.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Muslim mob prevents Hindus from building a Kali Temple in their own land

Saturday, Sept 16, 2008, Beldanga, Murshidabad, W Bengal, India

Hindu families in Beldanga, West Bengal failed to get law enforcement support to build a Kali Temple in their own land.

Nearly two thousand Muslims threatened to riot and destroy property, unless Hindus withdrew their plans to build a Kali temple on property donated by the local Hindu families. Reports suggest that even though the temple would have been more than half a mile away from the nearest Islamic building or neighborhood, Muslim community members could not be convinced to agree to the temple. The local Hindu community leaders have decided to take the matter to higher authorities.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Uluberia - Muslim mob obstructs Jagaddhatri Puja procession, police beat up Hindus.

Uluberia, Howrah District, West Bengal
A most alarming and depressing followup on our report on Uluberia. As our readers would remember there was an obstruction and scuffle with local Muslims regarding the passage of the Kali Puja immersion procession in Uluberia town, Howrah district. Then the local Muslims had threatened that they would not allow the coming Jagaddhatri Puja procession to pass before their mosque. 30 local clubs had convened a meeting to discuss this threat and decided that Hindus would not bow down to threats and the immersion procession of Jagaddhatri Puja immersion would follow the same route it takes every year. As the matter came to pass - Muslims have succeeded, of course with the generous help of the most obliging West Bengal Police.

The problem began with the Dakbangla Sarbajanin Jagaddhatri Puja (Old) of Ward no.4 of Uluberia town. The members of the Puja Committee belong to either the CPM or the Forward Block. Every year the immersion procession goes through the main street of the town but this year there was some problems with the local Muslims during Kali Puja. The Muslims threatened that they won’t allow the procession to pass before their mosque at Bhaktar More (crossing). 30 local clubs united to declare that they shall take the procession through the same route they follow every year.

On 4th November, 2008, the local MLA and Left Front minister Robin Ghosh of the Forward Block convened a meeting in the area and promised that the procession would be allowed to go through the regular route. But on November 8 morning, the day of immersion, the Sub Divisional Officer and Santu Ghosh, the Vice Chairman (Forward Block) of the Uluberia Municipality threatened the Dakbangla Puja Committee that no procession must cross the Goruhata More (a Muslim locality comes before Bhaktar More – where the masjid is located).

On that day, 8 November, the members of the 30 clubs and a few thousand local Hindus gathered for the Immersion Procession. But the Puja Committee – getting cold feet – declined to take out any procession. Fighting broke out immediately between the Puja committee and the locals, who insisted that the procession must be taken out. A huge police force appeared immediately (the Committee members must have prearranged this with the police and the Municipal authorities, as the police in West Bengal take their own sweet time even for murders and arson) and without any warning lathi charged the Hindus and dispersed them. Many of the gathered were seriously injured. The Puja Committee silently and stealthily immersed the Image in the Ganga – without a procession.

At the same time thousands of Muslims had blocked the road near Bhaktar More, in front of the Masjid, to obstruct the coming Jagaddhatri procession. But the police force present there, simply looked on and did nothing.

At Bazarpara, there was a new and small Jagaddhatri Puja of Rupantar Club. The police, led by the Inspector-in-Charge of the Uluberia PS - Rezzak Mollah, threatened and misbehaved with the Puja committee, without any provocation, and forced them to immerse the Image of the Mata in the nearby canal rather than the Ganga.

End result – no procession. Even a Left Front minister could not keep his promise. Maybe it’s the Lok Sabha Elections in 2009. Or maybe it’s a foretaste of the days to come in West Bengal, redolent of the days of the League Ministry in ’46. And the innocents and babes-in-the-woods of the media wonder why the Hindus, all over India, are taking to the warpath!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The full text of threatening letter of HUJI & SIMI

The full text of the letter of HUJI( Harkat ul Jehadi Islam) & SIMI( Students Islamic Movement of India) threatening Swami Pradiptanandaji(Kartik Maharaj), In-Charge, Bharat Sevashram Sangha,Beldanga Branch,Murshidabad Dist.,West Bengal, India.

" On behalf of HUJI & SIMI, Beldanga thana committee we are to convey that we have received your printed leaflet addressed to the Hindu people. In this connection just telling you that you are doing your job at your own choice being a head of Hindus here. Don't you know that we the Muslims of Beldanga are 80% of the total population here,so we give you the warning that there will be no DURGA PUJA in this area henceforth anyway. Because we face a severe problem for performing our religious Namaz for 7 or 8 days due to the sound of loud speaker and tremendous noise of public gathering. We can not manage to submit our Namaz to our Allaha Tallah. For this reason our body and mind get impurities and subsequently we are turned questionable to Allah and His Servants at the time of Qyamat for hearing the sound of Drums and Trumpets. So, you must convey this Order of Stopping Durga Puja to all Puja Committees of Beldanga area within this month of Rooja (fasting). Otherwise you should be prepared for getting highest punishment at the time of next Puja for flouting this Order !! Then there will be only bloodshed and numbers of dead body of yours in every Puja Pandals. Get ready for tremendous torture... We will show our actual strength everywhere in Beldanga. Nobody can stop us even with the help of Police and Administration. Then we shall see you the eventualities. You can not save the situation of Murshidabad with the help of some beggars residing at your Ashram. WE.. WILL.. CONVERT YOUR.. ASHRAM.. AS.. A.. MADRASHA.. IN.. ONE.. DAY. Inshallah.
Directed by District HUJI & SIMI Organisations and Beldanga Thana Committee of SIMI . Received by Beldanga Bharat Sevashram Sangha on 05/10/2008 by Post

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kali Puja Procession attacked in Uluberia, Howrah

On 31st October, evening, an immersion procession of Kalipuja, organized by several local clubs of Uluberia, subdivisional town of Howrah district, was proceeding with drums and music. At Bhakta crossing near Uluberia railway station local Muslims objected to the procession saying they will not allow it to pass by their mosque. As Hindus in the procession protested and resisted, there was scuffle. The Muslim goons demolished the Hindu shops on the station road. 4 Hindus were severely injured and admitted to Uluberia General Hospital. One of them, Sri Debashish Das, is fighting for his life. When the agitated Hindus started a peaceful demonstration the police came and arrested 3 Hindus and 2 Muslims. A case was registered against 61 Hindus. All of them will have to surrender before the district Court and take bail. The very next day on 1st November morning, Muslims gathered in a large number and blocked the road for 4 hours. The police, RAF, the Inspector in charge of Uluberia police station, the SDO, all stood helplessly and took no action to lift the roadblock. The Muslims threatened that next time they will not allow any immersion procession with Hindu idols to pass by their masjid. Duly alarmed, the Hindus attempted to submit a memorandum to the SDO and IC but they sternly refused to accept. Being turned away by the forces of Law, 22 local Hindu clubs held a joint meeting and discussed for their next course of action. Today again members of 30 Hindu clubs gathered and resolved that they will take the immersion procession of Jagaddhatri Puja through the same route on 8th November. The situation is very tense. The administration is trying to suppress the Hindu outrage simply because they are absolutely unable to contain Muslim reaction. Maybe it’s the Lok Sabha Elections in the first half of 2009 that is the cause for this administrative paralysis. Now as the Parliamentary elections are near the Muslims can clearly bargain their votes against mayhem and disorder.

It must be mentioned here that this is the place/town where local left front MLA, now a minister, Robin Ghosh, a few years back led thousands of local armed Muslims and snatched 100 Bangladeshi infiltrators from Mumbai Howrah train who were being escorted by the Maharashtra Police to be handed over to the BSF for pushing back into Bangladesh. The infiltrators were then allowed to melt into the local Muslim population. The Left Front made him a minister.

On 19th October, 2008, in this very Uluberia town, Puja ghosh (16) was molested by the Muslim goons led by one antisocial Ala Sheikh, when she was going home after attending a VHP camp at nearby Sarada Shishu Mandir. In fact the whole of Howrah district is now a disturbed zone for the Hindus. Countless incidents are taking place every day in both rural and urban areas of this district.