Sunday, July 28, 2013

Will there be any justice for Bhetku?

Bhetku Singh, the lone wage earner for his impoverished family was found dead under mysterious situation in the residence of Mohammed Imul on July 4, 2013. Both happen to be residents of the same village: Katna, P.S. Karandighi, P.O. Madargachi, Distirct: Dinajpur (North) and Behtku like his father Haladhar Singh worked both as a cultivator and manual laborer. Known as submissive and helpful to others, Bhetku was found hanging from ceiling in Mohammed Imul’s residence. The incident has not only stunned the whole village but has brought forth a few questions as well. The first of these happens to be his purpose at the residence of Imul, local contractor.  

It is known to all in Katna that Bhetku went to New Delhi recently with Imul as laborer and after spending a few months there, he came back to the village. But the relation between them had soured by then.  Village sources reveal that a rupture took place between the two; Imul had to pay Bhetku a good amount of money still for the job in Delhi but was buying time only. Bhetku used to visit Imul’s home at regular intervals but used to return empty-handed always. None in the village knows what went wrong ultimately but Tapan Das (son of Binoy Das) residing in Madargachi was seen on the same day to take Bhetku to the residence of Mohammed Imul. Tapan left once they reached Imul’s house but as per him, Hussain Ali, Mohammed Zamul, Mohammed Skeikh Shadim were already present there. All in the village are confident that Imul and his associates were solely responsible to strangulate innocent Bhetku and hang him from the ceiling later on.

Even if the family members of slain Bhetku along with villagers are sure of this tragic development, they can’t do anything else owing to their extreme poverty. Wife of Bhektu went to the local police station along with her father-in-law Haladhar Singh to lodge a complaint. But they were just banished from there. Allegedly police told them that they had hardly any time to deal with such insignificant issues during Panchayat election. Despondent family members of Bhetku are wiping away tears now. It has been learnt, no official complaint in this regard has been lodged to the local police station yet. Perhaps Indian democracy has no time for Bhetku, deprived man representing underprivileged people only.

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Minor student of Chengail primary school brutally molested

Bail of culprit creates uproar

As Shilpi (name changed) was talking to this scribe, she was just shivering while her eyes were moistened as well – perhaps this was due to her bleak future following instruction of her parents that she would not attend the school where she was happy till the morning of July 25, 2013. Shilpi of age 14 is a student of Class IV at Chengail Kiran Sashi Siksha Mandir where she was brutally molested at 10.30 am on the same day by Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi, son of Rashid Munshi and living in a village of Chengail, P.S. Uluberia. District: Howrah.

It has been learnt, Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi went to the school at 10.20 am on last Thursday (July 25) alleging that his son is also a student of the same school. On the fateful morning, Shilpi went to the school with her sister earlier and the culprit, exploiting absence students then, went to the classroom directly, asked Shilpi to take care of his son. When Shilpi agreed, he took her into the classroom forcefully and molested by touching her private parts. Once Shilpi burst into tears and also seeing teachers entering the school premises, Lalbabu fled. Later Shilpi narrated the ghastly experience to her school friends viz. Neha Khatun, Hafiza Khatun And Khusbu Khatun and went to the room of Dilip Pramanik, Teacher-in-Charge.

Attitude of Shilpi made Mr. Pramanik smell a rat and due to his insistence, the whole story was narrated to him. Without wasting time, he phoned Bashu Pandit – Councilor of Samuipara of Uluberia Municipality.  Bashu reached the school the school within a few minutes and apprehending intensity of the development, they contacted the local police station of Uluberia. They were called by the police to lodge an official complaint; Mr. Pramanik went there along with Shilpi and her father, Uttam (name changed) living in village:. Khalisani (Purbapara), P.S. Uluberia. Meanwhile, the police team entered the school premises and based on accounts of Neha, Hafiza and Khusbu, arrested Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi of age 38 years.

An FIR (620 dated 27/07/2013 under sections 354A IPC) was lodged by Shilpi’s father but Mohammad Lalbabu Munshi was bailed out on the next day allegedly under pressure from powerful quarter. He has been seen to roam freely in the area and more confidently than before.    

The bail of Mohammad Lalbabu has shocked Shilpi’s family and hence, at present they are in a trauma almost. Bail has also appalled other guardians in the school, especially of Khusbu, Hafiza and Neha. Guardians are escorting their wards to the school daily sacrificing their own professions.

The bail has created a furor in the neighborhood.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Story of Mohammed Ali Chisti

Mohammed Ali Chisti, earlier Suresh Sahu, a new convert to Islam and resident of Hari Pal Lane, Kolkata – 700 006 has become the center of attention in his neighborhood and it is not only for he is going to organize Hazrat Astana Sharif Urs Mubarak marking the establishment of mazaar in his own residence. The way he propagates Islamic culture in the Hindu neighborhood has vexed his neighbors also and as per them, during the celebration of Urs on each year the demographic character of the area changes highly. Intrusion of truckloads of Muslims from other areas remains the main factor in this context.

According to locals, Suresh Sahu and his wife (originally from Orissa) were party members of CPIM while living in Sodapara or Sankharipara and with that support he entered Hari Pal Lane in 1999. He purchased a residence there and in the initial years, he was found to be congenial. But the situation changed in 2009 due to a police intervention. It was learnt that he deceived bank loans worth Rs. 1.5 crores; following the intervention of administration his residence and bank accounts were confiscated.  Suresh virtually disappeared from the area following the pandemonium.    

Suresh was spotted again in 2012 but with a new identity – as a Muslim individual and with a new name Mohammed Ali Chisti. And to prove his own Muslim identity, he created a mazaar in his residence. However, when he was asked by his neighbors of the reason that prompted him to convert to Islam, he answered quickly that it was the result of his own search for salvation and also that he was instructed by PirBaba of mazaar at Moulali, Sealdah in Kolkata.

Nowadays, all Islamic festivals are celebrated at this house with splendor even if his wife and children are Hindu still.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Maniktala Hindus are clueless how to stop Mosque in Hindu area

Maniktala Hindus are clueless how to stop outsider
Muslims’ design to build a Mosque in Hindu area

Maniktala (in north Kolkata) must be thanking the almighty only for it could avoid a battle royal between two religious communities today, July 23, 2013, in the evening as both got involved in a face off following the loud noise heard while offering namaaz at a land occupied forcefully by people belonging to the Muslim community. The situation worsened when a few of occupiers were found to park their bikes before a few shops intentionally.
The entire dispute revolves around a land of 3.5 cottahs located at Maniktala Main Road and belongs to Mrs. Jyotsna Mitra, a Bengali woman. It has been learnt, among the entire stretch of land 2.5 cottahs belong to her family while the remaining belonged to a person named Haji Moniruddin who breathed his last almost 65 years ago. No heir of deceased Haji Moniruddin appeared to claim the land ever. The land enjoyed the same status for decades at a stretch.
The problem started when the entire property was sold to a promoter, Sushil Poddar. While Mr. Poddar started the project, hundreds of Muslim youths assembled before the very property on July 15, 2013 terming it as a land belonging to Muslims exclusively. Even if local Hindus protested, they accepted requests of Muslims to pray namaaz (second pillar in Islam) but disturbances started when the number of people offering prayers started increasing steadily.  There is a small Hindu temple adjacent to the site where the namaaz is being offered.
Consequently, Hindus in the area decided to talk to both Muslims and administration directly, but in both cases their views were unheeded. This led to a spontaneous protest from Hindus on July 21, 2013.  
Only on July 23, 2013, a request of Hindus to lower the loud voice while offering Azaan in the disputed territory led to the rift. This protest was joined by Hindus in numbers. Higher officials of Maniktala PS had a hard time to contain raging Hindus, worried of a fast change in the demographic character of the area.
As per fresh reports, an armed consignment of police has been deployed in the area to overcome any untoward development. It has also come to knowledge, police has demanded a petition from the protesters; it is being prepared at the moment.
A board has been introduced in the disputed territory stating: The property belongs to Haji Moniruddin Mosque and Burial Ground Wakf Estate under E.C. No. 13856; Board of Wakfs, West Bengal Premises No. 101, Maniktala Main Road, Kolkata – 700 054.    

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Youths beaten up mercilessly in Chandannagar while attackers roam freely

On 26th April at 8.30 pm, Bikram Hela, son of late Ramesh Hela, was going from Urdibazar to Jhaubagan Gali, P.S. Chandannagar in Hooghly district on a bike.  He was accompanied by two friends, Rama Hela, son of Raju Hela and Issu Harijan, son of Chandra Harijan. On their way, they were obstructed by a few bullies belonging to the Muslim community of Urdibazar. The gang was led by Sheikh Anwar, who is also the president of the minority cell of Trinamool Congress party. Even if Bikram and his friends pleaded with Anwar and his fellows to let them go, they failed to impress them. Suddenly a local goon named Sheikh Mannan struck Issu Harijan with a glass bottle after which he fell down and started bleeding profusely. Both Bikram and Rama were stunned at the intensity of the assault and tried to defend him from the goons. Following this, Sheikh Munna and Sheikh Helpo started assaulting all of them. At the same time, a group of Muslim youths led by Sheikh Parvez came out of Star Club located close to the place of the attack. The group carried assault items like iron rods, swords and pounced upon the three of them. 

All three of the victims sustained heavy injuries and their belongings including wrist watches, gold bracelets and chains were looted. But this was not all; the hooligans attacked the residences of Bikram, Rama and Issu later on, molested women there and Sheikh Anwar also desecrated the deities. The group left the place while warning that any report to the police would have dire consequences. But Bikram went to Chandannagar police station defying all threats to file a complain against the criminals. After the attack, the victims were sent to Chandannagar sub-divisional hospital and with the medical reports, Bikram Hela lodged an FIR against Sheikh Mannan, Sheikh Munna, Sheikh Helpo, Sheikh Parvez and others  (FIR No. 92/13 dated 26/04/2013 under sections 41/325/326/379/354B/295A/506/34 of the Indian Penal Code). According to locals, the assault was to prevent Hindus from participating in the following Ram Navami while it is rumored that the other side believes the entire incident to be a fallout of a love affair. Although the police had arrested all the assaulters, they were bailed out promptly with good help from local political leaders.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Unified resistance in Roygunj forbids Islamists

Tangra, located in No 7 Shitgram, Roygunj block, North Dinajpur district, is a nondescript Hindu majority village although a few more than a dozen Badia Muslim families have been residing there. The main road to the local crematorium is beside an area where the Muslims are in a majority. A local mosque is located some 50 metres from the road and is frequented by local Muslims for years now. Recently, a move to relocate the mosque to a place much closer to the road caused uproar among the Hindu families as they perceived this as an attempt to prohibit access to the crematorium. Their apprehension is reportedly based on past experiences where their fears have come true. 

What followed was a proactive defense by Hindus, the intensity of which troubled the local police and administration. To evolve a truce, a meeting was convened in the office of the block development officer of Roygunj, comprising representatives of both communities. Hindus present there protested vehemently against the scheme of erecting a new mosque beside the road leading to the crematorium. In face of a united show by the members of the Hindu community, the administration was left with no choice but to firmly rule that no such new construction would be allowed.The joint struggle has turned Hindus in village of Tangra into a cohesive unit ready to thwart repetation of incident like this.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hooligans thrash Hindu traders in Raiganj

Cloth traders Palash  Bhattacharjee and Padma Bhattacharjee, residents of Bhatol village, P.S. Raiganj, North Dinajpur district of West Bengal were thrashed by  Aziz Ansari, Kalam Ansari, Chalua Ansari. It has been learnt that Aziz and his associates are land dealings agents and the Bhattacharjee brothers had used their help to buy a land in the village a few years back. They had paid the requisite dealer's fee to the agency and had since transformed the land to a glossy shop. However, on 4th of July, at around 8 pm, Kalam Ansari along with Chalua and Aziz went to the newly made shop of Palash and Padma to have the remaining part of agency fee that they claimed were still due. When Padma Bhattacharjee refused to pay them anymore citing that they did not owe them anymore, a tussle started between the two groups and within a short time, all three of them, backed by a few criminals who were waiting outside the shop for an opportunity, pounced down on the two brothers.

While the shop was ransacked, both Palash and Padma were thrashed brutally. Padma had Rs.14,000 in his purse that was grabbed by the thugs along with other goods. To save the situation and also his two elder brothers, Tapas Bhattacharjee phoned a few Hindu youths in the area. But by the time they reached the shop, Kalam Ansari and his gang had already fled. Padma Bhattacharjee has been admitted to Raiganj Sadar Hospital in a critical condition while his family members have lodged an FIR (No. 624) dated 04.07.2013 under sections 448, 323, 379 of the Indian Penal Code. Even though the police has visited the place, attackers are roaming in the area freely without fear of prosecution.


In the evening of Rathayatra 10 July at 7 pm, the office room of the Durga Puja & Kali Puja Committees in a fully Hindu area of Taltala in central Kolkata, all on a sudden, has been forcibly captured by breaking its wall by the Muslims to extend the small Masjid of 11A Doctor Lane, Kolkata - 14, PS - Taltala. The throne, images of the deities and other Puja materials and costly utensils kept  inside the office room have been desecrated and removed. Reportedly those are kept inside the Masjid. In this Doctor Lane every year Durga Puja and Kali Puja are organised in a big way by ‘Taltala Doctor Lenastha Puja Committees”.

Seeing this totally unexpected and unwarranted audacious illegal act of the outsider Muslims, Hindus became puzzled and could not resist at first instance, because these large number of Muslims came from different areas by about 300 motorbikes, obviously to terrorise the local people. But ultimately the Hindus protested, and police stopped the illegal act. Again at mid night, Muslims again tried to make some illegal construction. They demolished the wall more. Hindus strongly resisted. Then massive police force from 5 neighbouring Police Stations and RAF has been deployed there. Situation is extremely tense there.

From reliable sources it is learned that that evening the large no. of Muslims in about 300 motorbikes came from Watganj, Metiaburuz, Rajabazar and Park Circus areas. To mobilize them, ‘Islam Khatre Mei’ message was used by sms extensively. Police and intelligence agencies did nothing to stop it. One influential ruling party politician reportedly gave protection to the bikers.

Local people apprehend that these Muslims will soon start offering Namaz on the street, put mike on the small mosque (still it is not there), eve teasing will be started. In consequence, just like Park Circus area, Hindus will be forced to sell their houses in throwaway prices and migrate to other area. Ultimately this Doctor Lane will be another example of a Hindu area transformed into a Muslim area.

Before every election in West Bengal, this type of capturing and encroachment of Hindu properties in Hindu areas by the Muslims happen in many places. And this will continue to happen. Muslims are determined to extract their pound of flesh from the state establishment as a price of their seemingly support to Mamata Banerjee and TMC. Only the Hindus have to suffer. Another Bangladesh is being created here.

On 11 July at 2 pm a peace meeting was convened by police at Taltala PS. DC- Central, other police officers, local TMC Councilor Smt. Indrani Banerjee, and Iqbal Ahmed, TMC MLA from Khanakul (Hooghly) and 6 No. Borough Chairman were present along with the Puja Committee Secretary and Hindu and Muslim representatives. Hindus demanded restoration of previous condition and free access to the Committee room. Muslims opposed. No decision could be reached. On 16 July TMC MP Sri Sudip Banerjee will come. Then only the dispute will be sorted out - this was decided.

As usual the Kolkata main stream media is suppressing the news to maintain communal peace and harmony. Only Hindus are obliged to pay the price for that, even at the cost of their existence.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hindu Activist hounded out from residence in Rajarhat

Uttering words of protest against injustice and expressing one’s own opinion (as a citizen of India and also according to the Fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India) has become a bane in Bengal these days and what is being done to the protestor can be said none except Santanu Basak, s/o late Tapan Basak, inhabiting village: Choto Chandpur, P.S. Rajarhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North), at the moment.

Santanu is known as General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Block: Rajarhat and at the moment, he is fleeing his own residence with the entire family. His residence was assaulted, dashed while his wife, daughter were molested by a large group of 5,000 Islamists on July 5, 2013 at 9 pm. Sanatnu strived to publish a leaflet questioning whether Barasat, following spate of recent attacks on Hindu women – especially gang rape and murder of Shipra Ghosh in Kamduni, has turned into a mini Pakistan.

What the handbill expressed was nothing except basic truth haunting millions of Hindus in the state now. It pointed out that the dominance of Muslim radicals in Barasat is not anything abrupt but the fallout of devilish policies of both CPIM and the reigning governance to deprive Hindus and oust them eventually.     

Even if the distribution of flyers among commoners witnessed a great success, the hardiness of Santanu with straight info in the handbill irked both Islamists and local administration highly. As a result, his residence along with whole family became aim of the violent attack for which they had to flee.

Local police administration failed to assure him security in the area from the Muslim goons. These protesting and attacking Muslims do not think it proper or necessary to lodge any complaint, if any, against Santanu Basak for publishing and distributing the said leaflet with the competent authority. They took law in their own hands. This is common feature all over West Bengal nowadays, and people are accustomed to live with it.

Strikingly, the armed, violent pack of Islamists was led by Muslim radicals, termed as absconders by the police and administration till date. Some of these absconders are Yaar Ali Mandal, Abdul Mandal, Entaj Gazi, Tapan Islam, Salim Gain, Rashid Mandal, Sabir Mandal and against all of them Santanu Basak lodged an FIR No. 152/12 dtd. 27/10/2012 under sections 4/5 of West Bengal Animal Slaughters Control Act, 1950 for slaughtering cows intentionally to hurt Hindu sentiment within the premises of village: Choto Chandpur Mallikati. 

None of the above-mentioned felons has been arrested yet (remaining as absconders to police) but all of them were reportedly present in the assault on Santanu Basak and his family.   

Mayhem in Dogachia, Nadia following rape of Hindu housewife

The recent assault and rape of Joba, a 35 year old resident of Dogachia village, P.O. Nakashipara, P.S. Nakashipara of Nadia by Haider Ali of the same village have brought forward the miseries of the entire Hindu community who appear to be living on the edge. The Hindus, represented by 70 odd household out of a total of over 1500, complain of police high-handedness and repression with no hope of justice. On 30th June at around 11 am, Joba (name changed) was on her way to the toilet in the nearby paddy field. Unnoticed by the victim, 32 year old Haider Ali, son of Wasaf Sheikh, followed her and while she was returning, Haider grabbed and dragged her back the field. Even though she put up strong resistance, Haider came out too strong and the victim was subsequently overpowered after he broke her right leg with a bamboo stick. Haider eventually raped her and fled. Even though she was terribly injured, Joba managed to raise an alarm and hearing the same, neighboring Hindus from nearby houses rushed to the spot. Without wasting time, they ran after Haider but could not find him as he managed to flee. To save the situation, a team of police entered the village at that time but the sexual assault of Joba was too much for the Hindus to watch silently. When they decided to protest the incident, the police asked them to stop the agitation immediately. Following this, the situation worsened dramatically and resulted in a clash between protesters and the police.  In the ensuing chaos, the windowpane of the police van was broken. 

Even though Haider Ali was arrested the next day from nearby Palashi village, miseries of the members of the Hindu community in general continue to exist. The oppression results not only from Islamist leaders who enjoy the backing of the opportunist political leaders eyeing electoral votes of the majority Muslims of the village but also from the police themselves. The fear is so palpable that male members of Hindu families, including children, have been forced to flee. As fresh reports come in, the police continue to harass the Hindus. Swapan Ghosh, a local leader and key protester against the ravishment of Joba, has been thrashed mercilessly and is now on the run while Joba has been admitted to the district hospital at Shaktinagar in a critical condition. A first information report (FIR No. 585) dated June 30 has been lodged against Haider but Hindus in the village continue to have sleepless nights yet. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Large cache of arms, ammunition, explosives found in Kultali

A large cache of arms and ammunitions was caught red-handed by a team of 24 Paraganas (South) West Bengal Police on July 1, 2013. It has come to knowledge that the criminals (arrested already), Mohammed Salim Khan and Mohammad Shakil Khan, were moving towards Kultali in a bus (with the entire cache) where they were caught from. According to police, thanks to information from a private source, the team was awaiting the two at Taltala More, P.S. Canning; the bus was stopped and both felons were detained for the moment. What followed next was the discovery of 9 highly modernized firearms. These included 1 7MM pistol, 47 cartridges, 2 magazines and 5 kilogram gunpowder to make bombs.

On the word of local people (on condition of anonymity), this is nothing new and it’s known to almost all that the entire cache was going to Shahjahan Khan, strong-armer and also known as hard-core Islamist in the locality, who lives in Jamtala, Kultali. And the responsibility of Shahjahan was to take the entire cache to Ferrigunz-1 and Naini.  

Even if the police’s activity is par excellence (in this regard), the entire success has brought forth tip of the iceberg only and how vitriolic is rural Bengal at the moment.