Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can Gopal Das’ tears be wiped out ever?

Seizure of Hindu-owned lands by Islamic zealots is becoming common in the length and breadth of West Bengal more and more. While the Hindu victims are crying in misery, administration’s strange silence is strengthening these notorious activities.

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Religious atrocities on Hindus in West Bengal unabated

Not the Hindus in Bangladesh are experiencing the worst crisis accompanied by mounting religious persecutions only but Hindus in the Indian state of West Bengal also are going through the same.

A good number of persecutions have already taken place but the incomprehensible reluctance and also silence of State administration have been successful to inhibit all these from publication.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hindu Mega Rally in Kolkata Creates History

Hindu Samhati's Congregation Tells World That Hindus Are Still Relevant in Kolkata

The word history has lots of definitions. While on one hand it is an aggregate of past events; on the other it also denotes discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings and to some extent, gamut of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future. To put it briefly, all these are said to make people comprehend the main view of this article. Well, it depends on the people how would they classify it but in truth, the mammoth Hindu Congregation in Kolkata, taking place on 14th February under the aegis of Hindu Samhati, is a history. The congregation occurred to mark the Third Anniversary of Hindu Samhati.

How is history made? This is also a difficult question that has remained unanswered through centuries. How can Hindu Samhati’s giant congregation be termed a unique history then? The history was not made owing to enthusiastic participation of almost 30,000 people in the meeting along with a confident Hindu leadership only. On the contrary, history has occurred owing to implication of the same. Never before any Hindu organization dared to give such a clarion call to Hindus, a call to get conscious of mounting dangers on the society and learn ways to strike those back. Calls were definitely given by other Hindu groups in the past but those were shrouded in soft tones and secular outlooks.

The vast Hindu Congregation was addressed by a distinguished leadership. It included Swami Pradiptanandaji of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Swami Tejasanandaji, Srimad Bandhu Gaurav Brahmachari, Dhananjay Pathak, Sailendra Jain, Manish Munjal, Arvind Mishra, Tulsi Prasad Bhattacharjee. Eminent Human Rights activists like Dr. Richard Benkin and Ms. Miriam Jones, respectively from USA and Australia, also graced the occasion. The meeting was presided over by Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Founder and President of Hindu Samhati.

Speaking to the assemblage Srimad Bandhu Gaurav Brahmachari stated the religious persecutions on Hindus are being strengthened more and more with the passing of every day. While the Muslims have the mission to malign and destruct Hindu Dharma in every manner, their cohort, in this case, is none except the Indian administration. He also cited references of plights of Hindu priests and the intensifying financial benefits of Imams. As per him, time to wage a war against all these has appeared and Dharma endorses these endeavors.

Swami Tejasanandaji, while concentrating on similar issues, stated with conviction that Dharma is ingrained in Hindu temperament and hence, there is no time to remain apathetic to all these. A Hindu has to get pro-active to stop all these. Tulsi Prasad Bhattacharjee narrated the precarious conditions of Hindus in Assam and also stressed on the need to get pro-active and to make Hindus distinct by wearing tilak daily. The two Human Rights activists, Benkin and Jones, focused on the saga of refugees and the increasing plights of Hindus. They put forward that these are nothing except travesty of humanity and must be called a halt or the existence of noble words like humanness would cease to exist. Ms. Miriam Jones stated that she would do whatever it takes to make people across the globe heed the untold, atrocious story of gross human rights violations of Hindus.

Swami Pradiptanandaji stunned the crowd by revealing the grievous reality. What is the reality? Muslims happen to be majority in 5 districts of West Bengal and are expanding their strength in adjoining areas by leaps and bounds. All Hindu organizations must come forward to stop this curse of oppression; force must be stopped by force. Dhananjay Pathak hoped that Bengal would rise once again only if this scourge (including Muslim intrusions from across the border) is checked. He also referred to the East-West corridor of Pakistan through Indian mainland as was demanded by the then Pakistani authority (just after partition) and rejected by the Indian authority simultaneously. As per him, making worst apprehensions true, the same is becoming a reality thanks to rising illegitimate Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh and horrific activities of Pakistan.

Tapan Ghosh, Founder and the President of Hindu Samhati, thanking the crowd for making the congregation a success, posited among all problems the inhuman dearth of a Hindu solidarity plays a great role. In his words, entire political system, not to speak of police and administration, has turned into a wishy-washy buffoon and is busy in truckling to its Islamic mentor. He accentuated determination of Hindu Samhati to fight Islamist expansionism across the eastern frontiers of India and particularly in West Bengal. He also expressed serious concerns of exponentially mounting Islamic aggression and the atrocities perpetrated on the rural Hindus by their neighboring Muslims, great portion of which contains illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

To corroborate his apprehension, he referred to the recent assault in Deganga, North 24 Parganas (resulting from a planned and nefarious planning) where local Hindus numbering into several hundreds were brutally tortured. Hindus’ homes were looted and destroyed, temples and Deities were desecrated and shops were also put on fire by their Muslim neighbors. They, as a result, had to leave own residences in September of 2010. As a mark of protest, not a single Durga Puja was performed by Hindus in the entire Deganga block.

Strikingly, even if all these happened within 50 km from Kolkata, common Bengalis remained unaware of their plight. Through all these Sri Ghosh elucidated that a silent migration of Hindus , not only from the border areas of Bengal but from rural areas of entire West Bengal also, is going on into several cities of India leading to a demographic upheaval and a lasting change in the landscape of West Bengal. When urban, educated and privileged Bengalis stay asleep, the contours of rural Bengal are experiencing a silent, ominous and undying transformation - an Islamic Lebensraum.

Hindu Samhati’s endeavor makes Pagal Thakur fair grand success

Fair of Pagal Thakur in Nadia in this year, unlike the last one, under the auspices of Hindu Samhati, has been a major success and all these evince Hindus under a strong leadership can deal with any adversary come what may.

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Hindus in Usthi challenge Islamic evils

Hindus in Usthi confirm that struggle instead of making compromises against Islamic zealots is a better deal, whatever may be the outcome.

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Police atrocities mar Holi festivity in Uluberia

Police atrocities influenced by Muslim communal inclinations marred Holi festivity in Uluberia. Hindus must find out find an apt way to put an end to all these.

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Hindu girl student molested in Malda

Molestation of Hindu girl student in Malda proves how vulnerable Hindu women are in present day West Bengal.

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Nagar Sankirtan 2011 surpasses coveted success

Nagar Sankirtan 2011 under Hindu Samhati proves its might through drawing more people and fascinating them with the chanting of “Hare Krishna” mantra. Such processions play imperative roles in unifying the fragmented Hindu society.

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Hindus in Mathurapur thrashed brutally

Mathurapur proves that miles must be travelled to quell unabated rise in Islamic fundamentalism and its fast changing strategies. Hindus there fought valiantly but ingenuity is essential as well. To win a battle, one has got to be cagey and cunning at the same instant.

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AMU’s Murshidabad campus tarnishes Bengal’s secular image

The commencement of Aligarh Muslim University’s (AMU) Murshidabad campus, an institution infamous for its divisive tendencies and advocacy of Pakistan movement, has already created a ruckus in Bengal. Role that can be played by AMU must be pondered since Bengal is witnessing a historical juncture and unabated rise in Islamic fundamentalism. Undoubtedly, the initiation has slapped Bengal’s sanctified and venerated secular credentials.

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Minor Hindu girl persecuted by Muslim thugs

Hindu persecution knows no bounds these days and the minor Hindu girls, it is being perceived more and more, are becoming soft preys of Muslim felons. Harrowing experiences of Jyotsna Karmakar is not any exception, hence. But to save these girls there is a need of greater consciousness.

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Hindu Samhati’s monthly meeting answers decisive issues

The monthly meeting of Hindu Samhati took place with lots of enthusiasm as usual and several imperative issues were paid attention to at the same instant.

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Refugee status for Bengali Hindus in Assam

Are the governments serious?

Bengali Hindus, chased away or simply driven out from former East Pakistan or present Bangladesh, have found themselves significant to both central and state governments (Assam) all of a sudden. Without a doubt the incomprehensible democratic scenario and compulsion of politics have made them near and dear to the political honchos. But there is also a question – would this remain as a mockery or way of dealing with wounded Bengali Hindus. There is also a greater question – would Bengali Hindus get the coveted refugee status now.

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Hindu Samhati’s blood donation, cloth distribution programs enliven Moulopota

Hindu Samhati’s social responsibility and the measures adopted by it to facilitate hapless Hindu families at times don’t need any new introduction. Recent programs in Moulopota depict the same and strengthen its resolve to fight for and attain greater objective.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Protest against Islamic brutality – newest crime in Bengal

More the days pass, Bengal administration is generating a perilous situation more and more. Whereas Islamic voices are being heeded, just causes of Hindus are being sidelined by police and administration leading to complete catastrophe. The case of Avik Mondal is simply an instance while the majority remains unheard and deprived of justice. Is it the time to react strongly?

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Hindu Samhati scores major victory in Joynagar

Even if the notion of violence is negated, it happens to be the best method when the battle is against Islamic miscreants, equipped to defile and subdue Hindu Dharma and its adherents all the time. Hindu Samhati cadres of Joynagar, ever ready to save Mother India, have done just the same.

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Hindu Samhati’s legal triumph stimulates all

It’s wrong to belittle legal battles and before that, to lose confidence on the Indian judicial system, whatever may be the anguishes. Judiciary can certainly be made use of to erect barricades before Islamic tormentors and Hindu Samhati’s latest triumph depicts the same best.

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Greater Revelation of Bangladesh

Dwindling minority population, needless to say, has always been a scar on the confounding democratic scenario and machinery in Bangladesh. Yet so little, fragile or less than even a bit attention has been rendered to the Hindus by the State and agonies, plights of the remaining Hindu populace commence from this mindset. Hindus have been left in the lurch, even by destiny, and simply have nowhere to go. Bangladesh had a great aspiration during its formal commencement, as expected, but all these are breaking down with the passing of each day.

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Continual thefts in Bhebia temples admonish Hindus

Thefts in the temples of Bhebia, West Bengal have become order of the day. While the administration prefers to remain as a silent spectator, Hindu population there is too afraid to reveal the truth. Why are they so scared? What impedes them in reality? Here is an account of investigation performed in Bhebia to comprehend the fast changing reality.

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Hindu Samhati’s drastic efforts save hapless girl from Love Jihad in Bongaon

The saga of Love Jihad having its inception in southern Indian states like Kerala and Karnataka is haunting West Bengal too. But united efforts can overwhelm these nefarious designs and Hindu Samhati’s drastic efforts and subsequent victory prove the same once more.

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Hindus succeed to thwart pogrom in Chapra, Nadia

United we stand, divided we fall. Those who adhere to this age-old notion do succeed all the time come what may. Hindus were unaware of this till the other day but gradually they are waking up from a deep slumber and the recent incident of Chapra, Nadia depicts this changing mindset brilliantly.

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Is Bengal next homeland of Kashmiri Muslims?

The presence of a Muslim homeland amidst the Indian state of West Bengal is not only dangerous but is enough to jeopardize Hindus increasingly with the passing of each day. The sudden appearance of Kashmiri Muslim families poses the same threat. If Hindus continue to remain unaware, they would be the greatest fool finally.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Withdrawal of security forces makes Hindus panicked in Deganga

Hindus apprehend worst

Deganga is again in a deep crisis following the withdrawal of security forces and other measures all of a sudden. The entire approach, in this regard, has been made stealthily and Hindus are left in the lurch. They do smell a rat behind the entire development.

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Hindus withering in Pakistan stealthily; who’s next?

Hindus in the realm of Pakistan are being threatened, persecuted and are also being victimized from the days of partition. The dwindling community is struggling for its own existence all alone in a land dominated by the worst and insensate administration under the aegis of stiffest anti-Hindu government and populace. Transformation of Hindu temples into hotels and business, entertainment centers proves the real intention of the State on the whole.

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Digvijaya Singh’s disgraceful comment terming Bengali Hindus illegal migrants lambasted

Bengali Hindus protest vehemently

Bengali Hindus inhabiting the Indian state of Assam feel insulted and are exceedingly enraged at the outrageous comment of Digvijaya Singh, senior leader and also the General Secretary of Congress, terming them as nothing less than illegal migrants from across the border.

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Police demolishes Shiva temple in Kolkata, neighborhood fuming

Forcible destruction of temples is no longer a feature in the rural zone of Indian state of West Bengal or the outskirts of Kolkata only. It is taking place in the midst of the metropolis too – grievous incident of destruction of temple in Chatubabu Lane, in the center of Kolkata, has shocked the vicinity. But at this time the perpetrators are the police, stimulated and supported by a section of local Muslim felons.

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