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Anti-Hindu UPA hell-bent to destruct Hindus

Deployment of Muslim officials in Muslim areas invokes Hindu wrath only  

In a bid to strengthen Islamists across India and to restrain Hindu retributions against its perennial and ever-aggressive foes, the Union Government of India has asked the constituent states to deploy (as a minimum) one Muslim inspector or sub-inspector (S-I) in police stations in areas with high concentration of Muslim population. In accordance with political pundits, the measure has been adopted since state governments have either virtually failed to or yet to complete this key recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report.

Nevertheless, such a naïve analysis fails to hold water; tens of thousands of areas in India (both districts and panchayats) have turned out to be strongholds of Islamists making it nearly impossible for non-Muslims to live there any longer. Bordering districts of Bengal happen to be perfect examples in this regard; as BSF remain helpless owing to weird government order to not to fires shots on infiltrators from Bangladesh, these areas have turned into fiefdoms of local Islamists backed by their fellows from neighboring country.

In such areas not the numbers of Hindus are deteriorating fast only but many areas have become Hindu-free and are leaning to Bangladesh also. Sovereignty of India ceases to exist there, simply. And this is not a new phenomenon; such incidents have been occurring for the last few decades at a stretch. What measures have been adopted by the government spending sleepless nights for hapless Muslim minorities?  Its does remain an enigma yet.

If any person contradicts this, he/she is invited to garner the same dreaded facts from this scribe.  

It has also been learnt that the aforesaid letter of Union Government states that the deployment has been talked of "not as a matter to eliminate discrimination but as an initiative to build confidence". And nothing can be far from truth like this; recent riot in Mathura portrays the same. The problem was started by Islamists who thrashed a Hindu boy out of no reason. Was the Muslim mob devoid of any confidence while thrashing the Hindu boy? If it’s so we are shaken to think what confident mobs of Islamists (thanks to posting of 1 Muslim inspector or sub-inspector (S-I) in police stations in areas with high concentration of Muslim population) can do. There shall be Noakhali all around.

Who is the UPA government trying to fool? Hindus are not ready to concede these dirty tricks any longer. The true character of pro-Islamist Secularism is apparent to it.

UPA government is the ultimate looser; the faster it brings forth all these arbitrary decisions enraging the majority community in India, the faster will be its downfall.  


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