Hindus of Khaspur village have been attacked by Cow Smugglers

Yesterday on April 23 night at around 11 pm a mob of cow traffickers supported by local Muslims created a mayhem in the village of Khaspur under Baduria Police Station (North 24 Parganas). They attacked many Hindu houses including that of Shyamal Baidya, Kamal Baidya, Joydeb Mondal, Jagannath Roy, a few Hindu shops including one tea stall of Srikanta Mandal and a local club ‘Young Star’ of the village. Shyamal Baidya's nine month pregnant wife and his aged mother were molested and beaten up by the attackers. They also forcibly took away two mobile phones and other articles from Shyamal's house.

Khaspur village lies on the route from Machlandpur to Indo-Bangla border at Tentulia. Cattle smuggling is everyday affair in this region. There is a small bridge on this road. On Sundays and Wednesday, hundreds of smuggled cows are passed by this bridge, with 'arrangement' with local authorities and BSF. On the other 5 days of the week, without using the bridge, cows are routed through the village Khaspur. The villagers’ normal life has been totally shattered due to this smuggling. But there is nobody, no authority, no administration to hear their plight.

Yesterday evening Shyamal Baidya, a matador driver by profession, could not resist protesting when his two year old girl came under the feet of the cows which were passing through his courtyard. The girl could avert being mauled. But the smugglers could not tolerate this protest. Hence they returned to the village with a mob of 200 plus Muslims from Ramchandrapur, Hathaganj, Swarupnagar and Banglani. They attacked the Hindu houses of Khaspur to teach them a lesson. The attackers shouted and warned that they would destroy the Hindu habitats from the village. Most of the Hindu villagers, especially women and children, ran away from their houses for safety. 

At this moment, the aggrieved/victim Hindus have gone to Baduria PS to protest. The police has told the villagers to submit a written complaint with which a GDE (General Diary Entry) will be lodged. That means – no FIR, no case. The smugglers, BSF and the police are in hand in glove. Eventually the entire border area will ultimately be Hinduless. Islamic Bangladesh is being extended inside India.


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