Truth can’t be suppressed

Hindu Samhati, for the last 6 years, has been endeavoring best to make people realize the soaring communal tussles across Bengal and how Hindu bashing is getting identical to secularism. Whatever its attempts are, press and media in the state are up in arms against Samhati terming these incidents if exposed may endanger Bengal. Chaos and violent struggles will replace tranquility. As a result, mounting Hindu persecution (in every capacity) is being avoided with spiteful intent. But persecutions on Hindus as found in different districts refuse to die down and instead, the tacit political support is giving a boost to Islamists’ fortitude to exterminate Hindus racially. It is alleged that social responsibility prevents the media world from performing the noble duty to make people conscious always. Hence, while Hindu women are abducted or raped, Hindu temples are defiled and destructed, Hindus are beaten mercilessly, media remains a silent spectator. Well, at times, media publishes such stories under duress but utmost care is taken to keep the religious passion propelling attacks on Hindus a secret. 

On the contrary, riots in Godhra 2002 or Muzaffarnagar of late continue to rule the media and hence, the human psyche. None knows where the Kashmiri Hindus are now. They were banished from their own ancestral places in Kashmir in 1989 but there has hardly been any documentary on their plights and also shown in any television channel. Nevertheless, all are free to witness the conditions of Muslims following the recent spate of riots at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. And these are depicted to make people comprehend how the minority community of Muslims is being persecuted by Hindus day in and day out; there can’t be a greater untruth to this. All these are enough to haunt a commoner and make him/her wonder of the media’s hypocrisy.  

What makes the press and media within India retain such hostility to Hindus? To be precise, it is the compulsion of these agencies to the market. Contrary to the past, press and media are accountable to their financial bosses now and neither the country nor its populace. What they fail to comprehend is that truth gets apparent to all however the forces to inhibit it are powerful.  Now, let’s check the reality which is hardly found or (better to say) remains absent altogether in the news world. According to police reports, communal scuffles in rural Bengal have soared highly in the last one year. While 12 to 40 such incidents happened between 2008 and 2012, 103 communally charged incidents marred Bengal’s landscape only in 2013. And this brings forth another sordid reality – Bengal is one of the first ten communally sensitive states in India.   

This authentic report makes an inquisitive reader surmise also that communal conflagration prevails the state however brawny the saga of secularism is. There has also been a stiff rise of this peril recently.  What’s the reason then? The cudgel of responsibility remains with the present state government and undoubtedly, it stems from the blatant Muslim appeasement. The state government’s hands are stained with the filth of introducing subsidies for Imams, inaugurations of various schemes for Muslims in particular and Mamata’s attendance in various Islamic congregations with hijab; all-out publicity of her offering namaz in public has heightened the communal polarization in the state. As said by an official of State Minority Affairs Department, following the Trinamool Congress government’s commencement, no less than 400 Muslim NGOs have come to the fore. Again, no less than 597 madrasas recognized by the government exist already. Government’s indifference to adopt tough measures against criminals like Abdul Barik Biswas, Munna Iqbal, Arabul, Selim, Khonra Hussain, Shashjahan Sheikh and appointing a dubious person with strong links to outlawed SIMI to the Rajya Sabha as MP has beefed up Islamic aggression highly, in accordance with commoners.

Albeit this allegation is a cruel, real fact, it is not completed. It is worth mentioning, Hindu Samhati’s influence has increased fast in areas infested with communal clashes and thanks to this, Hindus have regained the confidence to fight back. Striking dissimilarities to the past are happening now, Hindus have no fear to report any incident to the police stations. Hindus are no more submissive but are found to retaliate. Accordingly, conflicts are getting common and are being registered by the police. Even if rise in communal conflicts is a cause of concern, there is a need to wait to discern whether growth in Hindu confidence is a silver lining.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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