Electoral vengeance oppresses tribal Hindus in Sandeshkhali

Freedom of Thought ravished

Contrary to the rest of India, Lok Sabha election is still a raging issue in Bengal and what prevails the state now is post-poll atrocities that have started to harm Hindus once more and in every capacity.  The horror was discerned on May 13 in the morning, following the last and final phase of Election on May 12 in Bengal, when a gang of hoodlums entered the village of Golbunia within Sandeshkhali police station’s jurisdiction, sub-division of Basirhat in the district of North 24 Paraganas, in bikes. A close look revealed that the gang comprised no less than 100 brawny youths in 50 motorbikes and was led by Shoaib Khan and Karim Sheikh, local leaders of Trinamool Congress. It was learnt, late on, the gang was sent by    Shajahan Sheikh, sub-head of Trinamool-dominated local Panchayat, and also infamous for persecuting Hindus at regular intervals. Golbunia is inhabited by wretched, tribal Hindus and once the private army reached the spot, a hell was unleashed on villagers with lethal weapons. The sole reason of this torture on villagers was to vote for BJP in the election.    

The attack was supported by obscenities made by youths and when tribal Hindu women protested, they were thrashed inhumanly. And this thrashing was not limited to bruises but attempts were made to strip Hindu women of their clothes in public. Molestations were the next traits that followed. The attack went unchallenged as Shajahan Sheikh, enjoying political endorsements, remains the sole satrap in the vicinity. Even if the local police station of Sandeshkhali was informed, police, being the favorite toy of the kingpin, did not turn up. This was not the end of terror’s show; felons left the place only after cautioning Hindus of dire consequences if they dared to inform police and narrate the event to any investigation team of the administration.     

The onslaught was indeed short but left behind signs of atrocities only along with injured Hindus. More than a dozen of Hindu men and women suffered worst trashing by radical Muslim youths and a few of them were taken to the Rajbari hospital in the vicinity. It was learnt soon after that Shahjah Sheikh had phoned the hospital doctor, asked him to term any inured people as normal proving the rot in Bengal’s administration and the saga of sycophancy to the ruling clique. Bindubala Sardar, wife of Khokon Chandra Sardar, had a serious condition owing to the murderous assaults. As per locals, Islamists hit her with an iron rod repeatedly; the grave injury made doctors transfer her to the Basirhat sub divisional hospital. Other injured persons were not checked by the doctor as per the instruction and were released after providing a callous medical attention. All injured Hindus were termed as normal and they included    Sitabala Sardar wife of Biren Sardar; Sulata Sardar wife of Deben Sardar; Bindubala Sardar wife of Sukumar Sardar; Surabala Sardar wife of Jangli Sardar; Anil Sardar and Ashim Sardar. 

Hindus have not dared to move to the local police station and file an official complaint against criminals yet while Bindubala Sardar’s condition is serious in the hospital.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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