Jama Masjid car bomb suspect held in Kolkata

Kolkata is no longer a soft target of Islamists but has turned out to be a bastion for them to conduct anti-India activities with vigor.

Without doubt, the weird propensity among politicos to retain a pro-minority standing to preserve self-interest and political ambitions sacrificing national interest happens to be the greatest crime. Truly, India has entered a new era, an indecent era when national interest can be yielded at the stroke of any moment – the country remains the greatest casualty.

The arrest of an alleged Indian Mujahideen (IM) operative in the heartland of Kolkata does not come a shock hence but as a natural incident with which citizens of the metropolis are getting accustomed to more and more.

Will reports painting a gloomy picture of Kolkata be discarded still?     

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