Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hindu Samhati Welcomes Ayodhya Verdict

We welcome the historic verdict by the Allahabad High Court. This decision undoubtedly vindicates the belief of one Billion Hindus the world over that the so called disputed site of Ayodhya is the birthplace of Sri Ramchandra.

The judgment also vindicates the historical truth that the foreign invader Babar built the disputed structure on the ruins of a Grand Hindu Temple. All the three honorable judges of the bench unanimously stated that the deity of ‘Ramlala’ will not be removed from the present altar and 'puja' will continue. Overall, this long awaited judgement is a victory of Truth and Justice.

But, at the same time we are disappointed by that portion of the judgement where one-third of the land has been awarded to the Muslims. It is unconceivable how a piece of land so near to the ‘Janmasthan’ can belong to followers of a different religious faith. In our opinion, it does not reflect total justice. It seems to be only a compromise formula.

Now, the Muslims of this country and their advocates should accept this truth pronounced by the Judiciary of The Land and concede to the Hindus to build a Grand Ram Temple at the site and thus create a new chapter of National Integrity.

Prokash Chandra Das
On Behalf of Central Committee
Hindu Samhati

Kolkata, October 1st, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tapan Ghosh Urges Government to Stop Double Game in Deganga

Hindu Samhati expresses Total Solidarity with the Hindus of Deganga & their representative body, the Deganga Durga Puja Samnnay Committee. The Committee has decided to stop the annual Durga Puja Celebrations in all of the 42 Puja Mandaps to protest the injustice done upon the Hindus, first by their Muslim neighbors, and then by the district and block adminstrations. Only the ceremonial ‘Ghat Puja’ will be performed.

This action has sent a powerful and tough message to the District Magistrate and the police that Hindus in Deganga cannot be taken for granted, and treated in any manner whatsoever to appease the Islamists. The district and police administrations are taken aback at the tough approach taken by the Hindus and the solid cohesiveness not seen before. The DM and the Police Superintendent are attempting every trick in the book to force the Puja Samannay Committee to withdraw this hard measure and thereby celebrate the 42 Durga Pujas as usual.

Experience shows that the administration is not at all genuine and sincere in solving the problem. On the one hand, they are asking that the Chattal Pally Puja to be celebrated in a reduced and subdued fashion at the pressure of the Muslim fanatics. On the other hand, the government wants us to do the pujas in Deganga ONLY to make sure that they show the world that everything is good with Deganga. Hence they are pleading with the Puja Samannay Committee. But it is clear that the administration is trying to deceive the Hindus, because they are repeatedly denying bail to 8 innocent Hindu Samhati workers arrested from the Sept 18th protest march in Barasat.

In a recent meeting, Mr. Prashanta Pal, the secretary of the All Deganga Puja Committee (Ie Samannay Committee), was approached by the District Magistrate, Police Superintendent, and the Block Development Officer, first by folded hands and then by the officers holding his hands to beg, coax, and cajole him all at the same time.

The attitude of the block and district administrations remind one of the 1923 Malabar Riots: Gandhiji solemnly declared – “Every Muslim is a bully and Every Hindu is a coward”. The government is ready to be bullied by the Muslims and pay only lip sympathy to the persecuted Hindus.

We condemn this double game of the administration and urge the Hindus of Deganga block to remain united in protest to save their block from becoming another Pakistan. We assure them full cooperation of Hindu Samhati. The World Hindu community is very much aware of the situation in Deganga due to our efforts, and they will extend their fullest support to the people of Deganga.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

President, Hindu Samhati

8:30 AM-September 30th, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yogi Adityanath of Gorakhpur praises work of Hindu Samhati

Calls for the Mobilization of Hindus to forcefully respond in Bengal

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh - In an attempt to link Hindu Forces fighting for the Hindu cause across the Northern and Eastern Plains of India and in the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Mandir dedicated to Bhagwan Gorakshnath, Tapan Ghosh, the president of Hindu Samhati, met and received the blessings of Mahant Avaidyanathji Maharaj, the Peethadeeshwar of the Gorakshnath Peeth and Gorakhpur MP Mahant Yogi Aditynathji as well as apprised both of these important leaders of Hindu society of the grave and rapidly deteriorating situation of Hindus in West Bengal as well as presenting the ever expanding activities of Hindu Samhati to combat these alarming developments that confront the Hindus of West Bengal. Ghosh was in Gorakhpur on the specific occasion of the Shraddanjali Sabha dedicated to the legendary Mahant Digivjaynathji Maharaj, who played a pivotal in mobilizing and uniting Hindus from all backgrounds both in his role as the Peetadeeshwar of the Gorakshnath Peetha as well as the leader of the Hindu Mahasabha.

To continue reading the full press release, please click into:

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Video ---15,000 Hindus Protest in Barasat Against Deganga Atrocities

Video --- Hindu Samhati Joined by Barasat Residents on Sep 18, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

PRESS RELEASE : Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- A Grand Success


Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- A Grand Success

Barasat, India


Deganga’s Hindus have been attacked. Their houses were burnt, shops were looted, temples were desecrated. All of this was achieved by Islamic activists with support from local Trinamul Congress Muslim leaders. To protest that and to show solidarity to the Hindus of Deganga, Hindu Samhati gave a call for March to Deganga on 18th September 2010. The rally was to start from Barasat, the district headquarter, about 15 kilometers away from the troubled site. It was important for Barasat also as people there knew that if Deganga riot goes without protest. then a similar Islamic onslaught at Barasat would only be a matter of time.

Over fifteen thousand Hindus including men and women took part in the massive rally. The protest was against the inhuman communal attack over the Hindus of about 100 square kilometers area under Deganga Police Station for three days from 6-8 September, 2010. As per concrete evidences received from the persecuted persons, the entire criminal event was organized and facilitated by Trinamool Congress Member of Parliament Hazi Nurul Islam of Basirhat amd his supporters in a pre-planned manner.

The Hindu Samhati workers and a number of sympathizers from different Refugee organizations came to join the rally. People came from a wide geographical swathe of West Bengal. Activists and supporters with placards gathered in Kachhari Maidan in Barasat. Thousands of supporters and residents encouraged the marchers who raised their voices to the highest extent with slogans as ‘Hindu Samhati Hindur Janya Larche Larbe’, ‘Bharatke Pakistan Hote Debona,’ ‘ Moulabadi Mussalman Hussiar Hussiar’, Hazi Nurul Islamer Greftar Chai, ‘Duniar Hindu Ek Hao’ etc.

There was heavy downpour from time to time but that could not dampen the spirits of the rally. Due to such disastrous weather people could not come in time. The meeting at Kacchari Maidan was started at about 12 noon and therefore was short but people listened to the leaders speaking from a matador van getting soaked in rain. Tapan Ghosh, the president of Hindu Samhati and other leaders from different branches spoke briefly. They all demanded the punishment of the Islamist miscreants, arrest of Trinamul Congress MP Hazi Nurul Islam, compensation to the victims and end of Islamic raj in Deganga region. Ghosh narrated the incidents and present situation elaborately and placed Ten Point Demands for immediate fulfillment by the Government

Then at about 12 45 pm the huge rally started to move through the roads and lanes of Barasat. Thousands of people joined the rally swelling the numbers to well over 15,000. The people at Barasat cheered the procession as they were feeling confident again that so many dedicated people are there to resist the Islamic miscreants. The rally was first stopped by police before reaching Chapadali Mor (crossing). A large number of police RAF headed by an Additional S.P. resisted the procession and made a wall to stop the procession. After some arguments, the rally continued and reached Chapadali Mor. This is the most important crossing as 3 roads from here go to different directions. Police stopped the rally as it tried to go towards Deganga through Taki Road. The rally organizers made a blockage of the crossing and made Barasat standstill.

Hindu Samhati then organized a sit in demonstration there and Tapan Ghosh spoke to the people. He announced the closure of the program with the warning to the administration that if Ten Point Demands (see below) are not fulfilled within a short period of time, further action will be taken. A senior police officer announced the arrest of about 5,000 activists, HS members and a large part of the Barasat residents courted arrest and were immediately released on bail.

It was really strange and unexpected that TMC was allowed to organize a demonstration by a Central Government Minister in Deganga. but Hindu Samhati was not allowed even to leave Barasat town.

Please Connect on the following HS link for pictures of the rally in Barasat.

Please Connect on the following link for Hindu Samhati’s 10 demands of the rally in Barasat.

For official press release, please download the following MS document.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Media Communications Team

Hindu Samhati Prevents Nefarious Design to Set up Mosque

If you are a true secularist remaining in search of places known for celebrating festivals pertaining to diverse religions all at once for ages, you may be at a loss in Bengal. In the length and breadth of this ancient center of religion and culture copious numbers of places do subsist that have been engaged with this sole activity for centuries, if not more. One such place happens to be Village TakShali, P.O.: Bagda, Dist.: North 24 Paraganas. A field in the neighborhood of the village has been known for celebrating Chaitra Fair of Hindus and Gazi Fair of Muslims for in excess of 3-4 decades at a stretch but the same area has become foal point of nefarious designs these days.

All of a sudden a few Maulavis, none other than outsiders, were witnessed within the village and after making a few enquiries it was learnt that an effort to construct a mosque in the same field was in full force. The magnitude of the situation was comprehended by Hindu Samhati straight away and its workers, without wasting a single moment in addition, along with villagers became successful in purchasing the very land from Mrs. Manoara Mondal, widow of deceased landowner Mr. Tahajel Mondal, and her sons.

It was decided that the very land would be made use of to erect an Anganwadi School and Sub-Health Center in a little while. The agreed amount was rendered to Mrs. Manoara Mondal and the school has already been initiated.

There have already been several meetings with regard to the official commencement of the Health Center thus far and on the last July 26 a comprehensive meeting comprising Hindus and local Panchayat members did take place in the same very land.

Mr. Sushen Biswas represented Hindu Samhati in the said meeting.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's Internatonal Communicatios Team

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Statement Regarding Barasat Incident and Media Dis-Information Campaign

5, Bhuban Dhar Lane,
Kolkata – 700 012.


Media Rumour About Attack In Barasat

Under the strong leadership of Sri Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati organized a massive ‘Peace Rally’, ‘Deganga Chalo’ from Barasat to Deganga, where Hindus were brutally tortured, molested & looted by the Muslim miscreants allegedly under the leadership of Trinamool Congress MP of Basirhat, Haji Nurul Islam. The District and Police Administration was informed by Hindu Samhati well before the program, but Administration denied permission to HS, although it allowed other organizations to do so. Common supporters were hurt by the step-motherly attitude of the Administration towards Hindus.

The print Media spread rumors & brazenly distorted the truth to save Muslim miscreants & their supporters, a section of Trinamool Congress. VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS & BJP were not involved in this program as distorted by the Media. It was purely a program of Hindu Samhati which never had organized any programme with the aforesaid organizations. The March advanced towards Champadali More after a mammoth rally addressed by the Samhati Leaders including Sri Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati. Police repeatedly stopped the March at multiple places, but at last they stopped the March at Champadali More at the entry point of Taki Road. By then with the support of local Hindus & shop owners of nearby shops the rally swollen to a huge assembly of over fifteen thousand people. Against the Print Media report, which we consider to be fabricated & distorted truth, we want to say the fact as following:

1) No shops at Champadali More were broken by the Hindus. A few Muslim shop owners used abusive languages towards the rally drawing their ancestor’s name. Then the infuriated mob pelted few stones by which a glass of a shop has broken. Nothing more than that happened. The Media Report is totally fabricated & with vested interest.

2) No Maruti Van was broken by the Hindu Samhati Supporters.

3) From nearby Masjid of Champadali More, few Jihadi Muslims pelted stones on the mob & they have been paid back by their own coin. As a result few glass panes of the window of the adjoining Madrasa were broken. At the time of stone pelting from the Masjid on the protestors, any car on the road may be broken. The liability lies totally on the Jihadi Muslims.

4) The local residents of Barasat DID NOT resist the rally, rather local people of Barasat city spontaneously supported the move & joined the rally voluntarily. Shop owners voluntarily joined the rally after downing the shutter. As a result the rally swollen to a large group of over 15,000 persons & thundered the air by “Jai Sri Ram” & “Haji Nurul Door Hato” slogans.

5) No police were injured as alleged by “Ekdin”.

6) Only six workers were taken into custody & a false FIR were lodged against nine workers of Samhai including Tapan Ghosh & Upananda Brahmachari (Vice President, who was arrested & beaten up by the police later).

7) When Administration accepted the 10-point demand of Hindu Samhati, then Tapan Ghosh withdraw the plan to march towards Deganga & urged people to go back to their respective residences. When people started to go home, then the Police suddenly attacked the tail of the outgoing procession & brutally lathi charged (beat with sticks) so many workers as well as passersby. Then they arrested six workers of Hindu Samhati , one Auto car driver hired by Hindu Samhati & one drunken passerby. The last two have no relation with Hindu Samhati.

We strongly object to the rumor spread by the “The Times of India”, “Bartaman”, “Ekdin” & “Dainik Statesman”.

So we urge the people of Barasat, Deganga as well as people of West Bengal, not to pay attention to the rumor spread by the Media to save the Miscreants & support the Great Endeavor of establishment of Peace by the Hindu Samhati under the strong Leadership of Tapan Kumar Ghosh.

Dated : 19 Sept,2010

Prokash Chandra Das
Asst. Secretary
Hindu Samhati

Tel : 033 22572688

PICTURES---Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- GRAND SUCCESS

Hindu Samhati's Grand Rally at Barasat---More Pictures Coming

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Press Release --- Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- GRAND SUCCESS

- Short Press Release (1st Draft)-----Details and Pictures Coming Soon

September 18, 2010

Hindu Samhati's Protest March - DeGanga Chalo was a grand success and effective to the superlative degree. Over 15,000 activists and supporters gathered to protest the DeGanga riots last week and show their total solidarity with Hindu Society.

The crowd demonstrated their Strength and Determination; They gave a clear MESSAGE to the world, the government, and the biased Indian media that torture upon Hindus will no more be tolerated meekly.

After successful completion of the peaceful March at Champadali crossing, where police officers declared formal arrest of 10.000 volunteers and their bail, the organizers declared end of the grand rally.

Tapan Ghosh, the president of Hindu Society commented "Our workers are Energized, Our workers are Enthused, Our workers are Ecstatic".

PICTURES AND DETAILS COMING SOON................................Please See Below for Details of Our Demands Of The Rally


1. Immediate arrest of Basirhat M.P. Haji Nurul Islam, who is the main instigator behind
massive atrocities on Hindus of Deganga block.

2. Arrest all criminals, culprits and looters who took part in looting of Hindu properties of crores of rupees, arson of Hindu houses and shops, destruction and desecration of Hindu Temples, and molestation of Hindu women.

3. Full compensation to the affected Hindus for damaged and demolished properties.

4. Reconstruction of all damaged Temples.

5. Removing the Michrophone from the Mosque of Deganga market, which has been illegally set up on June 9, 2010.

6. Restriction of movements of Islamic communal and Fundamentalist elements into Deganga block.

7. All political parties must stop their suicidal Muslim appeasement policy which accelerates the process of making another Pakistan out of West Bengal.

8. To take all measures to arrest the rapid Demographic change of North 24 Parganas district which poses a serious threat to our National Integrity.

9. Stop the massive illegal Muslim infiltration across the Bangladesh border.

10. Unconditional Apology from Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya for the total failure of the administration of his government to protect the sacredness of Hindu Religion and its failure to protect the honour and property of the Hindus of Deganga, Kartickpur, Beliaghata, Biswanathpur, Burir Darga, Hospital Para villages.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh
President, Hindu Samhati

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Media Communications Team

Hindu Samhati Media

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hindu Samhati to Launch Protest March from Barasat to Deganga

In protest of the massive persecution of Hindus by the local Muslim population in Deganga, Hindu Samhati, led by its President Tapan Kumar Ghosh, has organized a protest march on 18th September, 2010. It will start from Kachari Maidan, Barasat at 11 am. Hindus, across all economic stratas are expected to join and march together to express their solidarity and fraternity with the Hindus of Deganga.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team

SINGERHAT proves the necessity of Hindu Samhati

SINGERHAT - Hindus can fight and defeat the Bengal Islamists, if there is Hindu Organization like Hindu Samhati

Only a few witnesses, at the moment, are there of the horrific deeds of partition, and a fewer of them are hale and hearty to narrate the developments that did change the Indian subcontinent. But surely those octogenarians and their immediate scions are desolate (these days) watching the plights of Hindus and how its indigenous leadership has failed to establish a clout of its own on the whole. But there were indeed good hopes in the initial years, especially among refugees of (erstwhile) undivided Punjab and Bengal, as they thought independent India, unlike Pakistan, would give the Hindu community its coveted rights. Had those individuals predicted the ongoing incidents, they definitely would have asked their descendants to adhere to martial trainings as well apart from opting for businesses or services.

Here is the reality – positions of Hindus are getting vulnerable to Islamic marauders increasingly with the passing of each day almost and the best specimen of this can’t be save the length and breadth of West Bengal, undergoing the mounting onrushes. The recent incident of SingerHat can be an eye-opener to the ignorants, still having somewhat conviction in the inexplicable saga of state-sponsored Secularism. The incident that did initiate as a mere scuffle between the two communities, under the auspices of their youth representatives, turned into a major schism, that is becoming a major feature in parts of West Bengal these days.

What did lead to the scuffle? Well, as usual, the brawl was instigated by the Muslim youths who leave no stone unturned to hurl ridicules on the Hindu beliefs. The Muslim youths were found to malign Hindu pantheon and beat Hindus mercilessly but what did amaze them at this time was a grand resistance from Hindus (energized by Hindu Samhati) equipped and also competent enough to resist any nefarious design. Well, the sole credit goes to Shyamal Patra, local Rural Guard Party (Rural Police Volunteer Force) leader and also a pro-Hindu activist.

But what did happen afterwards proves the existing stance of the state structure of India, committed in considering Muslims as Caesar’s wife (who can’t be questioned ever). The colossal Hindu contingent of Karanjali Gram Panchayat comprising 20 villages under Kulpi PS, South 24 Parganas made the local governance green about the gills or simply perturbed. Mr. Patra who was asked to visit the local police station (PS) for a meeting was completely harassed and also mentally tortured during the meeting, participated by local leaders of all parties (Trinamool Congress and CPM) also, by the police and administration.

What is more striking, the police, aghast at any form of Hindu virility and adept in placating Muslim thugs, did not miss out any opportunity to hound Mr. Patra in the hospital (where he was admitted as per doctor’s advices) even and did harangue him in all possible manners. However, the Hindu manliness, at this time, was too for the police and administration along with political parties. As a result, police had to assure that there would be no more problems in Singerhat and the local administration would fully lend the Hindu population a hand, to ensure that no Hindu properties would be appropriated by dishonest Muslim encroachers.

The assurance was enough to calm down Hindu strugglers. But a leopard can’t change its spots…………….as far as fresh sources are concerned, local Muslims under the headship of Trinamool Congress leaders like Akbar Paik, Habib Purkait (heads of Karanjali and Kamarchak Gram Panchayat respectively) and Shahabuddin Gaji, influential CPM leader in the neighborhood, are planning to inflict the worst attacks on the Hindus. The first and foremost intent, at this time, is to raze the local Hindu organization in order that Muslims can conquer the Singerhat market area yet again and drive all Hindu shopkeepers and others for good.

This time the rural jehadis in Bengal tried to make a big collision with the Hindus in Singherhat on 23rd August '10 and pawned by the Hindu resistance force though a little bit late. Police intervened the matter with a political fervour of protecting the Islamic intentions. But, amazingly all the antagonist Hindu elements compelled to restrain themselves , after a Hindu mob of 500 strength demonstrated before the Kulpi police station against the assault upon Mr. Patra and other Hindu locals blocked the road (NH 117) at Singherhat, both on 28th August to register their protest over increasing Muslim hooliganism. Local police assured to take action accordingly.

Hindu Samhati is keeping tabs on the entire situation to forestall any untoward incident.

See video : Interview of Shyamal Patra.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team

Monday, September 13, 2010

The day we were reminded of Noakhali 1946

Hindu Samhati Activist Leads Team to Investigate During Riots in DeGanga

When Prokash Chandra Das started his journey to Deganga at 4am on 7th September, he thought that this was one more of case of intimidation, of poor Hindu villagers by Muslim goons, something that he has gotten accustomed to, as the North 24 Pargana district coordinator for Hindu Samhati. The evening before, he had received frantic calls from some Hindus in Deganga, a village in the North 24 Pargana district of West Bengal , about 40 kilometers from Kolkata. Such call come almost every week as Prokash rushes from village to village with his team of volunteers. But later that night as call kept coming, Prokash in turn called more people to gather more information on what was happening at Deganga. But nothing much was available. So he slept for a few hours and started of for Deganga at the break of dawn.

After about three hours, the Hindu Samhati team reached Barasat Badu, from where their team set off for Deganga on motorcycles. On the way they were stopped by a Muslim group at Udayanpalli, about 10 kilometers from Deganga. The group wielding swords, axes and crowbars, threatened them if they tried to go any further.

Finding themselves outnumbered and unarmed, the Hindu Samhati workers turned back and took a more circuitous route to Deganga. The streets were deserted and the only people visible were small groups of young Muslims on street corners, many carrying swords. At Khejurdanga, they were again challenged by a group of Muslims, while they sped forward. By 4pm they had reached Bishwanathpur, and for the first time saw Hindu villagers slowly coming out of hiding. They informed Prokash and his team that the Police, the Rapid Action Force (a counter riot police unit) and Eastern Frontier Rifles were patrolling the troubled spots and it was relatively safe to venture out, even though curfew was in place and attacks were still going on in isolated areas.

After another hour, the Hindu Samhati team finally reached Deganga. The streets there were deserted and the Hindus that were still there, had barricaded themselves inside their houses, while the paramilitary forces were patrolling the streets. Hospital Road, the main street wore a deserted look. Prokash and his team were taken to the Anathbandhu Samiti Club at Kartikpur, Deganga, by the local contact where they spoke to the local families. There they narrated the horrific events of September 6. The Muslim mobs had descended on the area in vans and trucks provided by a rich Islamist who owns a transportation company. For the whole day they molested Hindu women, looted shops and houses, and then burnt them down. The local police was called in, but they could do precious little. Instead of swiftly bringing the situation under control by using lethal force against the attackers, they stood as mute spectators as they were not given orders to counteract decisively by the local authorities. Sub Inspector Sushanta Barui was beaten up mercilessly and Sub Inspector Janoki Bakshi, was seriously wounded in the mob attack.

Tapas Ray’s clinic was looted and shops owned by Haren Bakshi, Badal Ghosh and Tarun Bhowmick, Bhaben Ghosh, Kena Sarkar, Kartik Baidya were looted and then burnt. Along Hospital Road, shops owned by Santu Das, Mithu Biswas, were looted and destroyed. Ambika Tiles, a local construction retail was looted and destroyed and truckloads of material were taken away. The Hindu Samhati team saw a minivan owned by Partha Das, a local businessman was still smouldering. The Muslim mobs came prepared with thousands of broken bottles that they piled up at the all major road entry points to the city, and paramilitary forces could be delayed from reaching Deganga. They carried swords, axes, machetes, and brickbats. Their movements were well coordinated and the mob even included teenagers who were helping carry the loot away. Prokash’s team returned the next day and saw a few press reporters taking pictures of the devastation. At the Kartikpur Hindu temple, about 2 kilomters from Deganga, the Muslim mobs had broken the Hindu deities and defecated in the temple premises. The local Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Mehboob Akhtar refused permission to do so and the photographs were destroyed.

For Debarati Banik (name changed), the future will never be the same again. Debarati is physically and psychologically traumatized cannot sleep and eat. She is scared of crowds and gatherings. As Durga Puja, the most important Hindu festival for Bengal arrives, the people of Deganga are afraid of the months to come. The Muslims warned of more attacks, and the blood curdling cries of claiming entire Bengal for Islam still haunts their memories.

For people in India, life goes on as usual.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Media Communications Team

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Press Release : HS Leadership Meets in Deganga and Forms Hindu Samhati - Deganga core committee

Press Release :

Hindu Samhati Leadership Converges in Deganga, Assures Residents of Future Support, and Sets up Deganga Core Committee with Area Residents

Hindu Samhati's senior leadership met in Deganga on September 10th and 11th to assess the riot situation. They assured the residents of support during the upcoming Durga and Kali Puja / Deepaboli Festivals. This is a relatively new area for the organization.

Deganaga residents were very keen to have a Hindu self-defense/resistance group in the area. Over 100 active youths showed up at the meeting with the local villagers, expressing the desire to defend and resist future onslaughts by their fanatic Muslim neighbors. Deganga area has a steady history of communal clashes and tensions with Hindus at the receiving end.

The villagers were also assured and impressed at the number of the youths, and requested HS team and the youths to start an active chapter of Samhati there. 26 members were selected by the new group to serve as the Hindu Samhati - Deganga Core Committee.

Posted by Hindu Samhati International Media Communications Team

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deganga Riot Pics – September 2010

Below are the pictures of the Deganga Riots collected by the Hindu Samhati Investigation team.


Broken Murti at the Kali temple.


Desecrated and broken Murti – close up.


This is a West Bengal Police Jeep – pushed into the pond by the huge mob of jihadi rioters, after the policemen were beaten up.


A Police truck burned to a cinder.


Military trucks of the Indian Army at Deganga


A man watches a ransacked house.


A humble home deroofed – thats the stuff communal harmony is made of, just before Eid too!


Ransacked shop


Ransacked shop 2


Ransacked home


A lady wails before her destroyed home as neighbours watch.


Burned out home.


A man looks through the ashes of his home, maybe to pick up the remains of his life.


Same man, holding a partially burnt book – looks like a child’s school book.


Burnt home.


Another home burnt and ransacked.


Burnt home. The surprising fact is the utensils of the hapless family are still there, they have not been looted. Maybe with the army at their heels the jihadis didn’t have the time. It is also quite difficult to be fleet footed when you are weighed down with plunder. Well, better luck next time. (There will be a next time, don’t you worry)


Home burnt to a cinder. The half burnt calendar on the wall shows a picture of Baba Loknath – one of the popular Hindu saints of Bengal.


Broken tube well.


The bone of contention, the Durga Mandap – this is permanent structure where Durga Puja, the biggest Bengali religious festival is held every year. The land behind the Mandap is a deserted and disputed graveyard whose ownership is sub judice in court. This place is called ‘Chattal Palli’. It would be immediately apparent to any Bengali speaking person that this village was set up by Hindu refugees of partition from the district of Chattagram or Chittagong in East Bengal.


Durga Mandap – pandal for this years Puja is being constructed.


Durga mandap – close up.


Trouble spot. This narrow unmetalled path connects the Durga Mandap and Chattal palli to the main road. The local Muslims started to dig a canal across this path to isolate both Durga mandap and the village from the main road. They have already laid a claim on the disputed graveyard. Isolation would aid them to grab the temple land at the earliest opportunity. The local Hindus resisted.


The poster reads – Why were the Hindus assaulted under the leadership of the Hindu haters Miraz, Maqluqar, Sohrab and Taleb (local Muslim goons and petty politicos)? We deamand an answer from the government. Signed – The Villagers.


Hindu demonstration at Deganga. Police present in full force.


Local Hindus demonstrate on the main road.






The poster reads – Ratna Roychowdhuryr greftaar chai (we want Ratna Roychowdhury arrested) Ratna Roychowdhury (Hindu), a local TMC heavyweight allegedly pressurised the police not to take any drastic action when rioting was going on full scale.


The posters read – Haji tumi hunshiyar (Haji, you are warned), Nurul hajir greftaar chai (we want Nurul Haji arrested). This refers to Haji Nurul Islam, the MP of Bashirhat of the Trinamool Congress party.







Local Hindu ladies demonstrate against the outrage


The poster reads – We want the persecutors of the Hindus to be arrested.

Dear visitors, you have the mollycoddling report of the Indian Media of a very serious outrage and you have our pictographic report. Now decide for yourself. The Bengali Media reports that groups like Hindu Samhati and Prabasi are fanning the communal fires and vilifying Haji Nurul Islam, the TMC MP of Bashirhat. Its the locals who state that the Haji is responsible.

Posted by Hindu Samhati International Media Communications Team.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Statement by Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati

Deganga Incident : Shame on “Dainik Statesman”

Shame on the Bengali Print and Electronic Media.

To save its Madrassa educated leader and M.P. Haji Nurul Islam, Trinamool Congress is now trying to give the Deganga atrocities a political colour. We want to make all aware about the Mamata's suicidal gameplan to appease the Muslims and to deceive the Hindus to win the forthcoming election. It is the same reprehensible strategy which CPI(M) has been following so far and made West Bengal a breeding ground for the Islamic expansionists.

It should be noted that when two political delegation teams went to visit Deganga on 8th and 9th Sept, all Hindus, especially the women cutting across party lines complained that Haji Nurul Islam is the main person behind these atrocities on Hindus.

In West Bengal, there is a peculiar self censorship among the media which is nothing but cowardice. Here, atrocities upon Hindus by the fanatic Muslims are always suppressed by the media. Therefore, in spite of the fact that the situation was so serious that the Army had to be called in, the reports are being suppressed and/or distorted. The cowards of the media do not consider it their duty to inform the people why the Army had to be called in.

In this situation, the most insignificant website : or, did its humble duty to tell the world about the atrocities on Hindus in Deganga. The world responded and the hapless Hindus of Deganga got some relief. Otherwise on Tuesday (7th Sept) night, perhaps no Hindu women could save their honour.

The media in West Bengal, particularly the Bengali-language media, both print and electronic, have behaved in an unspeakable manner about the Deganga affair. On 8th September Prof. Tathagata Roy, member BJP National Executive, and ex-President, BJP West Bengal visited Deganga, took in the situation, conferred with Inspector-General of Police Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee and Superintendent of Police for the district Mr. Rahul Srivastava (who were both camping at Deganga) and spoke to L.K.Advani over phone who in turn spoke to Chidambaram. One Captain Singhal of the army was also present during the meeting. The next day, Sept 9, BJP MPs Chandan Mitra and Uday Singh visited Deganga with Prof. Roy and had a more detailed inspection and conference with Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee and Mr. Rahul Srivastava. All the people whom the team interviewed on the 9th Sept, unequivocally said that the entire affair had been engineered by Haji Nurul Islam, the Trinamool MP from Basirhat.

Yet, very few of the mainstream media, especially the Bengali media were present when the MPs called a press meet at NSCBI Airport, Kolkata, on 8th after their return from Deganga. Today oneBengali daily from Kolkata “Dainik Statesman” has printed a completely warped version of the entire affair which practically repeats what Haji Nurul wants to say. This paper has also abused the North America based correspondents who have expressed their anxiety and compassion about the Hindus of Deganga. The English language media has been slightly better, but only slightly. The Indian Express has been the a little truthful.

Shame on the Bengali media, both print and electronic.

They must know that they are responsible for the atrocities on Hindus, for looting of 500 Hindu houses and shops, for destruction of 5 Hindu temples and dishonouring of Hindu women.

More, much more damage would be done if this website had not published the report of the atrocities in time.

So, “Dainik Statesman” should be warned that they must not increase their sin by blaming this website. Hindus will not pardon it and its circulation will be surely affected.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

President, Hindu Samhati

Kolkata, 10 September, 2010

Here's the scanned copy of Bengali Daily 'Dainik Statesman's article on Deganga

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cautious Peace in Deganga

September 9, 2010

Today no attacks or untoward incidents happened in Deganga.

Yesterday (September 8th) more police reinforcements were there and more raids by the police were conducted in the Muslim villages (the source of the attacks for the last few days). Nine Muslim activists were arrested. They were denied bail by the Barasat court, due to the seious nature of their conviction.

Today (September 9th), police arrested fours Hindu youths of Deganga - Lab Kumar Das, Kush Kumar Das, Gopal Das, Gopal Das (brothers, and sons of Parimal Das), and Chana Banik (son of Anukul Banik). They all got immediate bail from Barasat Court. Advocate Satyabrata Sen, a prominent lawyer in that court represented them. There are a group of very active Hindu Samhati supporters among the lawyers in Barasat Court.

Yesterday evening (August 8th) Tathagata Roy visited Deganga. His visit was followed visits by 3 state ministers. They declared compensation for the Hindu victims, etc. Today BJP MPs Chandan Mitra and Uday SIngh visited the area, accompanied by BJP state leaders Rahul Sinha and Samir Bhattacharya.

Pictures and videos were not available due to the severe curfew. However, our investigations team is collecting pictures of the events of the last few days.

On August 8th Hindu Samhati organized protest meetings in many places. There were road blockages by HS supporters at two location in Barasat. Samhati President Tapan Ghosh attended a rally in Baguihati.

On August 9th, Hindu Samhati organized successful 'Rail Roko' (Block Rails) at two places one in Thakurnagar on Sealdah-Bangaon Route, and the other at Canning Station on Sealdah-Canning Route. There was massive participation in both the events.

At both the places police / rail police tried to intervene and stop the protesters, but could not succeed. Later, one Officer named KM Siraj (a Muslim) of Sonarpur RPF Police Station (Sealdah SOuth Section) interrogated and tried to intimidate Hindu Samhati's Canning Unit in-charge, Dinabandhu Gharami. We have unconfirmed reports that Mr. Gharami and three HS workers have been charged with a case.


Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Media Communications Team