Hindu Samhati to Launch Protest March from Barasat to Deganga

In protest of the massive persecution of Hindus by the local Muslim population in Deganga, Hindu Samhati, led by its President Tapan Kumar Ghosh, has organized a protest march on 18th September, 2010. It will start from Kachari Maidan, Barasat at 11 am. Hindus, across all economic stratas are expected to join and march together to express their solidarity and fraternity with the Hindus of Deganga.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team


Dibyajyoti said…
Great step.It is only Hindu Smahati who is putting constant effort for Bengali Hindu.Sir,I would like to request you to consider a similar protest march on the recent turmoil issue in kashmir.1953,Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee took the responsibility to put Kashmir in India.Due to his effort today we don't need any special permit to visit Kashmir.
Esl Experience said…
sanjay agrawal said…
it is basic character of islam.when muslims are having minority status they are secular,they are communist even they can raise banners of being progressive.but when they attain majority status, they openly start practising their actual character.no muslim country in the world is secular or communist or progressive,even the muslim dominated state of jammu&kashmir in india has not accepted secularism in its constitution .thousands of kashmiri pandits were killed and lacs were expelled ,but no one raised voice for them.they are living in hell like situations in jammu and delhi.our vote eager leaders have proved correct what sardar patel had warned nehru that "do'nt use the rest of muslims as vote bank otherwise it would creat enormous problems and would cause another pakistan.but nehru would never listen. what we hindu are facing even after partition are all due to muslim vote bank politics of congress and his vote rivals like communist,lalu mulayam,mayavati etc.now bjp is also bowing against muslim vote bank . congrats to hindu samhati for their courage. i know this battle is going to be very tough for you because neither communist government nor trin mool is going to help you.hindu organizations like rss,bajrang dal vhp have proved of not much use in such circumstances.hindu realy need to get gether under some new banner and fight islamic terror in the real field .may be you are that one. sanjay agrawal,bhilai (cg)
Anonymous said…
To sanjay,

You are right in many aspects.

Especially on BJP's inability to do anything.

I doubt if BJP understands Islam and its doctrines. With out understanding the enemy, how can one defeat it? It is fools strategy destined to fail.

It is not just Congress politics of appeasing Muslims; take any regional party and you find not much difference.

That is the prevailing tragedy in our so called nation.

I fear that if we continue like this, our leaders may be even averse to fighting Pakistan or even Bangladesh when they attack us because it hurts the sentiments of Muslims in India.

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