Decisive victory of Hindus in Kaliachak, Maldah; Muslim encroachers desert Hindu lands mutely

Whether it is cremation chamber or even a small stretch of land belonging to Hindus, Muslims intrinsically remain attracted to it and leave no stone unturned to grab that land – and in such cases adoption of foul measures come first. Hundreds of such reports have already been published in this site and hence, there is no need of any justification. If Hindus, on the contrary, get united and steadfast to struggle victory is found imminent. 

Such a gallant success took place recently at Kaliachak No. 3 Block, P.S. Baishnabnagar, District: Maldah regarding the longtime dispute over extensive tracts of Hindus adjoining Khejurighat Crematorium (Shamsan Ghat) occupied by Muslims forcefully for years.

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