Is marriage of a Hindu man to a Muslim woman crime in India?

Need to take a hard stand or dump Secularism forever

The definition of secularism, as per western schools of thought, is one and simple - a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations or a permanent separation between religion and the state. But the same is completely missing in the Indian context at the moment where it has become more synonymous with capitulation to Islamic fundamentalism and minorityism. Myriad instances are there to prove this latest chronicle but none can put it across better than a marriage between a Hindu and Muslim. If the groom is Muslim and bride is Hindu, it’s the perfect sort of secularism but the reverse is communal indisputably. 

And this alleged antithesis has become synonymous with the lot of Sandip Sarkar and his wife Nasima Yasmin who married on November 21, 2010 and authenticated in the “Special Marriage Act” on December 28, 2010. 

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