Deganga flares up following accidental death of 2 Muslim women

Hindus manhandled, remain anxious

Deganga has flared up once again and at this time the sole reason happens to be the tragic death of two Muslim women, aged 45 and a 1 year child, respectively. The ill-fated incident took place at the evening, today itself, in Deganga, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North) when three persons, residents of village Puturia, P.S. Deganga, were riding a cycle on the Chakla Road.

Owing to the appalling condition of the road, the cycle lost its balance all of a sudden (just after passing over the junction of Hasharmore) and three passengers fell on the road. A bus carrying Hindu pilgrims from Ganga Sagar was going after and regardless of the bus driver’s efforts to stop the vehicle, the aged woman and child were run over.  

The death of 2 Muslim women and the role of a bus carrying Hindu pilgrims from Ganga Sagar (however accidental it was) in it was enough to stir up Muslims in the neighborhood. What took place afterwards was surely a rampage. The bus along with a few other vehicles was smashed up; window panes were shattered and both driver and Hindu pilgrims (passenger in the bus) were punched.

Prompt police approaches saved the situation only and as per latest information, the two dead bodies have already been sent for post-mortem examination. To prevent any untoward development, a battalion of paramilitary force along with the local police force has been stationed there.

Tension, nevertheless, prevails in the area. Hindus continue to remain anxious.     


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