Hindus must break off shackles of Islamic persecution; Now or Never

Ignorant men don't know what good they hold in their hands until they've flung it away. – Sophocles 

It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty. – James Monroe 

What makes this scribe use the two aforementioned quotes is that both do fit to Hindus – their existing situation on the whole – a discomfited community existing devoid of any rule for centuries and hope (too) that they can regain the authority their own ancestors used to exercise once. And the effect of all these is indeed evident as a daylight. Hindus will continue to remain as a hopeless majority in a truncated India and stay on as speechless and effete as they’re at the moment. But how long can this saga go on!

There remains a limit to everything in the cosmos and the saga of religious persecution going on in a row following the defat of King Dahir (Hindu ruler in Sind and a few parts of Punjab in existing Pakistan) in 721 AD till date under Islamic iconoclasm must also be brought to an end. However, there is no crosscut in this regard and only if Hindus can purify themselves through the fire of decisive struggle, the success will (definitely) no longer remain as unattainable.

The colossal task can’t be completed in a day also. Who can deny that Hindu defeats have been results of Islamic barbarity and dearth of Hindu intrepidity and pragmatism? Surely this is a reality and if the Hindus are resolute to break off shackles of ignominy and Islamic oppression, they have to come forward and take inspirations from the true Hindu leadership, engaged in a desperate struggle against Muslim tormentors in India, endorsed by Indian administration for political gains and tons of aids from Muslim countries.     

Such views were heard on January 22, 2011, at the annual function (Vershikotsav) of Tarun Hindu, Hindu rights advocacy group based in Dhanbad, in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Chief Guest to the event was Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati while Dr. Nila Madhab Das, president, Tarun Hindu, happened to be the chief organizer. The event took place in a highly decorated pandal on the ground near Steel Gate, Saray Dhela in Dhanbad and was presided by Dr. R. L. Prasad.

What made the event a talk of the town and also a source of inspiration for speakers and other dignitaries present in the meeting was the overwhelming presence of Hindus in it; Hindus, being witnesses to fast changing reality and growth of minorityism, assembled there to have views of tried Hindu leaders from across the country. The lecture "Why today Hindus of India want Hindu Rashtra" headed by the chief speaker Dr. Smt Indulata Das, Founder & Director of 'Yoga and Prachya Vidya Samstha', Bhubaneswar, had an assortment of other speakers too. They did include Sri Tapan Ghosh (Hindu Samhati), Shyamalanand Mukherjee,(Advocate), Bijay Ghosh(Prant pramukh, Dharma Jagaran Manch, Jharkhand, Sangh Pracharak), Sarat Dudhani (Businessman), Baivab Aple (Sanatan Samstha), Kamlesh ji(VHP, dist. secretary). 

 Sri Tapan Ghosh, in his ardent speech, referred to the existing gruesome reality for Hindus across India and particularly in Bengal where rising Muslim communalism is working hard to throttle Hindu beliefs and civilization to unfurl its vicious agenda of Islamizing all. He also mentioned how more and more areas, dominated by Hindus almost a decade ago largely, are being filled by an exponential rise in the number of Muslims and becoming minority-dominated. And Hindus living there still are being made soft targets of Islamic proselytism. He was also witnessed to disparage the weird kind of secularism (prevalent in the country at the moment) where someone is receiving bountiful subsidies for his/her pilgrimage while another (Hindus virtually) suffers due to undue taxes.

The mood that prevailed in the convention was that India is not a mere geographical entity but does signify a great civilization and its termination will call of human development once and for all. Humanity will cease to exist, hence and humans will become creatures only.   

Hindus have got to gear up to create their own destiny.  


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