Hindu Samhati activists save Sutia, overpower Bangladeshi Muslim intruders, criminals

This is not the first time when Sutia, village positioned in P.S. Bongaon, Dist. 24 Paraganas (North), Indian state of Bengal, in India-Bangladesh border area is in news; a sensation occurred when the intrusion of armed Muslims from Bangladesh there was published in hindusamati.org – article named Armed Bangladeshi Muslim intruders plunder bordering Hindu village in India (http://hindusamhati.blogspot.com/2011/10/armed-bangladeshi-muslim-intruders_14.html). And the first such publication proved enough to send a shudder through the backbone. However, the saga of intrusion didn’t melt down ever; it has been in full swing and with the latest on December 31, 2011 there have been 4 such attempts thus far. On the fateful night almost 60 armed Muslim intruders (involved with cattle smuggling in the border area) entered villages of Sutia and Bagangaon sneakily and thanks to the absence of BSF they didn’t face any obstacle. Surely they had no such apprehensions too. Nevertheless, defiant and courageous Hindu Samhati activists turned out to be the most formidable barricade before them.    

What made them enter the Indian village of Sutia easily was the absence of BSF patrol and Kudulia river, having ankle-deep water these days. And the same was done on the previous night of December 30. 500 Muslim Bangladeshis, if not more, entered Sutia likewise. BSF personnel (at that time), without a doubt, chased them to zero point of border. The intruders retaliated forcefully with heavy brickbats leading to severe injuries of a few BSF personnel. Now the question remains – why BSF didn’t fire a shot even. Well, in this regard, the government instruction on the Border Security Force not to fire a single shot (come what may) has got to be held culpable. And this weird and hideous state of affairs is being exploited painstakingly and efficaciously by intruders. 

Is there any need to state anything more? BSF is now morally degraded; it has virtually not appeared in the scenario ever since the last beating by Bangladeshi intruders.  

But the security of the nation can’t be compromised and Hindu Samhati activists are performing their own roles. While on one hand the entire Hindu Samhati battalion is adopting all possible measures to dispel the intruders, they are also planting a new confidence among Hindu villagers of Sutia and its environs.

And all these have led to a great success as well. On December 31, 2011, villagers of Bagangaon, P.S. Bongaon, led by local Hindu Samhati leader Bikash Biswas, captured 150 cows from black marketers. Kalu Manda, noted felon, was handed over to police. An individual named Shahabuddin tried to release Kalu Mandal but escaped once being beaten by villagers.

Today, January 02, 2012, 5 more Muslims from Bangladesh have been nabbed along with 36 cows, and they have been handed over to administration. It has also come to the knowledge that close to Lautara village 5 Muslims have also been held by members of a local club. 


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