Hindu valiance can save Canning only

Animitra Chakraborty 

“The old order changeth, yielding place to new…….” – Alfred Lord Tennyson, “The Death Of Arthur.”

Without a shred of doubt, the poet here has referred to the transformation (mere change) that takes place at regular intervals everywhere to give way to newer notions, essential for betterment of the society. Nevertheless, whether its effects do ameliorate or worsen the lot on the whole can’t be predicted from ahead. And this is accepted to all. Now when the world change, definitely the Hindu world does also change and is found to contain both positive and negative aspects. This can be found from the basic fact – Hindus are governed by gumption or good sense sometimes, while at other times the same chronicle ceases to exist.   

Now the question remains whether any such gumption has ever been found in case of Bengali Hindus – loosing their own ethno-religious-linguistic identity steadily and impenitently. The community that used to be at the helm of affairs (in the same region) even almost a century ago is behaving like an ideal pauper these days and if remains unchecked it will turn out to be the best definition of indigence and blatant capitulation to mounting Islamic  onslaughts. How may pundits define it in near future? A community with lots of potentials knuckled under to Islamic barbarism without firing a single shot. Well, Bengali Hindu history will also be preserved in museum only if its Islamic masters agree to let the same happen.

Bangladesh, erstwhile East Pakistan, the Islamic country, that used to have a staggering presence of Hindus and Hindu culture in almost all walks of life (in early years following Partition) is witnessing the hapless presence of Hindus (forming 7% of the nation’s population) which can be rightly said is on the verge of extinction. What is the condition of Hindus in the Indian state of Bengal (considered as the only bastion of Bengali Hindus during the tumultuous days of Partition) then? Here is the precise yet shocking answer – it is in no better situation and if the same saga of rising Muslim atrocities go on, Bengali Hindus will become a hopeless minority within the coming years.

While the entire state of Bengal is dealing with the aforesaid precarious issue, current situation of a few places (in particular) here would help one comprehend the entirety clear. A classic example, in this respect, is Canning, headquarter of Sub-division: Canning and also a predominant community development block in District: 24 Paraganas (South) – a Muslim-majority area virtually.     

There have indeed been several factors leading to the speedy transformation of District: 24 Paraganas (South), once a Hindu stronghold, to a Muslim dominated one and while one of them has been explosion of illegal Islamic populace from Bangladesh, the lackluster attitude of concerned administration and of Hindus in general can’t also be condoned. A strong resistance against all these has been built up by Hindu Samhati (a Hindu organization of 4 years only) but lots of miles have got to be travelled yet to have a sense of satisfaction at least.  

It’s of no use to discuss once more of what went wrong; the need of the hour is to deal with the fast worsening situation in Canning and overpower it before long. Hence, we may look upon the startling news that appeared in hindusamhati.org a few days back named Islamic cache of illegal weapons unearthed in Canning (http://southbengalherald.blogspot.com/2011/11/islamic-cache-of-illegal-weapons.html). The crux of the report goes like this “………………………The sordid reality came before the eye once more when a cache of illegal weapons was unearthed by questioning two Islamic crooks, nabbed regarding a case of murder recently. The two arrested criminals are Lutfar Naskar and Sattar Mollah. In accordance with police, the cache of illegal weapons, containing firearms and bullets in large numbers, was found in Moukhali, P.S. Jibantala, Canning, on November 27, 2011. Police is considering this as a major breakthrough.

……………………………………. Police has stated categorically that a double-barreled rife, a single-barreled rife, 16 rounds of bullets along with lots of other arms and ammunitions were found in the cache.”

This is not merely a report; it is an exposition of a cruel truth rather. Similar (even of larger forms) caches of weaponry are found in almost each corner of Canning, predominantly in Muslim households, not to speak of Canning Moukhali, strongest Muslim citadel in the environs and regarded as one of the most unsafe areas in Bengal. And thanks to all these, extensive fisheries or piscaries of Hindus have been becoming easy preys to Islamic ruffians and ultimately lost. Haven’t Hindus there protested ever? They did but finally they had two options – to protest and get killed or run away leaving the whole property in the lurch. This has become order of the day and even if a few Hindu youths under auspices of local Hindu Samhati leadership dare to form a brigade of defence, dearth of weaponry proves to be enough for their defeat. A single blank fire of Hindus to drive out Islamic hoodlums is responded by no less than 35 firings.

There are other sinister effects of this. Hindu women have become a sport, do remain vulnerable to Islamic lust always and hence, Hindu women outraged by Muslims there fail to become any news too. There is no need of any urban style Love Jihad as Hindu women, out of fear and insecurity, can be obtained easily – enjoyed by Muslim men, young and old alike.  

While talking to Hindus (on condition of anonymity) it was learnt by this scribe whenever there is a bid to conquer Hindu fisheries or any productive land or even to terrorize Hindus, hordes (each horde contains 300 people at least) of Muslim armed men containing all forms of lethal weapons come in. Police does appear in the scenario once the devastation is finished.

Life is going on in and around Canning thus; only two aspects are there now – the unarmed, hapless Hindu populace is standing before highly trained, armed Muslim gangs and Hindus are losing land, as a result, with each day it passes.

Hindu Samhati is waging a desperate struggle but it is a lone battle for them, encircled by a large army of adversaries – be it Islamic felons or administration.

To save Canning there is the need of valor.   OR Hindus there will come to an end soon.

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand-fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers... we are ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” – Alexander  Solzehnitsyn

Fisheries in Canning:


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