Bengal – open land for Bangladeshi Muslim criminals

Illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants, complacent with the surrender of Bengal government to Muslim radicals, remained as accomplices to crimes conducted by resident Islamists till the other day. But time is changing fast and they, being stimulated by successive Muslim appeasements, are no longer ready to remain as docile. They, all alone, are carrying out all felonious jobs now and their target – as always – remains same – the Hindus.

Amal Mazumdar (age 28), young Hindu individual inhabiting Bagha Jatin Para at Shantipur, District: Nadia, works under a contractor at Srirampur and got acquainted with Soleman Mistry, a Muslim youth from neighboring Bangladesh, a few months back. According to sources, Amal owed Rs. 10, 000 to Soleman but due to unavoidable reasons was failing to repay the loan repeatedly. As per Pinki Mazaumdar, Amal’s wife, Soleman was threatening Amal with dire consequences through telephone for weeks.

Soleman, at last, along with a few local Islamists planned to abduct Amal on March 16, 2013 when he was set to go to Pune by train from Howrah station for official purpose. Amal was abducted by Soleman and his accomplices like Ghulam Hussain, Saddam Hussain, Sheikh Jalil, Sheikh Kaosar and Sheikh Giyasuddin. A ransom of Rs. 2 lakhs (through telephone) was demanded from his wife.

Pinki Mazumdar had informed P.S. Shantipur of the incident but she was snubbed there. Finding no other option, the hapless wife, collecting an amount of Rs. 25, 000, went to P.S. Srirampur with her relative on March 18, 2013. She lodged a report of abduction there and after a daring operation, headed by I.C. Tathagata Pandey of P.S. Srirampur, Amal was recovered from residence of Soleman at Bangihati in Srirampur.

Soleman has been sent to police custody for 3 days while others have been sent to jail custody of 14 days by Ratan Das, ACJM – Srirampur.  

Has Bengal become an open territory for Bangladeshi Muslim criminals to inhabit and also function?  

Does the Bengal government cease to exist?       


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