Furious Hindus protest against Hindu Samhati president’s arrest emphatically

The unethical, vengeful arrest of Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, and the trenchant political highhandedness behind the (entire) vicious design to defame, subdue a law-abiding yet emphatic Hindu voice has stirred up a hornet’s net in several areas of Bengal. Once the news of arresting president, Hindu Samhati reached different regions, Hindus there burst into protest censuring the vindictiveness of police and administration to curb Hindu forces severely.

An assortment of protests, under the aegis of general Hindus, was witnessed in railway stations along with public roads. Hindu Samhati activists, backed by local Hindus in hundreds, barged into several areas, blocked off railway tracks and roads for hours.

In the Sealdah – South section, rail services were jammed for hours. While Kalyan pur Railway Station under the jurisdiction of P.S. Baruipur witnessed a strike for 1 hour, each of Hotor Railway Station under P.S. Mograhat and Joynagar Railway Station under P.S. Joynagar experienced a rail blockade for 30 minutes.   

Ramnagar More, main road remaining jam-packed during business hours, under P.S. Baruipur was blocked for 2 hours at a stretch.

Protest marches, attended by hundreds of Hindus, were brought out in Hasnabad Town, P.S. Hasnabad where the main reason of it when explained to common Hindus made them dumbstruck.   

Street corner meeting, held in protest to the dastardly act of administration to stamp down Hindu Samhati and its president Sri Tapan Ghosh in particular, in Maslandpur, P.S. Habra drew Hindus of all quarters of life. All of them, young or old, were seen to raise slogans against the anti-Hindu activities of ruling political clique in Bengal.   


Come on , wake up Hindus, Let's have tit for tat.Be pro-active and be prepared. Never give up.

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