Evil design to stamp out Bengali Hindus

The ongoing carnage in the realm of Bangladesh has already had Hindus as its first and foremost victim but with the passing of each day, its escalation is being witnessed only and its extent is such that Hindus, living in District: Dinajpur (South), in the Indian state of Bengal are compelled to go through sleepless nights.

Even if there is no news of Islamists’ crossing the international border between India and Bangladesh till now, nothing can console Hindus in this side of the border, the majority of which are erstwhile victims of Hindu persecution in East Pakistan and later Bangladesh.

As per Hindu villagers, albeit law and order is stable in the district up till now, the civil unrest or war in Bangladesh can be far-reaching in the state of Bengal as well. Islamists, thanks to mounting political endorsements cutting across political parties, are toughening here also and the carnage against minority Hindus in Bangladesh, led by their comrades, can render added gasoline (in the form of high spirits) to them.

According to fresh reports, violent clashes between cadres of Islamic fundamentalist parties and their opposition are unabated and the death toll, if latest declarations are counted on, has reached to 84. Nevertheless, people confirm that the majority of casualty in Bangladesh by now is Hindus, if not more.

Hindus inhabiting South Dinajpur, bordering Bangladesh are apprehending worst. 


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