Karl Marx slams Islam hard

Even if socialists are termed as wretched worshippers of a “God that Failed” these days, no chronicle can term them as prejudicial to Islamists. However, contrary to the views of many, Karl Marx, internationally reputed scholar, founder of theory of scientific materialism, was stringent on destructive role of Islam down the ages.

Researchers, engaged in studying Marx and his development into the Founder of theory of Communism, state that he had made an in-depth study of Islam, its vicious role and how this new kind of imperialism caused irreparable damages to the human society on the whole.

While defining Islam, Marx himself did put down on paper, “Der Islam ächtet die Nation der Ungläubigen und schafft einen Zustand permanenter Feindschaft zwischen Muselmanen und Ungläubigen” (in German) and its English translation states, "Islam ostracizes the nation of the unbelievers and creates a state of permanent enemyship between the moslems and the unbelievers." 

“The Eastern Question” of Karl Marx does contain his own explanation of Islam. It states categorically, "The Koran and the Mussulman legislation emanating from it reduce the geography and ethnography of the various people to the simple and convenient distinction of two nations and of two countries; those of the Faithful and of the Infidels. The Infidel is “harby,” i.e. the enemy. Islamism proscribes the nation of the Infidels, constituting a state of permanent hostility between the Mussulman and the unbeliever."

Perhaps his leftist votaries, ever engaged to appease Islamists, prevailing Indian politics remain stranger to these views of him or have ditched him with intent for personal benefits.  


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