Islamization of Indian Judiciary

Dashing hopes of founding fathers of Constitution of India to create a sovereign, secular, democratic republic in truest sense, UPA Government, craving wholehearted Muslim support for its continuance, is all set to launch special courts for Muslims youths (in particular) accused of an assortment of offences, this includes terror-related charges as well. The news was confirmed by none other than Mr. K Rahman Khan, Hon’ble Minister for Minority Affairs, in New Delhi recently.

According to the Minister, his ministry all alone had solicited the Union Home Ministry in February 2013 of "cases against Muslim youth who have been arrested should be reviewed. We had also specified that special courts should be made for them".

He also said, "The home minister has replied on Saturday saying that his ministry strongly supports the proposal for special courts for the expeditious trial of these Muslim youth. The home minister has promised that special courts will soon be made to hear cases against them." What is more, it has been learnt that the Union Home Ministry "knows keeping innocents (Muslims) in custody is a serious offence. The government is committed to take strong action against officers found responsible in all such cases and will ensure that such incidents do happen."

It is worthwhile to mention, UPA Ministry has already expended Rs.1,249.57 crore to support education of over 67 lakh minority students and under the "Leadership Development of Minority Women", at least 36,950 women have been trained in 12 states at an expense of Rs.10.45 crore in 2013.

There is simply no dearth in placating Islamists across the country and now, the commencement of new special courts to handle crime-related cases of Muslim youths will not add salt to the gaping wound only but will enhance religious bifurcation altogether also.   

There are also grave chances that these special courts may (on purpose) lessen the crimes of such youths and release them eventually to ruin the country once and for all.   

Politics in India is in abject crisis as partisanship instead of nationalism rules the roost.


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