Protests against Injustice (Arrest) get Mightiest

It’s not any other day when Hindus can get busy with their usual activities; it’s a day to protest against the unethical arrest of Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, ardently and make the government realize the fast changing dimension of Hindus in Bengal.

Gone are the days when Hindus considered that law-abiding yet brawny protests would create the magic – good sense would prevail upon administration and it would rectify the wrong happening to Hindus, consequently.

It’s a different age altogether when peaceful protests fail to deliver anything needful; it’s an age when muscularity is held in highest esteem and all these make political arena give in to radical Muslims.

Centuries of agonies have made Hindus realize that only struggle and not any grace of divinity can help them to create their own destiny. Divine blessings are showered on competent warriors and not on losers.

There is no choice left anymore for Hindus – struggle and emerge victorious or be perished.

Protest against injustices on Hindus and avenge it in the best form.


To See More Pictures of Protest, Please See:


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