Entire family arrested and driven out of home in Muslim majority village for opposing sexual harassment

Mrittika (name changed), student of Class XII at Khaiberia Vivekananda Vidyapith, and living in village: Mithapukur, P.O. Buita, P.S. Budge Budge District: 24 Paraganas (South) didn’t imagine ever that her lone protest against sexual harassments by Amirul Sheikh, embroiderer by profession (s/o Sheikh Haidar Ali – worker in a nearby manufacturing plant), would bring a disaster on her whole family.

Amirul Shiekh, to be precise, was hell-bent to take hold of Mrittika at any cost and with this end in view, he used to proffer marriage proposals to the Hindu girl for all time. Mrittika, badly shaken, used to reject the offer at each time.

On June 11, 2013, Amriul Sheikh went to the residence of Mrittika all alone to take her away. Family members of Mrittika, stunned at this audacious approach of his, asked people in the neighborhood to deal with the issue. Leaders of both communities assembled in the residence of Sukhendu Bikash Sardar (father of Mrittika) and made a truce. It is to be noted, Mithapukur is a Muslim dominated village containing 8 Hindu households only.

Contrary to the expectation, a band of toughs, belonging to the Muslim community, attacked the residence of Mrittika on the following day, June 12, 2013 at 9 pm with full might. It became impossible for the family to resist them and had no way but suffer the devastation. The adjoining houses, belonging to their in-laws, couldn’t help them as well.

The assault went for hours. Sardar family, at last, could contact Khokon Naskar, husband of Tamasha – elder sister of Mrittika. And owing to his insistence a large police contingent went to Mrittika’s residence and brought the entire family out of the residence safely.

But another surprise was awaiting them in the police station. Once the Sardar family stepped into the police station, they were taken into custody! When the stupefied Sardar family asked the reason behind it, they were told Amirul Sheikh had lodged an official complaint against the Sardar family on June 12, 2013 in the morning. Hence, the entire family was booked under Case No. 213/13 dtd June 12, 2013 u/s 326, 341, 225, 34.

The question remains why Amirul Sheikh acted thus. Further investigations confirm that Amriul was never in a position to accord the truce. As a result, on June 12, 2013, in the morning, he got admitted to a nearby hospital and based on the same false report of injury, he lodged an FIR at P.S. Budge Budge against Mrittika and her entire family.    

Here is the list of arrested persons:

1)      Sukhendu Bikash Sardar
2)      Kamal Krishna Sardar (eldest son of Sukhendu)
3)      Kalpana Sardar (wife of Sukhendu)
4)      Aparna Sardar (wife of Kamal Krishna)
5)      Tamasa Naskar (elder sister of Mrittika)
6)      Mrittika

It is worthwhile to mention, none of the attackers including Amriul, Farooq, Sheikh Sabbir, Zuba, Zaku and Khaja was taken into custody by the police. Strikingly, when police went to the residence of Sardar family, these assaulters were present there. But this didn’t impress police to lodge cases against them. 

Even if the Sardar family has been bailed out and it has returned to Mithapukur, Mrittika has been sent to an unknown place for safety. 


Chitrakshi said…
This is disgusting. In a secular nation, Hindu women are meant to be used by the minorities as and how they please. That the Sardar family was arrested but then released on bail is an attack on Secularism and should be condemned in no uncertain terms.

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