Minority community animated with onset of Panchayat Election

West Bengal State Election Commission, after lots of heated exchanges of words between it and State Government regarding Panchayat Election, has announced the date of Election finally. And the announcement of the same has infused a new stamina within the minority community of the state. The reason is not far to see – the minority community is well aware of the fact that their position will play a great role in the impending Panchayat election. This will be far reaching as well. While the political parties (cutting across political lines) will go on making lofty promises to them, their illegal activities will also not be heeded. To exploit this sudden development, the minority community is leaving no stone unturned.       

An amount worth Rs. 10.5 lakh has already been sanctioned by the government to build up a graveyard at Dwarpara in Balagarh; Imams have demanded the state government for an honorarium of Rs. 10, 000 every month; efforts to make a mosque in a disputed land in Bangaon are unabated.  Apart from this, an intense anti-Hindu mindset among the minority community has also been noticed these days.

These include assault on Puja procession at Kaliachak, Malda; desecration of Holy idol of Goddess at a temple in Midnapur; torture as regards fencing a legal land of Hindus at Kantapukur, Bagnan; development of myriad illegal arms factories in various districts – there is simply no end to such precarious instances. All these indicate that minority people are aware of their own stakes best and these are being done through harming Hindus altogether. It’s also evident (if all these are in full swing) that they will attain their goal by mingling the greater part of West Bengal with Bangladesh.

But intellectuals go on with their old notions – terming Muslims as uneducated, backward and politically unconscious – all these make a commoner wonder the sagacity of these intellects, eulogized day in and day out. Can there be anyone who relies on these baseless ideas? The instances submitted above do confirm how Muslims are conscious of their political and communal sakes.   

To make this analysis more sagacious, a few instances of pre-partition or pre-1947 Bengal must be taken into account. The entire state, then, was divided between 54% Muslims and 46% Hindus. Hence, three interim governments in Bengal preceding the partition in 1947 were headed by Muslims in a row. And this was nothing but the best instance of a strong political consciousness among Muslims. No representative of any minority community can head the government in a land dominated by Muslims. We failed to comprehend this cruel truth then and the same tradition of fallacy has been going on yet.

For this sole reason, we have been continuing to lick boots of Muslims unashamedly.   

Some other pertinent facts must also be considered at this juncture. If population of Muslims in West Bengal become same as Hindus or simply outnumber, will it be possible for leaders including Mamata Banerjee, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Pradip Bhattacharya, Rahul Sinha to retain their own position. Nazrul Islam, a high-profile police official of Bengal government, has already demanded a Muslim Chief Minister for the state. Well, this claim, similar to the demand of Pakistan by Mohammed Ali Zinnah in 1940, may evoke laughter among people. But Zinnah’s success within a short span of 7 years proved that his demand had not been unfounded anyhow.

Similarly, if the present state of affairs in Bengal goes on unchecked, it’s sure that a Muslim individual will head the state before long. And the aftermath of this is as clear as daylight already – Bengali Hindus will have to surrender and flee en masse from their homeland once more.

West Bengal, as a result, is facing the worst crisis ever since its birth till date. The danger of a disaster is rising steadily and if Bengali Hindus desire to steer clear of this, there is no option for them except to wage a strong defence. Hindu Samhati, comprehending this grave crisis, has engaged itself in fortifying defence measures almost at every nook in the state. Naturally, the struggle is having both defeats and victories but no setback can dampen spirit of Hindu Samhati activists. They are committed in conveying one single message to all – without a united Hindu defence there is no hope. And in its absence future will be the greatest nemesis of their lives.  Deserting the warfront is no solution and there is nothing more ignominious than surrender in life.  Even if there is any defeat, the vigor of struggle remains intact. A novel, vibrant and vigorous Hindu society will come to the fore when this notion will be realized.

It’s, therefore, the time to decide the most apposite path – whether to bow to escalating oppressions by Islamists or wage a robust defence to conduct and complete a Hindu revolution. Let Hindus decide this. 


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