Rape attempts on housewives in Basirhat disgrace Bengal again

The attempted rape of two women at Kaijuri village under Swarupnagar P.S. of Bashirhat sub-division in North 24 Parganas district in the midnight of 19th June, 2013, by cross-border criminal elements has brought forth the vulnerability of women in the state once more. This incident flies in face of the massive outrage generated after the gang rape and gruesome murder of Ms Shipra Ghosh belonging to Kamduni village near Barasat. However, there is a difference in the attempted rape incident of Kaijuri; villagers are confident that assailants in this case are from other side of the border and the pathetic absence of even a semblence of an administration has turned the area into complete hell. And the helplessness of Border Security Force (BSF) who are under explicit orders not to use firearms has emboldend the criminals while the residents appear to have jumped from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. 

It has come to knowledge that on June 19 at the dead of night, a culprit strived to rape a Hindu lady  in Kaijuri village of Swarupnagar P.S. When the victim, who is a housewife in her mid-thirties, fought back, the felon struck her head with a stick on her head and stabbed her genitals with a dagger. A few yards away from her house, another housewife (age 28) became target of yet another vicious rape attack at about the same time. Assailants were planning to kidnap her but had to flee when chased by the neighbours.  She was dumped to a nearby pond. The ghastly development has put up a new set of questions accordingly, the foremost of which is security of villagers which now is at stake. Even villagers were found to wonder whether Swarupnagar is still within the Indian dominion or a free zone that can be frequently marauded by criminals from other side of the border . According to villagers, this is no isolated incident and BSF’s inaction thanks to Central Government’s diktat has been instrumental behind the surge of such incidents; violent attacks and sexual harassments of women at Kaijuri in dusk have become regular affairs by now. Moreover, since the nearest police station is located at 10 kms. away, police assistance is the greatest casualty to them.  Both the injured housewives have been admitted to Basirhat Sub-division Hospital in a serious condition.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


Dibyajyoti Guha said…
It has been reported in Anandabazar. http://www.anandabazar.com/archive/1130621/21pgn3.html and http://www.anandabazar.com/archive/1130623/23south3.html

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