Sardar family in Joynagar having sleepless nights

Toofan Sardar and his family in Baneshwarpur, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) are having sleepless nights these days. Their dreadful situation on June 4, 2013, at1 am when local thief Mohammed Bente Mandal, entered their residence stealthily.  According to Toofan and his relatives, Bente entered the house, made his way to the Puja room and even switch on the light, probably to note the actual position. Sensing danger Toofan and his brothers raised an alarm after which Mandal fled away for the time being. However, old habits die hard and Mandal was found to enter the Sardar residence once more after a gap of 2 hours. But this time the dog barked and he was eventually caught red-handed inviting fury of the residents. Toofan’s neighbors also joined the thrashing.

Later on, parents of Mohammed were called in to show the reality of their son. But out of shame they refused to accept Bente and asked Toofan and his family members to do whatever they wished to do with him. Largely out of kind heartedness, they warned and released Mandal.  However, the situation changed dramatically for the Sardar family on the next day. In the morning, a group of almost 100 armed Muslim were seen to move towards Toofan’s residence to avenge last night’s "insult". Surprisingly enough, the group contained both Mohammed Bente Mandal and his father! But a spirited defence put up by Toofan, his brothers and a few neighbors appeared to be too much for the bullies to overcome.  And opportune appearance of police saved the situation from deteriorating further.  But the crisis did not end there as thieves are being found to either enter or go around Sardar family’s residence day in and day out. The entire family is wondering whether peaceful, gentle life in Bengal has become a thing of the past.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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