Initiative to stop improper and commercial use of national emblems commences in Siliguri

Society against Misuse of Revered Figures has initiated a major public campaign and in this regard, they met Mr. K. Jayaraman, Commissioner of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police, on 31st May. They sought his intervention to stop desecration of Hindu gods and goddesses for commercial benefits. On the word of Ratan Banik, founder member of the organization and also lawyer by profession, a section of package manufacturers is being found to use sanctified symbols of Dharma and also of India on the packets of different useful goods. And people are trampling those unconsciously.  

Apart from individual counseling, a drive to make people conscious of the same is also going on at the moment.  Members of the society claimed that a design has been hatched to desecrate hallowed emblems of India like Ashok Stambh, Ashok Chakra and several other symbols of national honor. Accordingly, they asked Commissioner of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police to adopt stern measures against all those deliberately dishonoring national icons. Mr. Jayaraman assured members of the society that each and every feature in this context would be checked.

Source: Uttar Banga Sambad – June 1, 2013


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