Join Hindu Samhati’s Struggle to Get Justice for Shipra

A time comes when you can’t confine yourself behind doors and continue to dream of a rosy future. Bengal, at the moment, is not at doldrums only but thanks to effete administration is at ebb also – how disgraceful and gruesome it is – mass rape and murder of Shipra Ghosh in Barasat by Ansar Ali, Enamul, Rezzaq and Shaukat Ali makes it most apparent.

Shipra has not been raped and murdered only but with it our Conscience and Confidence on Indian law and order have also been outraged.

To win back what we have lost we shall have to wage a gigantic Struggle – Hindu Samhati, in demand of a judicial enquiry and exemplary punishment of culprits, is going to wage a large demonstration from Kachari Madian at Barasat on June 11, 2013 at 12 pm.

Let’s join the struggle in strength OR next Shipra will be found in our own residence. 


sweet anirban said…
Want the most brutial punishment.All Hindus must protest from their core of heart.
RABIN said…
1. We need a Modi in Bengal immediately.
2. Our ralatively decreasing population must be improved.
3. Our sisters should wear sober and covered dress.
4. Compulsory gathering of gents of an area and discussion on social and religious matters should take place at least once in a week.

Then only we will survive.

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