Hapless grocer thrashed over trivial argument

Recently, Ukiler Haat locality at Ukilerbazaar town, under P.S. Kakdwip, District: 24 Parganas (South) witnessed the unfortunate thrashing of a shop owner over a trivial misunderstanding that would be normally sorted out amicably in most places. The event unfolded around 7 pm on 27th May when Mr Murshid, (age 32, s/o Nasir, P.O. Bishalaxmipur, P.S. Kakdwip) went to Renu Bhandar, a local grocery store owned by Mr. Pronoy Dutta and ordered a 500 gm bag of mustard oil among other things. He was given a 450 gm bag of the oil and was explained by Mr.Gourishankar Mandal, staffer at the store, that the parent company has recently changed the pack size along with lowering of price and the store is obliged to supply the same.

However, Mr. Murshed went on arguing while Mr Mandal tried desperately to placate him. Suddenly, he struck Gourishankar and went on to repeatedly thrash him. The development was so abrupt that people stood there astonished at the sudden outburst. Before they could react and save the staffer, a few local Muslims came to Renu Bhandar and took Murshid away to safety. Nevertheless, Murshid went on warning Gourishankar with dire consequences. While a small incident in the gradually shifting sands of Bengal's demography, Ukilerbazzaar has been witnessing a relatively higher growth of Muslims population in the area for a few years and concerned persons in administration do accept in confidence that illegal migration of Muslims from Bangladesh is culpable in this regard.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


Ahmed said…
Take another incident here in Delhi.
Jamianagar: Compelling drive among people to lie and cast aspersions in chorous and concerted targetting of victims mostly through cloak and dagger tactics, thorough knowledge of lacunaes in law courtesy indulgence of biased black sheep lawyers, and novel methods of causing harms are some of the most terrifying things here.
Recently i was a witness to a merciless beating of a DTC innocent bus conductor at Batla House bus stop, by Jamia students- all residents of Jamianagar - on flimsy grounds. Even the PCR couldnot save the helpless conductor. The policemen were threatened: "tera bhi yahi hashar kerdengey"
Even more shocking was the support of the crowd of all and sundry, young and old biased onlookers and their elation and applause and the senseless comments they passed against the helpless victim.
They accused the helpless conductor - who lay in a lump profusely bleeding and vomitting -of teasing girls. A white lie!
The policemen expressed their inability in taking any further action in the words: "schooliya bachey they bhag gaye. kya karsaktey hain" : "They were school children. They all have fled. What can we do." let it go."
In the first place they all were grown ups university students and not children. Secöndly this is one of their modus operandis to attack in mobs and to use juveniles.
I do'nt know if an FIR was registered.
They said ".... Teen sey char mahiney langeyngey b....chd ko theek honey mein ya to b...chod mer jayega" meaning: it will take three to four months for the sisterfucker to recover or he might die.
How inhuman!!!
Such orgies are an order of the day here where they pick up quarrel with simple looking unsuspecting people i.e strangers'almost invariably belonging to a particular community i.e Hindus orfrom among vulnerable non-Bihari or non-UP fringe segments, putting up in one of the Jamianagar localities, and premediadely bash them up mercilessly in a similiar fashion or even worse.
There is a pattern to it.

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