Cow slaughter at full blast in Bengal

Court verdicts become poorest casualty

As fresh reports are coming in, cow slaughter in Bengal this year, despite the presence of rigorous court orders (passed by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, 2010 and Hon’ble Supreme Court later – strengthened in latest order passed by C.J. Mr. Jay Narayan Patel on 2nd Nov.2011) against the same slaughtering of cows, has reached an all-time high mark already.

There are other surprising facts as well – while Muslims in some areas, not so predominantly Muslim even, have dared to slaughter cow and carry the meat through Hindu areas with merriment, thus flouting aforesaid court verdicts and hurting Hindu sentiments, in several areas police and administration have been perceived to escort Muslims safely to slaughter cows. An honest court verdict has to be executed honestly. Isn’t it?

While many reports are yet to come, lots of areas, highly disturbed owing to cow slaughter already, have been identified. These include Nagarukra Hanripara, P.S. Haringhata, District: Nadia, Durbarhat, P.S. Falta, District: 24 Paraganas (South), several areas of Barasat, and without a shred of doubt Sankrail in District: Howrah.

Hindu-Muslim clashes erupted in Dakshin Sankrail Kalitala, P.S. Sankrail, District: Howrah today for obvious reasons. During noon, a few Muslim boys were found to carry beef through the Hindu area discounting prevalent Hindu perspective. When a few Hindu boys tried to stop them, the Muslim boys fled only to return with a gang comprising almost 90 Muslim boys at 4.30 pm that started plundering in the locality once it appeared.

Thanks to presence of more Hindu boys there, the incivility was stopped within a next few minutes and at the moment, clarion call is being given from the nearby mosque urging Muslims in the environs to get united.

A large contingent of police personnel have been deployed at the spot.


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