Jagaddhatri Deity destroyed in Usti Today

Administration fails to save Hindus – what next!

There is no need to describe Jagaddhatri, another form of Devi, the Supreme Goddess, to Hindus and at the moment the whole of Bengal is ardent to worship her in the best manner. People of village Yarpur, P.S. Usti, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal were also thinking similarly – but no more.

While the holy deity of Devi Jagaddhatri was being carried from Balarampur (in the vicinity) to Yarpur, today itself, around 08.30 pm (IST), a band of Islamic thugs, containing at least 100, just pounced on the vehicle and Hindus accompanying it and destroyed the deity in a little while. The shocking incident took place at Chalkraypur Ghoshpara and the stunned Hindus owing to paucity of strength and their numbers couldn’t resist the crooks at that time.

The news did spread like a wild fire in the locality soon and Hindu Samhati activists rushed to the spot. What did they find after reaching there was terrible – the holy deity was fragmented and even urinated. Witnessing this Hindus burst into protest and situation went beyond control of the local police, making best efforts to throttle protesting Hindu youths. RAF (Rapid Action Force) was called in and as per the latest info, a large contingent of RAF personnel is stationed at the spot.

It has been learnt that broken parts of the holy deity have been carried to the pandal and police is leaving no stone unturned to pacify Hindus. Situation is fiery at the moment, it is needles to say.


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