Retrospect Islamic Genocide in Bengal, 1971

What has been the extent of Islamic genocide of Hindus in the Indian subcontinent till now? There is surely no straight answer to this question; numbers of victims do vary as to some persons either it remains around 70 million while some other historians affirm that it is no less than 80 million. The disaster that started with the downfall of King Dahir, last independent Hindu king of Sindh in AD 712, reached the culmination in 1971 when hell was unleashed on Hindus in then East Pakistan through an overt Islamic genocide.

Even if the greater part of the world prefers to retain a silence or talk of it in a hushed tone, Crisis in South Asia - Report to US Senate, 1971 by Senator Edward Kennedy exhibits how cruel Islamic onslaughts can be.

The report ends with this paragraph ……………… “Nothing is more clear, or more easily documented, than the systematic campaign of terror-and its genocidal consequences-launched by the Pakistani army on the night of March 25th. Field reports to the U.S government, countless eye-witness journalistic accounts, reports from international agencies such as the World Bank, and additional information available to the Subcommitte document the continuing reign of terror which grips East Bengal. Hardest hit have been members of the Hindu community who have been robbed of their lands and shops, systematically slaughtered, and, in some places, painted with yellow patches marked “H”. All of this has been officially sanctioned, ordered and implemented under martial law from Islamabad. America’s heavy support of Islamabad is nothing short of complicity in the human and political tragedy of East Bengal.”

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