Hindus clash with police to stop cow slaughter in 24 Paraganas (South)

Hindus in Bengal, like previous years, have not taken the issue of cow slaughter lightly this year too and offered strong resistances against it wherever it could be organized. However there were major differences as well; passing of court verdicts against cow slaughter and the blatant violation of the same by Muslims aided by State support irked them a lot. This fiery mood of them could be perceived in the village of Karaiberia, P.S. Ramnagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) as well.

The Hindu mob there was excessively agitated from the days before even and the trenchant endeavor of Muslims to slaughter cow and the administration’s mute support to it on 07.11.11 happened to be the last straw on the camel’s back.

A severe Hindu-Muslim clash ensued that turned out to be a Hindu-police clash soon. Hindus blamed the police force for the entire incident and made a daring attack on it at 9 am. Without a doubt there were injuries on both parts and arrest of 7 Hindus. 4 Hindus are also in the list but they are running off at the moment.

The arrested Hindus include Jagabandhu Jana (age 40), Bijon Bera (age 52), Aditya Jana (age 18), Bharat Mandal (age 30), Prabhash Kapat (age 28), Shivani Jana (age 38) and Sukumari Jana (age 46).

The sections imposed on them are: 147/148/149/186/332/307/295A/153A/153B/427/506.

Before ending, one thing must be said. The police proved to be very prompt to detain Hindus protesting against an unconstitutional act. Had it been so prompt to put an end to cow slaughter, there would not have been any such trouble.


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