Rampant Cow Slaughter proves Dependence on Governance anymore – Suicidal for Hindus

Reinvent self or get finished

Whatever may be the judicious and wise intentions of the highest forms of judiciary in India, its verdicts have got to be implemented in point of fact and this can be done only if the concerned administration and its immediate superior, the government, do remain honest at the same instant. Otherwise the court orders turn out to be a mockery and the same is taking place at the moment in Bengal.

We reported earlier of opening of thousands of makeshift markets flaunting merchandising of healthy cows throughout Bengal. Now it’s a reality that Bengal police and administration is unable to stop the slaughter, going on rampantly at the moment, flouting stringent court orders (passed by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, 2010 and Hon’ble Supreme Court later – strengthened in latest order passed by C.J. Mr. Jay Narayan Patel on 2nd Nov.2011) against cow slaughter.

But this should not have been as the Bombay High Court too took the subject of cow slaughter into consideration strongly and came out with the following historic decision.

Prevent illegal slaughter on Bakri-Eid: Bombay High Court

The Bombay High court on Friday directed the Mumbai Police Commissioner to inform the police stations and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), to ensure that there is no illegal slaughtering of animals in the city during Bakri-Eid, scheduled to be on Monday.

The vacation bench of Justice Roshan Dalvi and Justice A Sayyed directed Bhartiya Gauvansh Rakshan SamvardhanParishad, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), to approach the police commissioner and the BMC to apprise them of the state's two circulars issued in October banning illegal slaughtering.

As per the circular of October 20, issued by the home department, the police commissioner and the district collector, were asked to ensure that there is no illegal slaughtering in their jurisdiction and senior police inspectors were instructed to provide necessary protection to the BMC officials.

According to the circular of October 13, the authorities have to appoint an experienced officer at the abattoirs, who will check the animals before giving them a certificate and ensure that no ill or below-age animal is allowed to be slaughtered.

According to the petitioners in areas like Agripada and Nagpada, a large number of live stock has been brought for slaughter in the by-lanes during Eid. The petitioners had approached the concerned police stations but got no positive response. They had moved the Mazgaon metropolitan court, which had ordered the police to seize and seal all the illegal animals in the court's jurisdiction.

However, since the order was for a limited area the NGO had moved the high court for implementation of the circular throughout the city. The bench thus in their orders informed the NGO to move the police commissioner and the BMC, informing about the state governments circular and comply with them.



Indian administration is unable to save the dignity and conviction of Hindus – aforesaid incidents prove the same beyond doubt and all these manifest that more mature secularism of India becomes, prospect of Hindus, especially Bengali Hindus, get mirkier.

To save them from final extinction (may happen soon), Renaissance remains the only option. Bengali Hindus have to reinvent and conform to – Idam Brahmam Idam Kshatram Shapadapi Sharadapi.

If Bengali Hindus desire to exist, they have got to bring back masculinity (bravery and martial spirit), brightest jewel of the community once upon a time. It has already mastered “Shapadapi” or Power of Knowledge; now “Sharadapi” or Knowledge of Power has to be attained as well.


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