Pakistani education system promotes radicalization of society, hatred towards Hindus

There were indeed allegations of the mounting radicalisation in the society of Pakistan and naturally, of the education system too as its most apposite harbinger, an accusation refuted perpetually by indigenous governments in Pakistan for decades.

But the latest assessment of United States, the most trusted ally of Pakistan and also a fatherly figure in its domestic arena, of the same found in its Government’s report has been the greatest source of uneasiness for Pakistan.

The report confirms rext books in Pakistani schools encourage hatred and intolerance of minorities, the Hindus in particular and teachers view these groups “as enemies of Islam.”

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Anonymous said…
"SS" and GENERAL ELECTRIC...did JENNIFER ANISTAN know about that when she did the interview in
I bet she did.
And not only that, I bet NICOLE KIDMAN,did too.
DUKE says they did.
And so does - SA - METTETAL.
And the mafia is confirming all of it with their books on ROCK- ROVE- GAYLE - SLY.
But what is absolutely astounding to me is that people I knew and were neighbors in the " best " of neighborhoods,
are supposedly involved with the most brutal people on
Gun- runners!
Kid- nappers!
Like RUTH!
Like STAN!
Like EARL!
Like DON!
Like RUSH!
Know what kind of terms they used for orphan children?
Tell me this is just my imagination....or a very bad dream.

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