Armed Islamists Injure Hindus in Choto Mohora, Amta For Stopping Cow Slaughtering

If Hindus get aggrieved witnessing the sequential acts of blasphemy (cow slaughtering) to their Dharma, resist it strongly and make Islamists stop their vicious (apparently anti-Hindu) acts, Muslims have the prerogative to thrash Hindus severely while the administration remains a mute spectator to it. This latest version of secularism is engulfing the whole of Bengal like a wild fire and Hindus are getting compelled to surrender to it. Only if Hindus can subdue these initial disasters and march on victoriously, Hindu destiny can change in effect.

Any other expectation equates to building a castle in the air.

Village: Choto Mohora, P.S.: Amta, District: Howrah in the Indian state of Bengal is known for its courageous acts in the vicinity for years – its triumph in making Islamists stop cow slaughtering.

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And this feat has been impossible for local Muslims to bear with for years.

On November 25, 2012, at 9 am, a few Islamists, to retaliate insults to their religious belief, entered the premises of Bapan Patra (age 25), a well-known Hindu youth in the anti-cow slaughtering struggle, and thrashed him mercilessly. His household was not destroyed only but children and aged women in his family, Subhankar Patra, Pijush Patra and Uma Patra (age 70) respectively, became worst victims of Islamic persecution also.

A formal police complaint has been lodged against Sheikh Musid, Sheikh Hamidul, Sheikh Mozaffar, Sheikh Alauddin, Sheikh Nair, leading perpetrators in the anti-Hindu carnage. The gang was heavily armed, according to eye-witnesses.

Hindus are steadfast to thwart any second Islamic onslaught at any time.


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